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  1. the top line
    Three Takeaways From Elizabeth Warren’s Plan to Pay for Medicare for AllHer plan attempts to avoid some of the pain associated with a switch to single payer, but much of it won’t add up.
  2. vision 2020
    Elizabeth Warren Isn’t Backing Down From Medicare for AllThe candidate released her funding proposal this morning, which includes tougher tax enforcement and draining a Pentagon “slush fund.”
  3. the top line
    Elizabeth Warren Has Good Reasons to Stay Vague on Health CareShe hasn’t said how she will pay for by far the biggest-ticket item in her policy agenda: single-payer care. It would be a mistake to do so.
  4. medicare for all
    Biden’s Attacks on Medicare for All Undermine the Entire Democratic AgendaThere are ways to oppose single-payer without demonizing the very concept of tax-financed social programs. Biden’s picked one that does.
  5. health care
    How America’s Health-Care System Makes Mass Incarceration WorseA report from AL.com and ProPublica unearths disturbing practices in Alabama.
  6. health care
    Americans’ Health-Care Costs Are Too Damn High, Study FindsAs premiums soar, employers are offloading more and more costs onto their workers.
  7. health care
    Uninsured Rate Goes Up for First Time Since ObamacareThe Trump administration’s campaign to undermine Obamacare seems to be working to an extent.
  8. health care
    If Democrats Flip Senate, They Plan to Fix Obamacare, Not Pass Medicare for AllIf Democrats win the Senate and take on the filibuster, their health-care agenda will involve an Obamacare fix and some strengthening of Medicare.
  9. vision 2020
    Biden Took Attacks From All Sides – and This Time Came Out StrongerIt was a good night for the former veep. Not just because he did better than Kamala Harris, but because Cory Booker did too.
  10. democratic debates
    Has Elizabeth Warren Painted Herself Into a Corner on Health Care?Intelligencer staffers discuss the wisdom and practicality of sticking to Medicare for All.
  11. vision 2020
    Kamala Harris’s New ‘Medicare for All’ Plan Makes (Political) SenseThe senator has found a middle ground on health care that puts political expediency above substantive coherence.
  12. the national interest
    Democratic Progressives and Centrists Are Both Committing Strategic SuicideActivists think the insiders are pathetic. Insiders think the activists are crazy. They’re both right.
  13. doulas
    A Landmark Bill Will Change the Way Doulas Do Business in New YorkA new bill would provide for the government to certify doulas. They aren’t happy about it.
  14. vision 2020
    Kamala Harris’s Medicare for All Plan Makes No SenseThe senator says she will move virtually all health spending onto the government’s rolls, while cutting taxes on the middle class.
  15. politics
    Another Person Has Died From Rationing InsulinRising insulin prices are stoking a public health crisis. In June, Jesimya Scherer-Radcliff died rationing insulin after losing his health insurance.
  16. joe biden
    Is Biden’s Health-Care Plan Actually That Moderate?Intelligencer staffers chat about the practical and political wisdom of the former VP’s vision for building on Obamacare.
  17. the republican party
    Why the GOP Might Learn to Love Putting Price Controls on DrugsConservatives’ traditional defense of America’s high drug prices is completely at odds with Trump’s “America first” ideology.
  18. obamacare
    Suit to Destroy Obamacare Slouches Toward Supreme CourtIf oral arguments in the Fifth Circuit are any indication, SCOTUS and the GOP will receive a “gift” they don’t need: the extinction of Obamacare.
  19. health care
    Trump Claims He Saved Obamacare, Despite His Multiple Attempts to Kill ItThe latest in a series of breathtaking presidential lies denies his entire first-term health-care policy record.
  20. medicare for all
    Polls: Voters Want Medicare for All — But Don’t Know What It IsA majority of Americans think Medicare for All is a public option that would preserve private insurance, premiums, and deductibles. And they love it.
  21. vision 2020
    AOC Is Right: There’s No Point in Debating John DelaneyOcasio-Cortez doesn’t need to debate the presidential candidate on Medicare for All — and not just because he’s failing to register in the polls.
  22. lgbtq rights
    Trump Continues Drive to Protect Religious-Based DiscriminationThe administration is fighting to repeal health-care protections and adoption rights for LGBTQ people, on behalf of his Christian right backers.
  23. vision 2020
    Does Biden Really Understand That Health Care Is a ‘Big F*cking Deal’?Biden opposes Medicare for All because people are “satisfied with their own health-care system.” Americans may have a dimmer view than he realizes.
  24. california
    California Bets That Progressive Policies Will Reinforce Economic GrowthTrump & Co. can conflate conservative policies and economic growth all they want; California’s doing fine going in a very different direction.
  25. health care
    The Health-Care Crisis Has Spread to Employer-Sponsored Health InsuranceNo wonder people want Medicare for All: Those deductibles, co-pays, and premiums are making insurance nearly useless for many.
  26. maternal mortality
    There’s a Problem With Elizabeth Warren’s Maternal Mortality PlanTaking money away from low-performing hospitals could harm the patients she wants to help.
  27. vision 2020
    Medicare for All Should Hurt (Some) Hospitals and DoctorsAchieving health-care justice in the U.S. will require taking on price-gouging hospitals and overpaid specialists.
  28. medicare for all
    Fox News’ Impromptu Medicare for All Poll Backfires at Bernie Sanders Town HallSpeaking with the Vermont senator, Fox News’ Bret Baier asked the crowd who would support single-payer health care. The answer probably surprised him.
  29. vision 2020
    Bernie Sanders Can Still Set Himself Apart on Medicare for AllHis Medicare for All plan is now just one of many in the 2020 field, but he has some advantages over candidates open to more incremental reform.
  30. medicare for all
    Your Insurance Is Getting Disrupted — With or Without Medicare for AllRising health-care costs are making it increasingly impossible for employers to provide their workers with quality, stable coverage.
  31. health care
    Americans Borrow Huge Sums to Pay Health Expenses Not Covered by InsuranceThe $88 billion borrowed last year is still not enough: 45 percent of those surveyed were concerned about going bankrupt from a serious health event.
  32. health care
    Senator Whose Company Defrauded Medicare to Lead GOP’s Health-Care PushTrump’s slapdash effort to own health care reform will be led by Rick Scott, the ex-CEO of a company once fined $1.7 billion for defrauding Medicare.
  33. health care
    Federal Judge Rejects Trump Attempt to Attach Work Requirements to MedicaidA D.C. judge rules that the purpose of Medicaid is health coverage, not conservative social engineering.
  34. health care
    Trump Says Everything Will Be Fine If Courts Kill ObamacareNobody understands why Trump is taking his party back down the Obamacare rabbit hole, or what he’d do if the courts killed it first.
  35. health care
    Bernie Sanders Won’t Support House Democrats’ Plan to Strengthen ObamacareThe senator said he doesn’t support the House bill, suggesting he’s heading toward trying to make single-payer health care a Democratic litmus test.
  36. health care
    Democrats Respond to Trump Attack on Obamacare With Their Own Plan to Protect ItPelosi and House Democrats are trying to redraw the health-care battle lines to where they were in the midterms, to their benefit.
  37. trump administration
    The Trump DOJ Just Put Killing Obamacare Above the Rule of LawThe Trump DOJ’s quest to kill the ACA by judicial fiat is an expression of contempt for democracy, rule of law, and competent governance.
  38. health care
    The Trump Administration Wants to Strike Down Obamacare. Again.On Monday, the Department of Justice announced it would support a district court ruling that declares the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional.
  39. the city
    SPECIAL REPORT: NYPD’s Mental-Illness Response BreakdownAs 911 calls reporting emotionally disturbed people double in a decade, training lags and a key response team is shut out of the emergency system.
  40. health care
    Beto and Bernie Offer Competing Plans to Fix Health CareMedicare for All is still the dominant Democratic health-care idea for 2020, but the less ambitious plan backed by O’Rourke could be a competitor.
  41. health care
    Republicans Have Lost Interest in Fixing, or Killing, ObamacareDespite the intense interest of voters in health-care policy, Republican opposition will likely kill any bipartisan legislation before 2020.
  42. health care
    Why Every Black Woman Deserves a DoulaNew York’s plan to make sure every woman has access to a doula, like I did, is a good idea. But will it work?
  43. health care
    What You Should Know About Progressives’ Ambitious New Medicare for All BillRepresentative Pramila Jayapal’s new proposal is likely to shape the debate on what reforming the U.S. health-care system should look like.
  44. reproductive rights
    Republicans’ Extreme Abortion Rhetoric Isn’t Just Wrong, It’s DangerousEfforts to fire up the GOP base with outrageous, false claims about late-term abortions could also put abortion providers in real danger.
  45. politics
    Idaho and Utah Lawmakers Work to Curb the Medicaid Expansions Voters ApprovedGOP legislators are trying to restrict the expansion, which voters approved in November. Similar tactics had a bad outcome for Republicans in Maine.
  46. state of the union address
    Don’t Trust Whatever Trump Says About Fighting HIV and AIDS TonightThe Trump administration is too hostile to Obamacare and Medicaid to really help people who are living with the chronic disease.
  47. medicare for all
    Some Democrats Who Ran on Medicare for All Are Backing Away From It NowThe progressive proposal was a rallying cry during midterms, but some Democrats now appear to be hedging their bets.
  48. health care
    Rising Insulin Costs Are a Life-or-Death Political CrisisInsulin prices doubled in recent years, and a new study found a quarter of diabetics have rationed their medication due to high costs.
  49. health care
    Trump May Try to Kill Medicaid As We Know It by Executive FiatHaving failed for decades to pass legislation ending Medicaid as an entitlement program, Republicans may now try to get there by state waivers.
  50. politics
    NYC Care Is Coming, and So Is the Health-Care Reform WaveBill de Blasio’s universal health-care proposal is part of a trend.
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