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Happy Endings

  1. happy endings
    Ahmed Mohamed Meets Obama, Leaves Clock at HomeHe’s been traveling so much that he didn’t have time to pick it up.
  2. happy endings
    Magic Johnson Would Buy Clippers From SterlingThe storybook ending is possible.
  3. happy endings
    Accidentally Mom-Stolen Honda Returned to OwnerA happy end to a weird Brooklyn story.
  4. happy endings
    11-Year-Old Who Was Missing for 5 Days Concludes ‘It’s a Very Big World’Kareem Granton was safely reunited with his family on Monday.
  5. happy endings
    That Very Loud, Very Early Amber Alert WorkedPolice found the baby thanks to a tip. 
  6. the internet
    Golden Eagle Kid-Snatching Hoax Video Will Send Someone to CollegeIt generated enough AdSense revenue for a scholarship.
  7. answered prayers
    FDNY EMTs Save Nun (and Friends!) From Drowning in Queens FloodStorm waters nearly overcame their car.
  8. ink-stained wretches
    NYT Confers With Fictional Character Over ErrorThis is a very weird one.
  9. happy endings
    Taco Mayor Buried in ‘Ethnic Food’Connecticut’s foot-in-mouth mayor got a special delivery at his office today.
  10. happy endings
    Al Gore Won’t Be Facing Those Assault Charges After AllMasseuse Molly Hagerty’s case against the former veep has “a lack of credible evidence.”
  11. miracles
    Man Amazingly Cheerful After Spending Four Days Lying in a Swamp With a Broken Back“I’m so happy to see you guys!”