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  1. war
    Montauk Resident Hopes to Rally 1,000 for Battle Against Manhattan“There’s strength in numbers.”
  2. crimes and misdemeanors
    Montauk Still Suffering From Hipster Invasion“They are an invasive species — and we need pest control!”
  3. real estate
    The Clintons Had Trouble With Their East Hampton Security DepositBut they “didn’t make a fuss about it.”
  4. Lisa Marie Falcone Busted After Crash in Hamptons [Update]Did gladiator sandals play a role?
  5. the hamptons chronicles
    The Hamptons Mole on the Summer of Pent-Up Anger Against the RichThe end of Sagaponack, the rise of the repentant rich, and other observations from Hamptons contractor Joe Schwenk, a.k.a. @HamptonsBorn.
  6. cribs
    Buyers Snapping Up Vacant Land in the HamptonsAnd more from the East End real estate market report.
  7. real estate
    Hamptons and North Fork Real Estate All Over the PlaceNo rhyme or reason in vacation-home sales.
  8. real estate
    Starter Homes Find Takers in the Hamptons Despite the real estate market’s struggles, these houses are going like hotcakes.
  9. real estate
    Pricey Properties Buoy Hamptons Real EstateThe North Fork, though, isn’t doing as well.
  10. it’s science
    The Newest Hamptons Celebrity Is a LadybugThe nine-spotted ladybug has returned!
  11. celebrities who are hungry for no reason
    Paul McCartney Got the MunchiesThat’s what the ‘Daily News’ is trying to tell us.
  12. real estate
    Man Rents Hamptons Home to Clintons for a SmileElie Hirschfeld has an interesting clause in his rental agreement.
  13. school daze
    Cathie Black Wasn’t Drunk When She Drove Her SUV Into Tree After Tree in the Hamptons“I’m going to enjoy my summer!”
  14. vu.
    Mayor Bloomberg Drops $20 Million on Hamptons Golf GetawayNot too shabby.
  15. photo op
    Apparently, the Super Rich in East Hampton Really Do Have So Much Money They Don’t Know What to Do With ItDealbreaker finds quite the ATM receipt.
  16. preppy people
    Now That Andre Balazs Is Offering Seaplane Flights From Manhattan to the Hamptons, ‘Roads Are Over’You can take it to any place where there is a Lilly Pulitzer boutique.
  17. hamptons
    ‘Affordable’ Sales Dominate Hamptons Real EstateDepending on the meaning of “affordable.”
  18. hamptons
    Recession, Hamptons StylePeople are really hurting.
  19. the young and the cashless
    Technology-Dependant Yuppies Practically Bankrupting LIRRWhat is this cash you speak of?
  20. lifestyles of the rich and shameless
    Cheryl Mercuris Is Already Having the Time of Her LifeFortysomething divorcée besieged by suitors.
  21. lady gaga
    Gaga for the HamptonsYou’ll never guess who’s been seen house-hunting.
  22. vermin!
    Bedbugs Now Believe They Deserve to Go to the Hamptons, TooEntitled little buggers.
  23. gambling
    Shinnecock Tribe Formally Recognized by Federal GovernmentCasino, here we come!
  24. statistics
    At Least 1,200 New Yorkers Pay to Shuttle Their Fine Art From Manhattan to the Hamptons Each SummerBecause decorating with seashells is not enough.
  25. summering
    In the Hamptons, the Suffering Is Finally OverA year ago, “people got by with last year’s tennis outfit.” No more.
  26. the hampsions
    Record-Breaking Rental in BridgehamptonAn unknown buyer has plonked down $500,000 for two weeks at “the Sandcastle.”
  27. the downturnaround
    Hamptons Couple Tires of Old McMansion, Decides to Build New OneA good sign for the economy, or a bad sign for our souls?
  28. first-world problems
    Recession Radically Transforms East HamptonLuxury retailers close up shop, residents forced to wear plaid.
  29. white men with money
    Warring Hamptons Neighbors Stay on Their Sides of the FenceIn four years of litigation, Jonathan Sobel and Terry Semel have never met.
  30. real estate
    Record-Breaking Home Sale in Sag HarborA beach house with an asking price of nearly $16 million is about to change hands.
  31. vu.
    Peter Beard Is Leaving the Hamptons and Taking His Dead Cat With HimNow that the rock stars have been replaced by hedge-fund managers, the legendary photographer is shipping out of Montauk.
  32. gossipmonger
    Former Bill Clinton Aide Accuses Him of Hugging Her Nine Years AgoStacy Parker Aab’s new book says the hug took place on a balcony in 2000.
  33. the hamptons
    Please Buy This Calendar of the Only People in the Hamptons You Might Not Normally See NakedBecause sometimes that which is old can be refreshingly new.
  34. vu.
    Southampton Is Basically One Big CesspoolAnd the residents like it that way.
  35. summering
    Inexpensive Prostitute Ring Busted on the East End!What? There was a market gap.
  36. white men with money
    Steve Schwarzman Is Selling His Hamptons Pied-à-TerreIt’s going for $7.2 million, which is less than one quarter of what his REAL house costs.
  37. radio free hamptons
    Hamptonites Worried Public Radio Might Fall Into the Wrong HandsA Save Public Radio co-founder fears “a right-wing evangelical group.”
  38. summering
    Bethenny Frankel Would Rather Staple Her Eyelids Shut Than Watch Gwyneth CookThe jellyfish weren’t the only things using their stingers in the Hamptons this weekend! More cutting remarks and celebrity activity in our Monday wrap-up of everything you missed at the beach.
  39. survival of the richest
    Social Darwinism, Hamptons-StyleSurvival of the richest.
  40. summering
    Kirsten Gillibrand Fund-raises Her Way Through the HamptonsAnd everything else you missed on the East End.
  41. summering
    Renée Zellweger Can Dance Without a Man, Thank YouShe was spotted doing exactly that with her lady friends in the Hamptons this weekend, after months of speculation about which man had her dance card.
  42. summering
    On the East End: No White Party, But Plenty of Carbon MonoxideWhat you missed in the Hamptons.
  43. party lines
    James Lipton Thinks Our Money Problems Are SolvedAnd the Hamptons have something to do with it.
  44. summering
    On the East End: Sarah Jessica Parker Gets Pulled Over, Lourdes PrimpsWhat you missed because you don’t have a share house.
  45. summering
    On the East End: Swine Flu 2, LiLo 0Didn’t make it to the Hamptons yet? Here’s everything that happened to everyone worth knowing.
  46. gossipmonger
    Kate Hudson Wore a ‘Disguise’ to the Manhattan Polo Classic This WeekendShe needn’t have bothered — Madonna didn’t care that she was there, anyway. And more in our gossip roundup.
  47. gossipmonger
    Jesus Luz Does Not Mind Being Called a ‘Boy Toy’Madonna’s boyfriend doesn’t mind his nickname. That, and the rest of today’s gossip.
  48. summering
    Summer Rentals Now Priced for Common Folk!With places going in the low four figures, you can score for the whole season.
  49. summering
    Grey Gardens Available for Summer RentalFor just $30,000 a week, it’s yours!
  50. white men with money
    Hamptons to Ron Baron: Tear Down This Wall!In the Hamptons, you can’t destroy 3,000-year-old protected dunes without a fuss that you have to at least pay lawyers to attend to.
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