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Hacked Emails

  1. Clinton Considered Releasing Her Wall Street Speeches on ‘Transparency Day’After Clinton’s top aides found out about her private email server, some advised her to lay all of her cards before the public in a one-day news dump.
  2. hacked emails
    Here Are Hillary Clinton’s Goldman Sachs SpeechesThe unauthenticated transcripts of Clinton’s remarks at three Goldman Sachs events in 2013 have been released by WikiLeaks.
  3. Sanders Dismisses Relevance of Hacked Emails, But Some on the Left Feel Burned“The job of the progressive movement now is to look forward, not backward,” Sanders said Wednesday. Some of his former supporters disagree.
  4. 6 Insights From the Latest Batch of Clinton EmailsThe vice-chair of the DNC leaked a town-hall question to Clinton and Blink 182’s Tom DeLonge conferred regularly with her campaign manager about UFOs.