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  1. politics
    Melania Trump Goes Blonde on Fox NewsAnd the internet has some thoughts.
  2. obama is a human person
    The President Does Not Dye His HairMichelle Obama swears.
  3. the donald
    Please Enjoy This Moment With Donald Trump’s Hair“How deep is your love?”
  4. photo op
    We Have Some Questions About This Hello! Magazine Cover of Prince WilliamWasn’t he blond the last time we saw him?
  5. ballsy governors
    Blago’s Hair and Donald Trump’s Hair to Finally MeetBlago will star on ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ people are saying.
  6. the most important puppy in the world
    The Second Installment of NBC ‘Inside the White House,’ Starring Bo ObamaThe puff-piece half of the network’s two-part special gets a boost from the First Family’s fluffiest new member.
  7. gossipmonger
    Madonna Has the Magic TouchWhen it comes to SOME children, at least. Her boyfriend Jesus Luz’s career is really taking off.
  8. party lines
    We Spot the Hot Subway Hero in the Wild!You can hide behind the buffet, Chad Lindsey, but we’d recognize that gorgeous mug anywhere, even in a cater-waiter’s uniform.
  9. web of lies
    James Frey Accuses Gawker Alumnus of ‘Making Things Up’Irony!
  10. scenes from a meltdown
    The Wall Street Crisis: What Does It All Mean?The only thing that anyone seems really certain about right now is that when the smoke clears, we’ll be looking at a different landscape.
  11. instant politics
    Lynn Sweet and Patrick Healy on Connecting McCain and Bush Over the Economy and Whether Clinton Alone Can Blunt PalinLynn Sweet, Washington, D.C., bureau chief for the Chicago ‘Sun-Times,’ and New York ‘Times’ political reporter Patrick Healy discuss Palin’s advantage with regard to Wall Street turmoil, Biden suggesting Clinton might have been a better V.P. choice for Obama, and how Clinton supporters might (or might not) see a Palin bait and switch.
  12. early and often
    Holy Hell, McCain Adviser Claims Luddite GOP Nominee Helped Invent the BlackBerrySince that’s too absurd to even comprehend, there must be something else going on here. We think we know what it is!
  13. the greatest show of our time
    Taylor Momsen’s New Eighties LookDo you dig or detest Jenny Humphrey’s new do?
  14. photo op
    A Pair of Super-Celeb Couple Sightings at the Theater This WeekendWe spotted the Clintons at ‘Hair’ over the weekend, and an even more important couple at the final performance of ‘Rent’!
  15. intel
    Who Wore It Better: Chris Matthews or Uma Thurman?They got the same dye job on the same week. Coincidence? We think not!
  16. white men with money
    World Reels After Bear Stearns Is Sold For Pocket Change“This is like waking up in summer with snow on the ground,” Ron Geffner, a former SEC lawyer, told the Times of the news that last night JPMorgan, aided by the Federal Reserve Bank, bought Bear Stearns at a shocking 93 percent discount on Bear’s Friday closing price: $2 a share, or $236 million. Including the Madison Avenue headquarters, a property valued at least $1.2 billion. It was a nice present for JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon, who celebrated his 52nd birthday on Thursday, but not so much for the world economy: Although the last-minute buyout was supposed to stem the credit crisis and, as the Fed said yesterday, “bolster market liquidity and promote orderly market functioning,” it seems to have done precisely the opposite. Markets in Europe and Asia tanked overnight, the dollar plunged, and trading on Wall Street is hobbled by fears of a domino effect. Today’s economic conditions are “the most wrenching since the end of the second World War,” Alan Greenspan told CNN. Fortunately, it’s Saint Patrick’s Day, so even though there’s no green circulating in the market, there is green beer. Drink up, folks. It’s going to be a long, depressing ride. JP Morgan Pays $2 a Share For Bear Stearns [NYT] A Deal For Bear Stearns [WSJ] Press Release [Federal Reserve]
  17. in other news
    Chace Crawford: Founder of the Forelock Movement?Remember when we wondered aloud whether the Times was trying to imply that there is something less than masculine about Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford Nate Archibald? Well, apparently he heard us, because when he went out on the town to do a similar article with Canada’s National Post, he was careful to choose a bottle of Steam Whistle, a local brew. “This is a great beer,” he told reporter Shinan Govani, who dutifully OMG-ed. “I love Canada.” Naaaaate, don’t change who you are because of the pressures of the media! We love you just the way you are, you shrimp-and-avocado-salad eater, you. In fact, one of the things we love about you is your wispy haircut. Unlike Zac Efron’s well-conditioned, floppy version, Nate’s bangs have a dried-out, Aquanetted look that surely doesn’t require obnoxious, ponylike head flicks to handle. Govani agrees with us, declaring in the National Post story that Crawford is the icon of the latest male-bangs movement. He says that he’s given masculine dudes everywhere the confidence to get new, more fashion-forward dos. Now that’s more like it. Let’s all get behind Nate’s heterosexuality, huh? Govani even has a new nickname for Nate: Mr. Man-Bangs! Hey, wait… Meet Mr. Man-Bangs [National Post] Earlier: Chace Crawford Sips Merlot, Is Reluctant to Meet Kate Hudson
  18. video look book
    Dress Your Dog in an ‘Urban-Hipster Blend’Sylyse Rivera touts his “urban-hipster blend” in this week’s Video Look Book. The pierced hairstylist is now turning his stylish eye to his three-month-old puppy, Asia. “I’m getting her into fashion, too,” Rivera says, though she can’t fit into the Timberlands he loves so much. Sylese Rivera [Video Look Book]
  19. video look book
    When Hairstyles Are a Joke The Video Look Book went to Union Square this week and found AV librarian Aliisa Lahti sporting a brand-new T-shirt. Her haircut “kind of just happened,” Lahti says, and then she started to grow the rat tail as a joke. “Lots of times people assume that I’m a lesbian or that I’m some crazy punk kid,” she says. “Neither of those things are true.” Aliisa Lahti [Video Look Book]
  20. in other news
    We Remain in Awe of John F. Burns We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Our favorite thing about swashbuckling Times foreign correspondent John F. Burns is neither his countless tours in Baghdad for the Times nor the difficult and exemplary work he’s done elsewhere around the world through three decades at the paper. No, our favorite thing about John F. Burns, as we were freshly reminded by the video offered throughout the weekend on the Times homepage, is his hair. His awesome, awesome hair. Behold. The Battle for Baghdad [NYT]
  21. cultural capital
    Sundance Report: ‘Angel-A’ Actress Goes to Park City, Turns on New York Rie Rasmussen, the 31-year-old Danish model, artist, filmmaker, and actress, calls New York home these days, but she’s in Park City this week with Angel-A, the Luc Besson film in which she stars. The story of a Parisian lowlife whose attempted suicide is thwarted by mysterious blonde, played by Rasmussen, Angel-A drew a young and enthusiastic crowd — mostly twentysomething guys — to the Library Center Theatre Tuesday night. After the screening, Besson, creator of fan favorites Nikita and The Professional, entered to cheers; the cheers turned to hoots and whistles when Rasmussen sprinted down the aisle to join him onstage. But the next day, just before last night’s screening, Rasmussen wasn’t exactly returning the love.
  22. intel
    Snipping Toward the Finish Line Alan Tosler is well known as a hairstylist to New York’s art stars at his Tosler Davis salon (one of New York’s Best of 2005). Turns out, though, that he can handle not just his scissors but also his corners. Earlier this month, Tosler, in his 1964 MGB, won Virginia Raceway’s Governor’s Cup, a major race in the Sportscar Vintage circuit. “It’s the polar opposite of what I do,” says Tosler, whose clients include Imitation of Christ designer Tara Subkoff and photographer Jessica Craig-Martin. “The other drivers say to me, ‘You don’t look like a hairdresser!’ I think they mean that I don’t look gay,” he says. (He’s straight. Married with two children.) Tosler’s racing schedule doesn’t faze the creatives he clips. “The last time I went in, he wasn’t there because he was in a race,” says Art Production Fund co-founder Yvonne Force, a three-year Toslerite. “But I love that. It’s an odd yet interesting part of him that I definitely appreciate — a dangerous and passionate obsession.” Tosler himself is less dramatic about it. “I feel macho when I race, and then I go back and snip artists’ hair,” he says. Not that we’re suggesting there’s anything unmacho about that. — Emma Rosenblum