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  1. international affairs
    Haitian Kidnappers Demand $17 Million for Return of American MissionariesWhat we know about the unfolding situation.
  2. immigration
    Special Envoy to Haiti Quits Over Treatment of MigrantsDaniel Foote cited “inhumane” U.S. deportation policy as a reason for his departure.
  3. haiti
    Death Toll From Earthquake in Haiti Approaches 2,000Almost 10,000 more have been injured, as the nation faces intense rainfall from Tropical Storm Grace.
  4. haiti
    The Situation in Haiti Is Not Slowing DownThe country gets its third leader in two weeks, as the assassinated president’s final words are revealed.
  5. jovenel moïse
    U.S. Links to Suspects in Haiti Assassination Are GrowingA Florida-based doctor and several ex-DEA informants were arrested, while the Pentagon said several suspected assassins were trained by U.S. forces.
  6. haiti
    Haitian President Assassinated by Gunmen Posing As DEA AgentsHaiti’s police chief said four of Jovenel Moïse’s assassins had been killed and two others were arrested.
  7. global tech
    Solar-Powered Fridges Can Help Stop EpidemicsMuch of the world doesn’t have access to vaccines for one solvable reason: transportation logistics.
  8. Trump Administration Ends Protection for Last Big Emergency Migrant Population86,000 Hondurans join 200,000 Salvadoreans and others from dangerous places being shown the door by the Trump administration.
  9. How Trump’s Immigration Proposal Could Be Trouble for DemocratsTurns out Americans are much more open to restrictions on legal immigration than they are to deporting Dreamers.
  10. The Worst Defenses of Trump’s Racist Comments on Immigration“This is how the forgotten men and women in America talk at the bar.”
  11. Dem Senator Confirms ‘Sh*thole’ Remark After Trump’s DenialSenator Dick Durbin was in the meeting where Trump said those “hate-filled things.”
  12. Trump Administration Revokes Protection From Deportation for 60,000 HaitiansOfficials say they’ve determined Haiti is safe enough for them to return, though conditions there are still dire.
  13. immigration
    300,000 Central American and Haitian Immigrants May Soon Face DeportationMany of the immigrants have U.S.-born children and own homes and businesses, and some have lived in the country for decades.
  14. extreme weather
    Hurricane Matthew Threatens Haiti, Jamaica, and CubaIf the Category 4 storm hits Haiti, it could be a catastrophe.
  15. reinventions
    Former Pop Star Sworn In As President of HaitiHe live-tweeted it.
  16. terrible things
    Cholera Outbreak in Haiti Started With the U.N. PeacekeepersIt’s a “perfect match” for a strain from Nepal.
  17. international intrigue
    Now Aristide Wants Back Into HaitiHere we go.
  18. international intrigue
    The Ten Most Expensive Gifts President Obama Was Given in 2009Saudi Arabia was No. 1. Silvio Berlusconi wasn’t bad, either. No. 10 will surprise you.
  19. international intrigue
    Baby Doc Duvalier Led Away From Hotel by PoliceIt’s unclear whether the former Haitian dictator has actually been arrested.
  20. international intrigue
    Exiled Dictator Jean-Claude ‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier Returns to HaitiJust what Haiti needs right now.
  21. red-blooded american heroes
    American Relief Worker Freed From Haitian JailPaul Waggoner saves children. He does not kidnap them.
  22. wyclef jean
    Wyclef Jean’s Campaign for President of Haiti Gets Off to an Awkward Start“Wyclef Jean can sit with any political party and have a conversation.”
  23. rubba bubba
    Jenna Bush Interviews Bill ClintonWe’re betting her dad had two reactions to this.
  24. the post-racial world
    George W. Bush and the Case of the Black HandsDoes Bush have a problem shaking the hands of black people?
  25. international intrigue
    Obama Divvies Nobel Winnings Among Charities, Former PresidentsNot to mention a little deposit for the curiously named Posse Foundation.
  26. justice
    Judge Releases Eight Americans Jailed in HaitiThe child-kidnapping case has dragged on for nineteen days since a January 29 arrest.
  27. haiti
    Haiti Needs $3 Billion to RebuildRich countries pledge to think about it.
  28. haiti
    Too Many Doctors Screwing Up HaitiGo home, doctors, you are ruining things.
  29. haiti
    Hope for Haiti Telethon Raises $57 MillionThe album of all the performances was the No. 1 iTunes sale in eighteen countries this weekend.
  30. haiti earthquake
    84-Year-Old Woman Reported Rescued From Rubble in HaitiTen days after the first quake devastated Haiti, a woman is found still alive by rescue teams.
  31. haiti earthquake
    Haiti Evacuating 400,000 From Capital AreaIn order to prevent the further spread of disease, officials are trying to break up massive, squalid refugee camps around Port-au-Prince.
  32. in other news
    If Anderson Cooper Can’t Win After an Earthquake, When Can He Win?Maybe never. Or at least at a different time slot.
  33. the jerk store
    John Edwards Is in HaitiThank God.
  34. haiti
    For Many in Haiti, Only Hope for Survival Is Trip to United StatesMeanwhile, the government is preparing to issue up to 200,000 temporary protected status visas.
  35. haiti
    Obamas Cut a Check for Haiti ReliefPrez and family donate $15,000 to the Clinton-Bush Haiti fund.
  36. haiti
    Magnitude 6.0 Aftershock Hits HaitiMeanwhile, American troops are gaining control of the situation in Port-au-Prince.
  37. haiti
    CNN Reporters Save Lives When They’re Not ReportingAll in a days work.
  38. haiti
    George W. Bush and Bill Clinton Release a Joint PSAThe ex-presidents join together to help Haiti. Awkwardly.
  39. haiti
    Text Donations to Haiti: the Good News and the (Slightly) Bad NewsIt’s actually faster to donate online.
  40. satire
    Satan’s Open Letter to Pat RobertsonMinneapolis Star-Tribune reader pens the perfect antidote to Pat’s Hate.
  41. haiti
    Anderson Cooper: ‘There’s Just Stupid Death Happening Here Now’“People will die tonight, in the next hour, who do not need to die.”
  42. angel’s
    Gisele Gives $1.5 Million To Haiti ReliefWhich makes her a bigger donor than Goldman Sachs, not that anyone is cynically keeping track of that.
  43. earthquakes
    Local NBC Reporter Catches Aerial Footage of Port-au-Prince WreckageThe footage shows the devastated city from a new angle.
  44. sad things
    U.S. Troops Arrive in Haiti Amid Leadership VacuumStill, chaos reigns.
  45. photo op
    Kirsten Gillibrand and Harold Ford Jr. Forced to Stand Next to Each OtherOh God, oh God, so awkward.
  46. sad things
    Aid Ready, But Not Always Able, to Reach HaitiRelief organizations are having trouble getting access to the devastated country.
  47. sad things
    Do Pat Robertson’s Good Deeds Outweigh His Seemingly Hateful Words?That’s what Joe Scarborough argues, after the Christian TV minister claimed that Haiti earned its troubles when it made a deal with the devil.
  48. sad things
    Earthquake Update: World Rushes to Haiti’s AidMeanwhile, United Nations workers and peacekeepers are among those dead or missing.
  49. earthquake!
    Massive Earthquake Hits HaitiThis country seriously can’t catch a break.
  50. early and often
    Bill Clinton to Party With the HaitiansThe former president has just been named a special envoy to the struggling nation by the United Nations.
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