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  1. hacktivism
    Anonymous No MoreMug shots of fourteen people arrested for their involvement with the hacktivist group Anonymous.
  2. hack to the future
    Hacking Arrest in Britain That Has Nothing to Do With News Corp.Well, as far as we know now.
  3. hacktivism
    People Are Now Uploading Academic Research to File-Sharing SitesKids today!
  4. hacktivism
    Even the Taliban Is Getting HackedEveryone will be hacked from now on.
  5. hacktivism
    FBI Raids New York Homes of Suspected ‘Anonymous’ HackersThree homes in Brooklyn and Long Island were searched.
  6. hacktivism
    Fox News’ Twitter Account Doesn’t Have a Very Secure Password [Updated]A hacker tweeted the fake news that President Obama was killed on July 4.
  7. hack to the future
    LulzSec Releases Arizona Law-Enforcement Data, Gets Political“Every week we plan on releasing personal details of law enforcement.”
  8. hacktivism
    ‘Anonymous’ Calls for Boycott of Dixie Cups, Quilted Northern Toilet PaperThey’re both owned by the Koch brothers.