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Health Care Summit

  1. health carnage
    Jumping Off the SummitCan Dems take the Obamacare plunge?
  2. health carnage
    The Most Exciting Exchange So Far in the Excruciatingly Dull Health-Care SummitThe old Obama-McCain rivalry flares up again for a brief, glorious moment.
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    White House, GOP Wrangle Over How to Sit at a Table, How to Eat FoodThese are the most important aspects of the health-care summit.
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    GOP House Leader: Health-Care Forum Is ‘Charade’Republicans scoff at Obama’s plan to craft single comprehensive proposal.
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    White House, GOP Hilariously Pretend They Want to See Each Other’s Health-Care BillsYeah, everyone release your bills so we can immediately ignore them!
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    Democrats, Republicans Can’t Even Agree on Conditions for Kabuki Health-Care SummitWell, this is promising.