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  1. early and obvious
    Morgan Stanley Executive Doesn’t Approve of Attacks on Private EquityFilm at 11. 
  2. early and often
    If Harold Ford Runs for Office Again It’ll Be in New York, Unless It’s in TennesseeThe door is clearly ajar.
  3. built ford tough
    The Real Reason Harold Ford Nixed His RunHe couldn’t find any voter groups he was confident would vote for him.
  4. built ford tough
    Ford Made Same Amount at Merrill in Good Times and BadHe was guaranteed $2 million a year, according to the ‘Times.’
  5. early and awesome
    Mort Zuckerman Is Reportedly Considering Running for SenateWell, why not?
  6. early and often
    Kirsten Gillibrand Is Okay With Demonizing Wall Street in Certain SituationsLike any time her campaign talks about Harold Ford Jr.
  7. built ford tough
    Harold Ford Jr. Is Accused of Misrepresenting His Wife, by His WifeShe’s not exactly his director of research, or overly excited about his campaign.
  8. Will Harold Ford Jr.’s Religion-Heavy 2006 Campaign Unsettle New Yorkers?The former Tennessean isn’t Bible-thumping so much this time around, and for good reason.
  9. built ford tough
    Harold Ford Shifts on Something Else.TIME. Oooooohh.
  10. bons mots
    Michael Steele Is on a Mission to Sound Super-WealthyAnd makes himself the perfect foil for Harold Ford Jr.!
  11. built ford tough
    Don’t Believe Report: Harold Ford Knows Where He LivesOne block, 30 blocks. Whatever.
  12. face off
    Michael Steele and Harold Ford Jr. Battle Over ‘America’s Future’Hopefully the University of Arkansas at Little Rock is prepared for all the exploded heads.
  13. early and often
    Stephen Colbert Grills Harold Ford Jr. On His Flip-FlopsHis changing opinions, not his sandals.
  14. endorsements
    Karl Rove Thinks Harold Ford Jr. Is ‘Attractive’This is an endorsement he might want to give back.
  15. built ford tough
    Harold Ford Jr. Wants to Raise Taxes?That’s what he told Cindy Adams, for some reason.
  16. early and awesome
    Gillibrand-Ford Feud Getting Testier, More AwesomeFord calls Gillibrand a bird; Gillibrand calls him a child.
  17. built ford tough
    Guess What? Harold Ford Jr. Is Probably Going to Run for SenateAn insider pegs the chances at 80 percent. No kidding.
  18. built ford tough
    Harold Ford Jr. Knows How to Fix The Democratic PartyBy making it more the GOP.
  19. built ford tough
    Harold Ford Jr. Announces Candidacy … by AccidentThe non-candidate slips up while campaigning at a diner in Rockland County.
  20. built ford tough
    For the Next 30 Days, Harold Ford Jr. Is Not an Evil BankerFord takes a leave of absence from Merill Lynch so he can focus on “listening.”
  21. built ford tough
    Harold Ford Talks About His PedicuresIt isn’t about vanity. It’s about athletes’ foot.
  22. early and often
    New Yorkers Not Overwhelmed by Either Ford or GillibrandBut if forced to choose, they’ll pick Gillibrand, for now.
  23. built ford tough
    Is Harold Ford’s Potential Candidacy Revenge for a Broken Heart?This could explain everything.
  24. photo op
    Kirsten Gillibrand and Harold Ford Jr. Forced to Stand Next to Each OtherOh God, oh God, so awkward.
  25. built ford tough
    Harold Ford Teaches a Lesson on How Not to Be PopulistLesson one: Do not reference helicopters.
  26. early and often
    Kirsten Gillibrand’s Only Real Threat: George PatakiWe asked four veteran New York political consultants to handicap the field.
  27. built ford tough
    Harold Ford Jr. Takes His Case Directly to the PeopleDespite increasing hostility to his run, Ford pushes forward with an op-ed today.
  28. early and often
    White House: Beat It Ford, We Like GillibrandNot that Harold Ford cares.
  29. early and often
    Harold Ford Jr. No Longer Thinks the Constitution Should Prohibit Gays From MarryingBetter late than never!
  30. early and often
    Nobody Puts Harold Ford Jr. in a CornerThe potential Gillibrand challenger staffs up and lashes out at the party’s attempts to stop him.
  31. early and often
    Reid and Schumer Try to Snuff Out Harold Ford Jr.’s Potential Senate RunHave no fear, Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer are here.
  32. early and often
    Tennessean New Yorker Harold Ford Jr. May Challenge Kirsten GillibrandWill New York elect yet another carpetbagger?
  33. gossipmonger
    Lydia Hearst to Appear on ‘Gossip Girl,’ Where She’s Always BelongedAlso, Lindsay Lohan called Samantha Ronson her “girlfriend,” James Frey will appear at Sotheby’s, and Bethenny Frankel is pissing off Bravo!
  34. gossipmonger
    Richard Gere’s Sell-Buy ConundrumRichard Gere may buy the penthouse in Julian Schnabel’s West Village building, if he can sell his Sullivan Street townhouse for $12 million first. Henry Kissinger, Michael Eisner, and Barry Diller were among the power players who ate at Michael’s for lunch yesterday. Some designers are refusing to use the Earth Pledge’s ecofriendly “Sea Leather” because it’s actually made out of dead fish skin. Ivana Trump’s new engagement ring, from daughter Ivanka’s jewelry line, costs $250,000. Anderson Cooper told Conan that he has a “fatty deposit” under his eye that is visible in high definition. NBC refused to run a Larry Craig–inspired political commercial, though CNN picked it up. (Perhaps it had something to do with Matt Lauer’s interview with the disgraced senator?)
  35. gossipmonger
    Bella Abzug Was Not in ‘The Apartment’Congresswoman Bella Azbug was once asked to be a stand-in for Shirley MacLaine in The Apartment, but she declined. On the set of her first movie, Kim Cattrall was told she resembled Marilyn Monroe, “not in looks, of course, but in lack of talent.” Harold Ford and three blondes hung out at Blue Ribbon Sushi till 2 a.m. Chris Robinson is happy that ex Kate Hudson is dating Dax Shepard because now he has more time to hang out with their 3-year-old son. The kiddie imprint of Simon & Schuster is releasing a guide to orgy etiquette. Ted Turner still owes merely $642 million of the $1 billion he pledged to donate to the U.N. a decade ago. Elton John once tried to commit suicide by sticking his head in an oven, though he used a pillow and put the gas on low.
  36. gossipmonger
    iGreedySony chairman Howard Stringer called Steve Jobs “greedy” at the Allen & Co. conference. The main character of Doug Stumpf’s Confessions of a Wall Street Shoeshine Boy may be based on pervy billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise went to the Biography Bookstore in the West Village and then to Magnolia. Joe DiMaggio’s brother Dom is not pleased the Yankee Clipper’s diaries are for sale. Stone Phillips is leaving Dateline, and he bought his longtime assistant an Audi as a parting gift. Matt Damon wants Al Gore to run for president. Ashlee Simpson helped beau Pete Wentz conquer his fear of flying so Wentz could get to the Hamptons via seaplane. Democratic Leadership Council Chairman Harold Ford Jr. hung out with Jay-Z, Nas, and Kid Rock in Southampton. Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany brought their 4-year-old to the Children’s Museum of Manhattan.
  37. gossipmonger
    Ron Perelman Is Making Up for Lost TimeRon Perelman wasn’t the ladies’ man he is now when he was in high school. Harold Ford Jr. wants to be governor of Tennessee. Lindsay Lohan turned 21 yesterday, looking healthy and acting rather adultlike. Jackie O. didn’t like it when Caroline gained weight. Anna Wintour’s stylist is working weekends at a salon in Bridgehampton. Zach Braff and Drew Barrymore made out at Beauty Bar. Mice, dead and alive, are wreaking havoc at the new New York Times building. Padma Lakshmi is finally divorcing Salman Rushdie, and a billionaire or an unidentified chef may be to blame. Europe is the new Hamptons for celebrity Fourth of July celebrations.