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  1. gun control
    Gun-Control Bill to Clear First Procedural Hurdle!A vote could come as early as Thursday.
  2. early and awkward
    Harry Reid Is a Former NRA Supporter, Master of ‘Evolving’He’s shifted on guns, gay rights, and immigration.
  3. gun control
    Assault Weapons Ban Probably Isn’t HappeningIt won’t be part of the Senate Democrats’ gun bill.
  4. video
    The Many Cameos of Politicians in TV and MoviesPlus a few first ladies!
  5. Harry Reid Admits That Katrina Was Way Worse Than SandyThis is true.
  6. the national interest
    The Big Lebowski Explains the Fiscal CliffHow to deal with nihilists holding a nonexistent hostage? Ask John Goodman.
  7. fiscal cliff
    McConnell Asks Biden for Help As Talks Stall“I need a dance partner.” 
  8. fiscal cliff
    Fiscal Cliff Talks Are Still HappeningWhat that means right now is unclear.
  9. oh congress!
    Harry Reid Isn’t Interested in Shaking Up CongressHe’ll support an incumbent any day.
  10. early and awkward
    Harry Reid Gushes About Retiring Senator’s Mane of Lustrous Teenage Hair“He has hair like a um … 15-year-old.”
  11. early and awkward
    Harry Reid Says Bob Dole Is ‘Infirm,’ Aide Says He’s FineWe’re starting to think Reid is a less than reliable source.
  12. accidents
    Harry Reid Hospitalized, But Okay After Motorcade CrashThe senator’s vehicle was involved in a six-car wreck in Las Vegas.
  13. things that have been taken too far
    Reid Calls Romney a Bad MormonReid claims he’s “sullied” their religion.
  14. romney’s tax returns
    Harry Reid Not Satisfied by Romney Tax Dump“When will the American people see the returns he filed before he was running for president?”
  15. convention dispatch
    These Mormons Aren’t Voting for RomneyInside a gathering of LDS Democrats.
  16. politics
    Did Harry Reid ‘Use’ Ted Kennedy’s Illness?A new book about the Obama stimulus plan says yes.
  17. stuck in the mittle
    Reid Still Doesn’t Trust Romney’s Tax Return Explanation “We’ll believe it when we see it.”
  18. the national interest
    Was Harry Reid Right?Quite possibly.
  19. stuck in the mittle
    Obama Campaign Speculates That Romney Might Have Paid No Taxes in Latest AdHarry Reid’s non-imaginary source has infiltrated the campaign.
  20. the national circus
    Frank Rich on the National Circus: Harry Reid Is No Joe McCarthyNot paying taxes for ten years isn’t quite the same as being a communist.
  21. truths
    Governor of Delaware Sums Up Reid-Romney BattleQuite nicely.
  22. stuck in the mittle
    The Republicans Have Just About Had It with ReidWhich means it’s not going away.
  23. stuck in the mittle
    Romney Again Insists He Paid Taxes Every YearSo why won’t he prove it?
  24. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney Responds to Claim That He Didn’t Pay Taxes for a Decade Tells Harry Reid to “put up or shut up.”
  25. early and awkward
    Harry Reid Insists Dude Who Told Him Romney Didn’t Pay Taxes Isn’t ImaginaryTyler Durden: not the Bain investor he’s referring to.
  26. early and awkward
    Harry Reid Heard From Some Guy That Mitt Romney Didn’t Pay Taxes for Ten YearsHarry Reid just thought we should know.
  27. early and awesome
    The ‘Harry Reid’ and Eight Other Politicians Who Should Also Be Sex MovesRick Santorum isn’t the only one with a sexual nickname. 
  28. clown question
    R.I.P. ‘Clown Question, Bro’: June 2012-June 2012Harry Reid murdered the viral catchphrase today. It was one week old. 
  29. politics
    House Adjourns With Payroll Tax Cut Unresolved“The clock is ticking, time is running out.”
  30. money woes
    Senate Reaches Agreement to Avoid Government ShutdownMitch McConnell called the plan “reasonable.”
  31. super friends
    Democrats Make First Selections to the Debt All-Star TeamOtherwise known as the “super committee.”
  32. congress
    Congress Reaches Deal to End FAA ShutdownThe short-term extension will put 74,000 back to work.
  33. important ceilings
    Senate Blocks Reid’s BillOf course.
  34. important ceilings
    Harry Reid: Republicans Have Until Midnight to Approve His Debt Plan [Updated]If you need to borrow money, America, do it before Tuesday.
  35. important ceilings
    Boehner Seems to Be Failing the Leadership Test Posed by the Debt TalksBut everyone is, really.
  36. important ceilings
    Obama, Boehner Use Prime-Time Addresses to Blame Each Other for EverythingThey interrupted real TV for this?
  37. important ceilings
    The Democrats Have Lost Debt-Ceiling ChickenHarry Reid is offering a plan with all spending cuts, no tax revenues. But now Boehner wants something else.
  38. important ceilings
    As Expected, the Senate Voted Down the GOP’s ‘Cut, Cap, and Balance’ BillHarry Reid really hated that bill.
  39. video
    John Heilemann on Morning Joe: Will Debt Votes Hurt Dems?Possibly, if they have to vote to raise the debt limit three times in the next year.
  40. no ceilings
    Fifth Day of Debt Talks Ends With No DealHarry Reid and Mitch McConnell are now speaking in private.
  41. debt ceiling
    Senate Will Table Resolution Authorizing Libyan Intervention in Favor of More Debt-Ceiling TalksAmerica would probably prefer it take up the Casey Anthony verdict, though.
  42. oh congress!
    Congress Will Not Get a Break From Doing Nothing Next WeekHarry Reid cancels recess.
  43. the hunt for red november
    The Huntsman Family Is Tight With Harry ReidThis isn’t going to help things.
  44. early and awkward
    Harry Reid Injured by Parked CarHe dislocated his shoulder.
  45. money woes
    Harry Reid Will Give GOP Senators a Chance to Show Their Enthusiasm for Cutting MedicareHe’s loving this.
  46. money woes
    While Clock Ticks on Government Shutdown, Democrats and Republicans Play ChickenPresident Obama is “not yet prepared to express wild optimism.”
  47. the great shutdown of 2011
    John Boehner’s House May Be a Mess This WeekendIf trash collection is interrupted, angry D.C. residents could drop it off at the speaker’s house.
  48. money woes
    After Emergency Meeting, Government Shutdown Closer to Happening, Not Happening [Updated]A late-night meeting doesn’t foster a deal.
  49. money woes
    Shutdown Might Happen Over a Measly $7 BillionThat’s pretty much nothing.
  50. awkwardness
    Last Surviving World War I Veteran Apparently Not That Special After AllJohn Boehner and Harry Reid don’t want to give him a public viewing in the Capitol Rotunda. Are they right?
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