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    The Year in MemesWe’ve collected one meme for every day in 2016.
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    J.K. Rowling Wants You to Know Your Patronus Can’t Be HarambeFinally, the Harry Potter author weighs in on the infamous gorilla.
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    Harambe and Campus Outrage: A Horrific Super-Meme in the MakingThis is not going to end well for anyone.
  4. I Wonder How Badly This Gorilla Naming Contest Is Going to End?The newest gorilla at the Philadelphia Zoo needs a name.
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    Jill Stein Becomes the First Presidential Candidate to Court the Harambe VoteShe’s also losing to Harambe in Texas. #RIP
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    These High School Seniors Immortalized Harambe With Their ID PicturesHarambe lives on with the class of 2017.
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    Cincinnati Zoo, Overwhelmed With Harambe Memes, Deletes Its Twitter AccountThis is not a good way to remember Harambe.
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    Cincinnati Zoo on Harambe: ‘We Are Not Amused by the Memes’The zoo where Harambe was shot is asking internet jokesters to stop.
  9. The Dark Internet Humor of Harambe JokesWhy the web is still joking about the gorilla.
  10. Meme Terrorist Transforms Taylor Swift ‘Memorial’ Into Harambe SpongeBob TributeRIP Taylor. RIP Harambe. RIP me.
  11. Mom of Kid Won’t Be Charged in Gorilla IncidentThe zoo’s gorilla exhibit has been fortified, and is set to reopen on Tuesday.