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  1. better know a billionaire
    The Craziest Features of Mark Zuckerberg’s Secret Hawaii CompoundThe Facebook founder has taken over part of Kauai to build a huge lair, complete with hidden doors, an underground bunker, and a luxury Ewok village.
  2. what we know
    Maui Wildfires Reach Grim Milestone: Live UpdatesThe still-rising death toll has reached 96, making the disaster the deadliest wildfire in the U.S. in more than a century.
  3. volcanoes
    Volcanoes Are So Hot Right NowThere have been some stunning eruptions at volcanoes on multiple continents in the past few days. No, the world isn’t ending.
  4. headaches
    The Travel Industry Is a Total Mess. Everyone Is Traveling Anyway.If you think it’s hard to find a good flight, wait till you try to book a rental car or a hotel room.
  5. past is prologue
    The Flimsy Nixon Precedent Trump Is Seizing On to Contest Biden’s WinIn 1960, Nixon disregarded a certified Electoral College slate from Hawaii favoring him. This is not the same as Pence disregarding a national defeat.
  6. vision 2020
    Gabbard Isn’t Running for Reelection — or for President on a Third-Party TicketDespite a lot of confusion and fear about Gabbard launching a third-party bid, it seems she’s focused on remaining a national Democratic gadfly.
  7. hurricane lane
    Hurricane Lane Downgraded to Tropical Storm As Hawaii Escapes CatastropheThe storm continues to dump rain on parts of the state, but things could have been considerably worse.
  8. talking about the weather
    As Hurricane Lane Approaches Hawaii, the Flooding BeginsHawaii hasn’t seen a storm like this in decades.
  9. midterms
    ‘Blue Dog’ Moderate Ed Case Wins Primary for House Seat in Deep Blue HawaiiA former congressman who supported the Iraq War and champions bipartisanship defeated a strong group of candidates in the heavily Democratic state.
  10. Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano Erupts, But It Wasn’t the ‘Big One’After weeks of activity, it shot an ash plume 30,000 feet into the air early Thursday morning, prompting safety warnings and school closures.
  11. The Hawaii Missile Scare Was Caused by Overly Realistic DrillOne of the state’s emergency workers didn’t get the memo.
  12. select all
    Governor Couldn’t Take Back Missile Alert Because He Forgot His Twitter PasswordGovernor David Ige admitted he didn’t know his password.
  13. select all
    The Real Victims of the False Missile Alert Were Hawaiian MasturbatorsWho among us has not gotten horned up at the thought of not being blown to bits?
  14. select all
    This Is the Awful Design That Led Hawaii to Think It Was Getting NukedLooking at this system it’s almost surprising what happened in Hawaii didn’t happen sooner.
  15. The Frightening Lessons From Hawaii’s False Missile AlertSaturday’s mistake exposed serious problems with both state and federal emergency-alert procedures, and the public response.
  16. scary things
    Hawaii Receives False-Alarm ‘Ballistic Missile Threat’ AlertThe automated message, a result of human error, even said that it was “not a drill.”
  17. Will GOP Let Alaska Keep Obamacare If Its Senator Votes to Kill It Nationally?Republicans are again throwing money at Alaska to get Lisa Murkowski’s vote on a health-care bill. But this time, they may offer more than money.
  18. Jeff Sessions Insults Hawaii by Suggesting It’s Not a Real StateThe attorney general is “amazed” a judge on “an island in the Pacific” is allowed to make rulings that affect the rest of the country.
  19. Trump Team’s Words Could Sabotage the Second Travel Ban, Just Like the FirstThe revised order fixed a lot of legal problems—but the White House can’t fix the paper trail identifying it as an intended “Muslim ban.”
  20. Tropical Storm Hermine Is Gaining Strength As It Heads Toward FloridaForecasters expect the storm to intensify to a category 1 hurricane.
  21. politics
    Obama Creates World’s Largest Marine Preserve in HawaiiThe president is on something of a conservation kick.
  22. Hiker Almost Falls Off ‘Stairway to Heaven’It was about a 2,700-foot drop.
  23. Another Accusation of Cruz Campaign Dirty TricksExactly how desperate is Marco Rubio to pick up a delegate in Hawaii tonight? 
  24. the wrath of mother nature
    Creeping Lava From Hawaiian Volcano Slowly Takes Down Its First HomeThe residents had moved out weeks ago. 
  25. horrible things
    Hawaii Man Allegedly Assaults Woman in Plane BathroomHe was arrested when the flight returned to Honolulu. 
  26. hurricane season is the worst season
    Two Hurricanes Heading Toward HawaiiNot on vacation. 
  27. the obamas
    Michelle Obama Staying Where It’s WarmHawaii.
  28. the obamas
    The Obamas Made It to HawaiiChristmas vacation has officially begun.
  29. jerks
    Hawaii Lawmaker to Stop Smashing Shopping Carts“I guess I shouldn’t use the sledgehammer because it’s a really loaded image.”
  30. equal rites
    Hawaii Now a Destination for Same-Sex Weddings, TooTwenty years after making gay marriage a national issue.
  31. aloha
    Despite Inouye’s Final Wish, Hawaii’s Lt. Governor Will Be Its New SenatorThe fiscal cliff is already ruining everything.
  32. the internet
    Political Daughter of the DayMeanwhile, in Hawaii …
  33. luxury items
    Oracle CEO Just Bought a Hawaiian IslandFor about $600 million.
  34. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney’s Son Thinks President Obama ‘Is Great’?Pandering, Hawaii-style.
  35. eye of newt
    Newt Gingrich Going to Hawaii — for Fund-raising, ObviouslyIt’s definitely not for his anniversary.
  36. early and aloha
    Hawaii Senator, Understandably, Wants to Spend More Time in Hawaii86-year-old Democrat Daniel Akaka won’t run for reelection.
  37. equal rites
    Hawaii Legalizes Same-Sex Civil UnionsThe state that first legalized same sex marriage is coming back around.
  38. equal rites
    Hawaii Lets Its Rainbow Flag FlyCivil unions approved, and an openly gay judge appointed.
  39. we feel like we’re taking crazy pills
    Hawaii’s Attempt to Silence the Birthers Is Completely FutileThey’ll give out copies for $100 each, not that a copy will matter.
  40. united we sit
    Justice Samuel Alito Will Be in Hawaii TonightAs far away from the State of the Union as he can get.
  41. obama is a human person
    Why Is This Man Smiling?Barack Obama and the girls enjoy a snack.
  42. aloha
    Hawaii to Pass Same-Sex Civil Unions?Hawaii’s governor-elect Neil Abercrombie could make that state even more fun.
  43. america’s sweetheart
    Sarah Palin Thinks Alaska Is the Best at EverythingIt has the biggest islands out of anyone, she says, inaccurately.
  44. equal rites
    Linda Lingle Didn’t Want to Have to Decide About Same-Sex Civil Unions in HawaiiSo she vetoed the bill before her.
  45. birthers
    Hawaii May Now Legally Ignore Birther Requests for Obama DocumentationAloha birthers!
  46. equal rites
    Hawaii Legislature Passes Same-Sex Civil-Union BillThe bill now goes before Governor Linda Lingle.
  47. early and often
    Ambulance Rushes to Obama Vacation HomeObama cut short his golf game to rush back, as well.
  48. scary things
    Woman Who Threatened to Kill Michelle Obama Arrested in HawaiiCome on, who wants to kill the First Lady? That just seems particularly heinous.
  49. health carnage
    Health-Care Reform’s Latest Casualty: Obama’s Hawaiian VacationThe President will stick around Washington until the Senate passes its bill.
  50. we feel like we’re taking crazy pills
    A Bad Day for BirthersHawaii double-checks, Congress has no doubts, and GOP congressmen literally run away from questions.
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