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  1. white men with money
    Paulson Tipped Off Hedge Funds on Fannie and Freddie TakeoverEspecially ex-Goldmanites.
  2. lloyd of our lives
    Let Lloyd Light Up Your LifeA tiki-torch tribute to the luminescent Goldman Sachs leader.
  3. slouching toward reform
    Hank Paulson: Ultimately, the Financial-Regulation Bill Doesn’t Really Matter“I think it is asking a lot for regulators to be perfect, because they won’t be.”
  4. tell us about your hernia
    Hank Paulson Is Talking About His Stomach Problems AgainApparently, he has a chronic condition.
  5. early and often
    Into the Woods With Hank PaulsonThe former Treasury secretary talked the financial crisis and forest fires at the 92nd Street Y tonight.
  6. early and awesome
    Hank Paulson: George W. Bush Was ‘Like a Mother’ to MeThe president not only opened up the national pocketbook to Paulson, he opened his heart.
  7. these are the people who are in charge of things
    Collapse of Bear Stearns Ruined Date Night For Hank And Wendy PaulsonThe former Treasury Secretary and his wife might otherwise have “immensely enjoyed” a scintillating bird documentary.
  8. scenes from a meltdown
    Hank Paulson’s Valley of the Dolls MomentAt one point during the early bailout negotiations, the former Treasury secretary nearly turned to drugs.
  9. faint praise
    Oversight Panel Grudgingly Admits TARP Worked“Although the government’s response to the crisis was at first haphazard and uncertain, it eventually proved decisive enough to stop the panic and restore market confidence.”
  10. scenes from a meltdown
    Who Came Off Best in The New Yorker’s Epic Crisis Story?We pick a winner, because the world needs more heroes.
  11. the greatest depression
    Hey, Congress, Hank Paulson Thinks You’re Idiots“I amuse myself a lot by thinking what would happen if I said, ‘Do you realize what an idiotic question that is?’”
  12. the greatest depression
    The Rise of Ben BernankeThe best politician in Washington isn’t an elected official. It’s Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke.
  13. finance fiction
    The British Are Making a Movie About Lehman BrothersThe new BBC reenactment of the events of last September sounds a little too British.
  14. Hank Paulson Is Too Busy to Address Rumors That Threaten His Reputation and the Reputation of His Former CompanyThe former Treasury secretary’s got a book to write, okay?
  15. bald men with money
    Baldness Not a Requirement for Working at Goldman SachsIt’s merely *encouraged.*
  16. the greatest depression
    ‘Was This a Good Old-fashioned Brooklyn Shakedown?’Congress had fun with former Treasury secretary Hank Paulson today.
  17. white men with fish
    Hank Paulson: ‘You Bet I Threatened Ken Lewis’Because he DESERVED it.
  18. white men with power
    Bank of America Board, Ken Lewis Threatened With Ouster by Gov’t Over Merrill DealAnd Andrew Cuomo has all the juicy deets.
  19. the greatest depression
    Know Your Tall, Bald Bailout OfficialsFormer Treasury secretary Hank Paulson packed the department with clones of himself. Here’s our guide to who’s who.
  20. the greatest depression
    Former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson Has Developed a Deep Understanding of the Economic Crisis Since Leaving AdministrationAnd he’s writing a book about it.
  21. yes we did call the department of the treasury to ask about project runway
    Tim Gunn Is Cool With Hank Paulson Bogarting His CatchphraseThe Treasury secretary really does need to ‘make it work’ right now.
  22. the greatest depression
    The Evolving Philosophy of Hank PaulsonThe financial crisis has caused the Treasury Secretary to know the meaning of regulation, and the importance of a catchphrase.
  23. the greatest depression
    Troubled Asset Relief Program Not Buying Troubled Assets After AllIn remarks conspicuously lacking a “my bad,” Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson scraps plan of buying distressed assets pretty much altogether.
  24. This Halloween, Be the Specter of SocialismMasks of our favorite government apparatchiks are available.
  25. the greatest depression
    When a Random 400-Point Spike Is Par for the CourseThe Dow experienced a big bump just before four o’clock — but that doesn’t necessarily mean it was a good day.
  26. scenes from a meltdown
    Lawmakers Choose Fighting About Politics Over Fixing the Economy, BasicallyHouse Republicans broke with the president, cock-blocked the bailout, and walked out of negotiations, despite Hank Paulson’s pleas.
  27. the greatest depression
    Paulson Concedes Point About Executive PayThe secretary of the Treasury agreed to cap executive pay as part of the bailout, and we concede we feel bad for him.
  28. the greatest depression
    Wait, What Exactly Is the Problem Here?The sticking points on the bailout plan do not seem all that complicated.
  29. the greatest depression
    The Greatest DepressionJust because there’s a Depression on doesn’t mean we have to be depressed about it.
  30. man candy
    Breaking: Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson Looks Hot in Shirtless PhotoThe secretary of the treasury once had washboard abs.
  31. scenes from a meltdown
    The Wall Street Crisis: What Does It All Mean?The only thing that anyone seems really certain about right now is that when the smoke clears, we’ll be looking at a different landscape.
  32. intel
    Who’ll Save New York? Paterson’s Possible Super-FriendsThe speech served as a Bat signal to stir powerful New Yorkers who can put the governor’s urgent message into play.