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Harvard Law School

  1. campus protests
    Harvard Law School Wants to Get Rid of Its Racially Charged EmblemSchool officials have decided that the controversial 80-year-old crest no longer represents the institution’s values.
  2. campus protest
    Who ‘Censored’ the Portraits of Black Harvard Law Professors?Was it an electrical-tape hate crime?
  3. white house
    Please Describe Your Post–White House Plans Briefly for the YearbookPolitico fuels the dreams of every kid who thinks admission to Harvard merits a national news headline.
  4. tarpies
    Elizabeth Warren: One Step Closer to Heading the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau?Bankers beware!
  5. the supremes
    Kagan Was Tough, Open Say StudentsThe Supreme Court nominee was apparently an excellent teacher.
  6. the supremes
    Conservatives Zero in on Elena Kagan E-mailShe once called “don’t ask, don’t tell” “a profound wrong — a moral injustice of the first order.”
  7. the supremes
    CBS News Reprimanded by White House for Suggesting Supreme Court Candidate Elena Kagan Is GayThis seems like a bad move.