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  1. trump campaign
    Trump Campaign Website Hacked in Apparent Cryptocurrency ScamA message up for around 30 minutes baselessly claimed that voters would soon learn that “the trump-gov is involved in the origin of the coronavirus.”
  2. nikki haley
    Haley Used Unsecured Emails for Classified Info Because She Lost Her PasswordIf she runs for president, will she face “Lock her up!” chants?
  3. election security
    Wrong Kind of Security: Georgia Obstructs Overseas Voter RegistrationA state — and a Secretary of State — famous for lax election security and hostility to voting rights makes an odd decision.
  4. cyber security
    Microsoft Uncovers More Russian Hacking Attempts Ahead of MidtermsThe company seized six sites targeting the U.S. Senate and conservative think tanks, which were created by hackers linked to the Russian government.
  5. Assessing the Case That Our Election Might Have Been HackedYou don’t have to buy it to accept that our voting machines are unacceptably vulnerable.
  6. Early and Often
    Poll: Half of Trump Supporters Don’t Trust the Vote CountA new poll indicates that Trump’s ongoing perpetuation of the myth of voter fraud is working.
  7. Hacked Emails Detail Movements of Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Michelle ObamaThe emails stolen from a low-level Democratic operative also contain private information on donors and Secret Service agents.
  8. early and often
    Suspected Russian Hackers Hit the Democratic Party AgainDNC interim chair Donna Brazile suggested Russia is trying to help out Donald Trump.
  9. Report: Foreign Hackers May Have Breached Two States’ Election DatabasesArizona and Illinois were allegedly targeted.
  10. law and order
    U.S. Court Finds Russian Lawmaker’s Son Guilty of Hacking, Identity TheftProsecutors say he is “one of the most prolific credit card traffickers in history.”
  11. spy games
    Russian Hackers Also Targeted Trump Campaign, GOPAttacks took place over an extended period of time and targeted multiple Republican organizations.
  12. cybersecurity
    Envisioning the Hack That Could Take Down New York CityThe day cars drove themselves into walls and the hospitals froze. A scenario that could happen based on what already has.
  13. Misspelling Foils Hackers’ $800 Million CyberheistBut they still got a lot of money before the theft was detected.
  14. Apple Opposes Order to Unlock San Bernardino Shooter’s PhoneApple claims that unlocking Syed Farook’s iPhone would threaten the cybersecurity of all Americans.
  15. Hackers Replace ISIS Site With Viagra Ad and Message: ‘Too Much ISIS’“Too many people are into this ISIS-stuff,” the site now reads.
  16. oops
    22.1 Million People Compromised in Hack of Government Personnel DataIf you even know someone who’s had a background check, you may be affected.
  17. government
    Every Single Federal Employee HackedA government worker union says that the latest cyberattack against the U.S. was worse than originally reported. 
  18. hackerz
    Hackers Hit Health Insurer Anthem, Steal Data on Millions of CustomersIt’s probably the biggest breach of a health insurer ever.
  19. islamic state watch
    The CentCom Hacker May Be a British 20-Year-OldCue grumblings about millennials.
  20. conspiracy theories
    What If North Korea Didn’t Hack Sony?: 4 Alternate TheoriesMany don’t buy the U.S. government’s explanation.
  21. scary things
    A Creepy Hacker Site Is Streaming Nanny CamsThe site shows 4,500 U.S.-based webcams.
  22. machine age
    The Rise of the Hacker Bounty HunterSymbiotically capitalizing on tech companies’ soft spots.
  23. the internet
    Your Gmail Password Might Be on a Russian Bitcoin Forum Right NowIt’s worth checking to see. 
  24. the internet
    Federal Agents Seize Control of Nasty Computer Virus NetworkBut it could be back in as little as two weeks.
  25. whistleblowers
    Edward Snowden Comes to SXSWVia Google Hangout.
  26. the most important people in the world
    Elite-Targeting Hacker Guccifer Allegedly Arrested After Hall-of-Fame RunMeet Marcel Lazar Lehel.
  27. oops
    Nearly a Third of the United States Possibly Affected by Target Security BreachThat’s a lot of information.
  28. the most important people in the world
    Just About Every Rich, Famous, and Powerful Person Has Been Hacked by GucciferThe prolific computer criminal has shared his stash, in case he gets caught.
  29. snapchats are forever
    Snapchat Maybe Not Safe Enough to Trust With Naked SelfiesThe app was hacked.
  30. cyber security
    Washington Post Hacked AgainChinese hackers suspected this time.
  31. art
    Bill Clinton Doodles Hacked By Guccifer From Presidential LibraryNo haunting “Socks the cat” portraits.
  32. crimes and misdemeanors
    Anonymous Hacker Jeremy Hammond Gets 10 Years in PrisonThe government is not playing around.
  33. the internet
    Syrian Electronic Army Briefly Hacks Obama TwitterThe pro-Assad online posse strikes again.
  34. security breaches
    Adobe Users, It’s Time to Change Your PasswordsThis again.
  35. crimes and misdemeanors
    The D.O.J. Has Not Forgotten About Anonymous (Even If You Have)New indictments in a 2010 attack.
  36. bad apple
    Hackers May Have Already Gotten Past the iPhone 5’s Fingerprint Sensor That was fast.
  37. hackers
    Syrian Electronic Army Targets U.S. Marines OnlineSays they should defect before invading Syria.
  38. hackers
    Syrian Electronic Army Hits New York Times, Twitter With Annoying HacksThe Internet is buggy today.
  39. ink-stained wretches
    Washington Post Hacked by Syrian Electronic ArmyWho’s next?
  40. the most important people in the world
    Colin Powell Says He Did Not Have an Affair, Despite ‘Personal’ Hacked E-mailsGuccifer strikes again.
  41. China’s Obama and McCain Campaign Hackers Had Poor TimingThey showed their hand pretty clumsily.
  42. international affairs
    Chinese Hackers Getting Back to Work on Mysterious American CompaniesTheir exact targets aren’t known.
  43. the internet
    How the Syrian Electronic Army Keeps Hacking News OrganizationsEmployees hand over their passwords pretty easily.
  44. the internet
    Guccifer Keeps Hacking Famous Old People’s E-mailThis time Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein.
  45. the internet
    Candace Bushnell Hacked by GucciferThe hacker strikes again.
  46. international affairs
    United States Officially Calls Out Chinese Government’s HackersIt did not mince words.
  47. the internet
    Bipartisan Hacker Guccifer Hates the Illuminati, AOLBut his actual motivations are murky.
  48. the internet
    Indictment Probably Wasn’t a Surprise for Reuters Social Media Editor The FBI searched his home in October.
  49. the internet
    Reuters Social Media Editor Charged With Aiding Anonymous Hack [Updated]Twitter machine Matthew Keys has gone silent.
  50. Colin Powell’s Facebook Page Was HackedHe was hacked.
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