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    Jack Dorsey Meets With His Frenemy, Donald TrumpThe pair met to discuss the health of the platform and conversation or whatever.
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    You Can Now Follow Hashtags on InstagramIf you’ve ever said to yourself, “Man, I wish my Instagram feed featured more random photos from people I don’t know!” This one’s for you.
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    The Hashtag Turns 10 Today — Powered, Like Everything Else, by StansOne particular group of people really, really, loves using hashtags.
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    Emoji Are Here to Ruin MonopolyHasbro is holding a vote to decide new game tokens.
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    Take a Trip to 1995 With the ‘Last Time Trump Paid Taxes’ Twitter HashtagThe last time Trump paid taxes … the Spice Girls were still together.
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    Military Veterans Are Standing Up for Colin Kaepernick on TwitterThe NFL player made headlines after refusing to stand during the national anthem last week.