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  1. the most important people in the world
    Anne Hathaway Has Trust IssuesAnd possibly knows some really good gossip.
  2. dick in a box?
    Please Identify This Object Raffaello Follieri Gave to Anne Hathaway (Updated)Serious question: Is this a dick in a box?
  3. the greatest show of our time
    Serena to Get Hathaelloed on Gossip GirlThis is going to be good.
  4. hathaello
    Raffaello Follieri Is at It AgainHe’s telling some of his fraud victims that he’ll pay them back. But he has no money, of course.
  5. Raffaello Follieri Created a ‘False Image of Success,’ Say ProsecutorsWe know it’s true, but still, isn’t that kind of mean?
  6. hathaello
    Raffaello Follieri Will Totally Crack in PrisonThat’s what the Italian con man’s lawyers say. And we take them at their word.
  7. hathaello
    Anne Hathaway’s Big Night on LettermanThe actress tried to keep her humor as Dave grilled her on the subject of her smoking and con-man ex-boyfriend.
  8. party chat
    Anne Hathaway Has New Apartment, Press SavvyThe ‘Rachel Getting Married’ star is as bubbly and friendly as ever — up to a point.
  9. when obsessions collide
    John McCain and Hathaello Celebrated His 70th Birthday in StyleBefore Obama and jail came between them, Hathaello and McCain were friends.
  10. obsessions
    Raffaello Follieri to Plead GuiltyAfter a summer in prison, Raffaello Follieri pleads guilty.
  11. in other news
    Raffaello Follieri Wooed McCain, TooAlso! Anne Hathaway finally publicly mentions her relationship with the accused con man.
  12. in other news
    Anne Hathaway’s Personal Journals Seized by the FBIAnd yes, we know the obvious pun. Give us a minute, okay? We haven’t had coffee yet.
  13. in other news
    Raffaello Follieri Summered Down the ShoreBut the jailed ex-boyfriend of Anne Hathaway won’t be making it to Wildwood this summer.
  14. in other news
    Bury Raffaello Follieri’s Heart in CapriAccording to reports, the Italian businessman planned to win Anne’s heart back in the Mediterreanean this weekend. And other Follieri news of the day.
  15. intel
    Leave Anne Hathaway Alone!The question of the day is this: How could Anne Hathaway have stayed with Italian financier Raffaello Follieri for so long, despite all signs pointing to his being a big fraud? We think the most obvious answer is the correct one.
  16. gossipmonger
    Was Movie Airbrushing Not Enough for the ‘Sex and the City’ Girls?Plus gossip on Warren Buffett, 50 Cent, and Anne Hathaway, in today’s column roundup.
  17. in other news
    Is Hathaello Over?That’s what a British paper is claiming — that actress Anne Hathaway and her Italian financier boyfriend Raffaello Follieri are finally on the outs.
  18. gossipmonger
    Mariah Carey’s Bling May Finally Mean SomethingIs the singer engaged to Nick Cannon? Her giant diamond would indicate, yes. That and more in our daily gossip roundup.
  19. Court Orders Raffaello Follieri to Pay Publicists for Breach of ContractAnne Hathaway’s boyfriend is in a pickle again, after a D.C. court has ordered him to pay $250,000 to the Carmen Group, the public-relations group that sued him after, ironically, he hired them to help him get over the last lawsuit.
  20. gossipmonger
    Cancer Has Not Impaired Patrick Swayze’s JudgementPatrick Swayze passed on playing a gay cheerleading coach in Fired Up for “creative reasons,” not because he’s sick. The script for Saturday’s Inner Circle show at the Hilton had to be overhauled in light of Spitzergate. Tom Brady made a rare post–Super Bowl public appearance with Gisele at the opening of the Zegna store on Fifth Avenue. Anne Hathaway bought five bottles of absinthe and borrowed an absinthe fountain from a restaurant for a party she was hosting with her boyfriend Raffaello Folllieri. ABC may cancel Rachael Ray’s show because of poor ratings. Padma Lakshmi and Salman Rushdie shared an “uncomfortable silence” after being seated six feet apart from one another at a Cinema Society screening.
  21. in other news
    Hathaello Goes to the Oscars; Despite Threat of a Lurking BurkleLast night Raffaello Follieri mingled at the Oscars on the arm of his girlfriend, presenter Anne Hathaway. No one knew who he was, not really, but he looked, one news outlet noted, “tall dark and handsome.” Little did they know he could barely afford the tux. Seems just last week, Follieri made an appearance in Delaware Chancery Court, where he explained that he couldn’t pay the $12 million he had agreed to pay Ron Burkle to settle a lawsuit the supermarket magnate filed against him in April. The suit alleged that Follieri had taken $57 million of Burkle’s money, intended to develop church properties, and used it instead to spend it on “a lifestyle that included private jets, a penthouse and trips to Europe with his movie-star girlfriend.” Follieri denied the charges — he would never! — but agreed to settle some months ago. But now, he says, he, um, doesn’t have any money anymore. You see, judge, all those trips to the Waverly Inn kinda add up. “The money is not there,” one of Follieri’s attorneys, Philip Trainer Jr., told the court. Oops? Yucaipa to be paid in property [Bloomberg]
  22. in other news
    Imaginary Eavesdropping on Raffaello Follieri and the Sultan of BruneiThis morning, “Page Six” reported that the Sultan of Brunei and Raffaello Follieri met for lunch at the Dorchester Hotel, in London. Confused as to what the Sultan, who is famously estranged from his rogue brother, Jeffri, was doing with the rogue Italian businessman/Anne Hathaway boyfriend, we attempted to imagine what they might be talking about over tea and scones. The Sultan of Brunei: Hello, Hathaello. Raffaello: Hello, your majesty. Er, your Sultan-ity? The Sultan of Brunei: No need to be so formal! Please, call me Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu’izzaddin Waddaulah. And how are you, today, Hathaello. Raffaello: Um, I’m fine. And, by the way, it’s not a big deal, but my name is Raffaello. Hathaello is this name that some people gave to me and my girlfriend, together. The Sultan of Brunei: What? You mean Anne Hathaway isn’t coming to this lunch? I have been watching that scene from Brokeback Mountain when she and Jake are in the backseat of the car, on repeat, all week just to prepare myself. Raffaello: Oh, wow. The Sultan of Brunei: I also loved her in The Princess Diaries. Very poised. Raffaello: Yes, she is. The Sultan of Brunei: So why did you want to meet me today, over lunch at the Dorchester in London, if not just to dash my dreams of meeting the star of the Devil Wears Prada? And how did you get here so quickly? I just read that you were at the Miss Sixty show. I love the fringed mukluks they’re doing this year. Raffaello: I took a private jet, which I paid for with my World Missions Visa credit card. One percent of net purchases go to … the Society for the Propagation of the Faith. The Sultan of Brunei: Is that like the Human Fund? Raffaello: Kinda. Anyway, you see, I’m looking to expand my business, and I need backers. I just ended my financial relationship with Ron Burkle — The Sultan of Brunei: Oh! I know him! We met through our mutual friend, Blanket. You might know of his dad, Michael Jackson.
  23. company town
    Hathaello Checks Out Miss Sixty FASHION •Lela Rose thinks she’s still in the running to design Jenna Bush’s wedding dress, despite a first family visit to Oscar de la Renta last week. [NYDN] •Anne Hathaway totally lied when she said she wouldn’t be attending any fashion shows this week. She and Raffaello Follieri were at Miss Sixty. [The Cut] • Sheryl Crow enters the fashion arena, with an affordable denim line by the same people who make Victoria Beckham’s dVb line. [WWD]
  24. in other news
    Hathaello Will Survive With the Help of Baby JesusLooks like Anne Hathaway’s not getting any Christmas presents this year! The L.A. Times is reporting that her boyfriend, Italian developer Raffaello Follieri, has decided to settle with Ron Burkle, who sued him last April after partnering with him in a real-estate scheme gone awry. The suit alleged that Follieri had misappropriated funds given to him by a sector of Burkle’s Yucaipa Company for the development of Catholic Church property by squandering it on private jets, a $40,000-a-month penthouse, expensive restaurants, and gifts for his movie-star girlfriend. Why did he settle? Was it because he felt he was in danger? We don’t know, nor do we know what the settlement amount was, because the Follieri Group is too busy being possibly nonexistent to answer their phones. However, some time ago the Wall Street Journal suggested that Burkle was looking for at least $1.3 million of his money back, which is kind of a lot for a developer who doesn’t really seem to develop very much. Lucky for Follieri, he can always play the Catholic card and tell Anne that Christmas really isn’t about presents. It’s about thanking Jesus for not putting you in jail. Yucaipa, Follieri Settle Lawsuit [LAT]
  25. in other news
    Hathaello Facing Another, More Dangerous Hurdle?Gawker just put up a very upsetting item: Hathaello is in danger! Apparently at the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation gala last night there was tight security, but Raffaello Follieri and Anne Hathaway felt the need to have their own burly bodyguard. None of the other (brighter) luminaries had personal protection, not even A-listers like Meryl Streep, Diane Sawyer, Robin Williams, or Barbara Walters. As Gawker points out, Anne Hathaway doesn’t usually travel with a bodyguard (we know, because once we accosted her at a party about her New Jersey Eastern all-state choir days and there was no one there to stop us), so it was probably all for Follieri’s benefit. “The weird thing,” explains their source, “was no one was approaching the guy anyway.” Does this mean that there is a hidden threat to their controversial love? Is one of the men (or churches) that Follieri allegedly ripped off going to come after him? Or, as we secretly suspect, is the young Italian exerting a Scientology-like hold over the lovely Anne, refusing to allow her to read bad press about him? That would explain why he’d hire a bodyguard: to keep prying reporters away. That would also explain something we’ve been wondering about for a long time: why the hell she hasn’t dumped him already. Marked Man: Who Is Trying To Kill Anne Hathaway’s Hot Crazy Boyfriend? [Gawker]