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  1. that happened
    The Time Trump Plopped a Hershey’s Bar on a Minion’s HeadThe 45th president found this hilarious. The Minion, less so.
  2. de mayor
    Bill de Blasio Dressed As the Picard Facepalm Meme for HalloweenMixing up the most famous Star Trek characters is a very de Blasio thing to do — or maybe his “Captain Kirk” costume had a deeper meaning.
  3. halloween
    Fauci Endorses Return of Trick-or-Treating“Go out there and enjoy Halloween,” he advised parents.
  4. the media
    Why Did the Washington Post Get This Woman Fired?The respected newspaper outed and shamed a private citizen for past offensive behavior. But did anyone even want this?
  5. power
    Tasteless ‘Build the Wall’ Decor Seen at White House Kids’ Halloween PartyKids who attended a party at the White House were encouraged to participate in a “build the wall” mural.
  6. politics
    Inside Trump Country’s Hottest Club: The Halloween Eve Witch-Hunt PartyIn a sports complex in Manheim, PA, the Trump-Pence 2020 Witch-Hunt Halloween Party felt like a kid’s birthday party, but for adult Trump fanatics.
  7. spooky szn
    How ‘Spooky Scary Skeletons’ Became the Internet’s Halloween AnthemThe 23-year-old track, from the writer of the ‘Golden Girls’ theme song, has become a mainstay of the Skeleton War.
  8. On Not Being Scared of a Halloween AttackA lot of people moved on with unnerving speed.
  9. select all
    The Best Meme Costumes of Halloween 2017It’s going to be hard for anybody to top a Mr. Krabs “one thicc bih” costume.
  10. select all
    This Is the Only Good Way to Do the ‘Distracted Boyfriend Meme’ CostumeTurns out, you don’t need two other people to form a love triangle, just a color printer.
  11. President Trump Hands Children Candy, Tells Them ‘You Have No Weight Problems’Is there anything this guy can’t make weird?
  12. select all
    Just Let This Neural Network Come Up With Your Halloween CostumeFrom “Professor Panda” to “Shark Cow,” this AI has already thought up all the good costume ideas for you.
  13. select all
    MIT Researchers Developed an AI That Writes Horror Stories Based on Your TweetsJust in case you weren’t already scared of technology.
  14. select all
    Couples Costumes So Bad They’re Almost Good Are Taking Over TwitterHalloween is just around the corner.
  15. select all
    Instagram’s New Feature Will Make Your Stories Even More DramaticDun. Dun. Dunnnn!
  16. select all
    The 20 Most Terrifying Stories on the InternetYou probably shouldn’t read these before bed.
  17. select all
    A Memer’s Guide to Easy Halloween CostumesYou’ve got a week to get your costume figured out.
  18. select all
    Scare the Crap Out of Yourself With Google Maps’ List of the Scariest PlacesFinally! A way to participate in Halloween without leaving the comfort of your bed!
  19. select all
    Suggestion for Next Halloween: Give Rotisserie Chickens to Trick-or-TreatersCall your local grocery store and preorder yourself some chickens for 2017.
  20. Cookie Monster Gets Stabbed by Other Costumed People Near Times SquareCookie Monster stepped into a fight between two men wearing costumes.
  21. select all
    The Best Meme Costumes of Halloween 2016Did you dress up as a meme? We want to see your costume!
  22. The True Story Behind the Infamous Babadook Halloween-Costume Tweet“More of a grown-ups drinking wine vibe.”
  23. select all
    3 Very Good Halloween Twitter PranksHappy almost Halloween!
  24. select all
    These Tiny Raccoon Hands Are Going to Haunt My NightmaresTruly terrifying.
  25. select all
    Dress Up As a Smoldering Galaxy Note 7 This HalloweenPoints for originality.
  26. Today’s Dumb Facebook Fight Is This Toddler’s Pablo Escobar Halloween CostumeWhat will you be arguing about with your aunts and uncles today? This small child dressed as a drug lord for Halloween.
  27. pumpkin vice
    The 15 Best Moments From 2015’s Giant Pumpkin CoveragePeople who love great pumpkins really, really love them.
  28. pumpkin vice
    Deer Gets in Halloween Spirit by Making a Jack-o’-lantern on Its FaceThe deer was saved. The pumpkin was not.
  29. space pumpkin!
    Scary Asteroid to Narrowly Miss Earth on HalloweenNASA scientists only became aware of “Spooky” three weeks ago, which would have left precious little time for Bruce Willis to blow it up.
  30. creepy
    2 Skulls Found in Dead Connecticut Man’s Creepy TrashAlong with books on the occult. Happy Halloween!
  31. horrible things
    Local Professor Identified as Victim of Long Island BeheadingA horrifying murder-suicide.
  32. bill de blasio’s new york
    What Is Mayor de Blasio Supposed to Be for Halloween?There are mandals involved.
  33. puppies!!!!!!
    Here Are the Best Costumes From This Year’s Halloween Dog Parade You want to see these. 
  34. halloween
    Trick or Treat: Frankenstein-Shaped PumpkinsMeet the Frankenpumpkin.
  35. other countries’ embarrassments
    September 11 Costumes Won a Halloween Contest in the U.K.Britain has terrible costumes too!
  36. photo op
    Matt Lauer Frolicking in Baywatch Costume GIFsBoo.
  37. the post-racial world
    Website Helps You Decide Whether or Not to Dress in Blackface for Halloween(You should not.)
  38. Woody Allen Went As Woody Allen for Halloween, and He Nailed ItHere are the photos. 
  39. terrible ideas
    White Florida Man Dresses As Dead Trayvon Martin for Halloween“Anything for the laugh.”
  40. scary things
    Serial Killer-Themed Haunted House Deemed Too HorrifyingDahmer, Gacy, and Bundy aren’t “mythological” just yet.
  41. occupy halloween
    Protesters Occupy Village Halloween ParadeCostumes included “Unemployed Man,” “Zilch,” and “Master of Degrees.”
  42. puppies!!!!!!
    Scenes From Fort Greene’s Dog Halloween Costume ContestPuppies in costumes!
  43. party chat
    The Mystery of Governor Cuomo’s Halloween CostumeIs he dressing up as Raggedy Andy? Or as “a governor”?
  44. photo op
    President Obama Did His Pumpkin Shopping TodayA couple of white pumpkins caught his fancy.
  45. white men with blackstones
    Steve Schwarzman Was a Notoriously Ostentatious Man for Halloween This YearThe Blackstone honcho showed off his stones.
  46. fears come true
    Clown Breaks Reporter’s Face During Halloween Parade in the VillageConsider your fear of clowns validated.
  47. paladinosaur
    Carl Paladino Celebrates Halloween in Bar With Zombie, Guy in BlackfaceAnd he was even photographed making “Look I’m Grabbing a Pirate Wench by the Chest” face!
  48. halloween
    And the Award for Nerdiest Office Halloween Costume Goes To …Drew Dampier, second-year analyst at Meredith Whitney Advisory Group, please accept your award of public humiliation.
  49. halloween
    Intel Exclusive: Topical, Easy Rand Paul Head-Stomp Costume — Just in Time for HalloweenA DIY suggestion.
  50. animals with gourds
    Here Is a Video of Zoo Animals Chewing on GourdsGorillas, bears, and even vultures get into the holiday spirit.
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