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Hate Crime

  1. stop asian hate
    Another Asian Woman Has Died After a Brutal AttackA man threw a rock at GuiYing Ma while she was sweeping a sidewalk in Queens last fall.
  2. crime
    At Least 5 Asian People Were Attacked in NYC This WeekendThe NYPD is investigating all five as potential hate crimes.
  3. asian lives matter
    ‘It Is Time to Start Complaining’: Asian Americans Rally in NYC Against HateFed up with being attacked and ignored, Asian Americans in New York City rally for change.
  4. atlanta
    Official Who Said Spa Shooter Had ‘Bad Day’ Shared Anti-Asian COVID ShirtJay Baker, who posted on Facebook shirts blaming China for the pandemic, is no longer the spokesperson on the case in Cherokee County.
  5. q+a
    On the Front Lines of the Surge in Violence Against Asian AmericansBay Area reporter Dion Lim discusses her past year of covering violence against Asian Americans and the “sense of panic” that comes with it.
  6. new york city
    No Hate Crime Charges in Random Stabbing of Asian NYC ManAfter a confusing set of announcements from police, the Manhattan DA’s office concluded the attack happened “for no reason at all.”
  7. asians in america
    Swallowing Our BitternessThe burden of swallowing anti-Asian racism is making America and me sick.
  8. where to give
    What You Can Do to Help Survivors of the Tree of Life Shooting in PittsburghWhere to donate to help survivors and fight antisemitism.
  9. select all
    Freshmen at University of Pennsylvania Added to ‘N- - - - - Lynching’ Chat GroupAccording to a Facebook post from a student, every Black freshman was added to the group.
  10. hate crime
    Suspect Confesses to Setting Blaze at Florida Mosque Orlando Gunman AttendedJoseph Michael Schreiber expressed embarrassment over the crime and said he hadn’t intended to hurt anyone.