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He Said/he Said

  1. he said/he said
    What Really Happened Between Joe Biden and Bill AckmanThe two men did exchange barbs — perhaps jokingly — at a hedge-fund dinner. They were not talking about Biden’s deceased son.
  2. he said he said
    Snowden Says He Reported Concerns to More Than 10 NSA Officials FirstTo “more than 10 distinct officials,” no less.
  3. crossing over
    Did President Obama Reveal His Whole Evil Immigration Plan to GOP Senator?That’s what Arizona senator Jon Kyl claims.
  4. he said he said
    Jamie Dimon and Barack Obama’s Bromance Continues to Fade“They don’t understand how toxic they are.”
  5. he said he said
    Ron Burkle Spills About Breakup With Bill ClintonAt last, answers about one of the great breakups of our time.