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Hate Crimes

  1. the discourse
    How Bad Is Antisemitism in America, Really?It’s a genuine social problem. But the U.S. is nevertheless an exceptionally safe country for Jews.
  2. politics
    City Councilman’s Office, Apartment Building Targeted by Anti-LGBTQ+ ProtestersErik Bottcher shared images of hateful graffiti outside his apartment building, which he said was the result of “unhinged online conspiracy theories.”
  3. what we know
    Alleged Club Q Shooter Previously Threatened Mother: UpdatesIt is unclear why the 22-year-old suspect was allowed to retain guns after a previous incident involving police.
  4. at home in asian america
    Asian America Learns How to Hit BackThe desperate, confused, righteous campaign to stop Asian hate.
  5. crime
    Police Arrest Suspect in Killings of Muslim Men in AlbuquerqueAt least three Muslim immigrants have been ambushed and killed in recent weeks, terrifying the local community.
  6. what we know
    What We Know About the Racist Attack at a Buffalo SupermarketAs the city mourns the ten Black victims murdered in the attack, troubling details about the white supremacist gunman continue to emerge.
  7. crime
    Jussie Smollett to Be Released From Jail Pending AppealHis lawyers successfully argued for his release pending an appeal.
  8. crime
    Death Penalty, Hate-Crime Charges Sought in Atlanta Spa ShootingsA prosecutor said she will seek hate-crime charges against Robert Aaron Long, alleging that some victims were targeted for being of Asian heritage.
  9. crime
    Asian Woman Told to ‘Take Off Your Mask,’ Attacked With Hammer in NYCA 31-year-old recent FIT graduate was attacked by a stranger while walking with a friend in Hell’s Kitchen on Sunday. The suspect is still at large.
  10. power
    Men Who Killed Ahmaud Arbery Face Federal Hate-Crime ChargesA grand jury indicted Travis McMichael, Gregory McMichael, and William “Roddie” Bryan for targeting Arbery because of his race.
  11. politics
    Senate Passes Anti-Asian Hate Crimes Bill in Landslide VoteThe legislation was approved 94-1 in response to a surge in violence during the pandemic, with only Josh Hawley dissenting.
  12. crime
    Can ‘Bystander Intervention Training’ Stop Hate Crimes?Last week’s anti-Asian attack in Manhattan raises the question of why people don’t intervene.
  13. atlanta shootings
    The Flattening of the Atlanta ShootingsThe desire for a singular narrative hurts, not helps, our understanding of what happened.
  14. atlanta shootings
    Suspects Don’t Get to Decide If They Committed a Hate Crime“I know of no intersectional hate-crimes case,” says one expert. But that may be what we need.
  15. asians in america
    Swallowing Our BitternessThe burden of swallowing anti-Asian racism is making America and me sick.
  16. hate crimes
    FBI Data Shows Hate Crimes Reached Highest Level in a Decade Last YearHate-motivated killings were at their highest since the bureau began collecting the information in the early 1990s.
  17. ahmaud arbery
    DOJ Investigating Ahmaud Arbery’s Murder As Possible Hate CrimeThe feds will also probe the handling of Arbery’s killing by local law enforcement.
  18. anti-semitism
    Everything We Know About the Monsey Hanukkah AttackGovernor Cuomo called the attack an act of domestic terrorism. Some Orthodox Jewish leaders are asking him to deploy the National Guard.
  19. crime
    A Woman Ran Over a Teenager Because She Thought She Was MexicanThe Iowa woman has also been charged in connection with a second hit-and-run against a 12-year-old black boy.
  20. crime
    Report: Trump Invoked in 36 Cases of Violence and ThreatsAccording to an analysis, ABC News could not find a single instance of violence or threats made in the name of Barack Obama or George W. Bush.
  21. domestic terrorism
    What We Know About the Southern California Synagogue ShootingA 60-year-old woman was killed in a heroic attempt to protect the rabbi. More would likely have died if the white supremacist’s weapon hadn’t jammed.
  22. jussie smollett
    The Jussie Smollett Case Is Not a ParableIt is still good to extend sympathy toward alleged victims of tragedy — even if that tragedy ends up being fake.
  23. crime
    Jewish Columbia Professor’s Office Vandalized With Large SwastikasAmid a nationwide uptick in anti-Semitic hate crimes.
  24. Sessions Sends DOJ Lawyer to Prosecute Murder of Transgender Iowa TeenThe attorney general vowed to “enforce hate crime laws aggressively,” despite making other moves to limit transgender rights.
  25. scary things
    FBI Searches for Suspects After Bombing of Minnesota MosqueNo one was injured in the Saturday-morning blast, which may have been a domestic terrorist attack.
  26. terrorism
    Portland Mourns Two Heroes Killed While Defending Teen Girls From Racist TiradeThe two men were stabbed to death after trying to stop a white supremacist from confronting two teens, one of whom was a Muslim wearing a hijab.
  27. Israeli Police Arrest Teen for Allegedly Making Bomb Threats to Jewish CentersThe suspect is believed to be behind many of the threats in the U.S. and abroad.
  28. hate crimes
    Police Say Murder Suspect Came to NYC to Kill Black MenA white Maryland man told investigators that he fatally stabbed a homeless man in midtown because he “wanted to make a statement.”
  29. NYPD: One Person Likely Behind Most of the Threats Against Jewish InstitutionsPolice say the person is likely using a spoofer device, which makes it seem as if the threat is coming from the inside.
  30. hate crimes
    Senate Calls for ‘Swift Action’ As JCCs Face Another Round of Bomb ThreatsThis is the sixth wave of threats, and 110 institutions have been targeted.
  31. Sikh Man Shot in Seattle Suburb After Being Told ‘Go Back to Your Own Country’Police are are still searching for the gunman, and the attack is being investigated as a possible hate crime.
  32. anonymity
    Maybe the Media Shouldn’t Cover Every Single Hate-Crime ThreatIn an age in which any idiot can issue an anonymous threat, the current approach is just asking for copycat acts.
  33. As Many As 100 Headstones Vandalized at Jewish Cemetery in PhiladelphiaIt’s the second Jewish cemetery in the U.S. to be vandalized in as many weeks.
  34. Muslim MTA Worker Pushed Down the Stairs at Subway StationHate-crime reports since Election Day are up 115 percent.
  35. Hate Crimes Against Muslims Increased by 67 Percent Last YearIn 2015, hate crimes against Muslims reached their highest levels since the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, according to new FBI data.
  36. orlando nightclub attack
    Orlando Gunman Was Gay, Says Former Police-Academy ClassmateHe created profiles on multiple gay-dating apps.
  37. crimes and misdemeanors
    Charleston Shooter Dylann Roof Seeks to Waive His Right to a Jury TrialFederal prosecutors are objecting to the request.
  38. scary things
    Muslim Man Ambushed and Savagely Beaten in Front of Queens MosqueThe NYPD is not yet investigating it as a hate crime.
  39. politics
    Louisiana Is About to Make Attacking a Cop a Hate CrimeThe law is a response to what lawmakers perceive as an increased threat to first responders following the rise of activism like the Black Lives Matter movement.
  40. Second White Guy Assaulted in Brooklyn by Man Calling Him ‘Cracka’The cracka attacka strikes again.
  41. crimes and misdemeanors
    Two Teens Arrested for Hate-Crime Attack on Muslim Man in the BronxThe suspects had allegedly chanted “ISIS” as they beat a Bangladeshi man walking his niece home from school.
  42. islamophobia
    Muslim Man Beaten in the Bronx by Ski-Masked Assailants Chanting ‘ISIS’The Bangladeshi man was assaulted while walking his 9-year-old niece home from school.
  43. islamophobia
    Hate Crime Investigations Opened in Vandalism of California MosquesWorshippers found a fake hand grenade on Sunday morning.
  44. Rash of Apparent Hate Crimes Strike New York’s Muslim CommunityThe latest incident happened at a restaurant near Herald Square.
  45. discrimination
    Beating of Muslim Store Owner in Astoria Investigated As Hate CrimeThe suspect reportedly yelled “I kill Muslims.”
  46. hate crimes
    Someone Threw a Pig’s Head at a Philadelphia MosqueA lot of anti-Muslim incidents have taken place across the world since the attacks in Paris. 
  47. Alleged Shooter Will Face Death Penalty in Killing of 3 MuslimsThe victims’ father called him a “coward” and “scumbag” in court.
  48. crimes and misdemeanors
    The FBI Is Looking Into the North Carolina ShootingMeanwhile, President Obama issued his first statement on the murders of Deah Barakat and Yusor and Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha. 
  49. crimes and misdemeanors
    Suspect in Killing of 3 Muslims Had Frequent Conflicts Over Parking“He kind of made everyone feel uncomfortable and unsafe,” said a neighbor.
  50. crimes and misdemeanors
    Was the Killing of 3 Muslim Students in North Carolina a Hate Crime?Some say they were slain over a parking dispute, not their religion.
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