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  1. investigations
    The Air-Ambulance VulturesThe search for why my emergency flight cost $86,184 led me to a hidden culprit: private equity.
  2. coronavirus
    Democrats Mull Making Health Insurance Free for the UnemployedIt’s a simple way to continue the existing employer-sponsored insurance policies of the millions of Americans in the process of losing jobs.
  3. the top line
    Three Takeaways From Elizabeth Warren’s Plan to Pay for Medicare for AllHer plan attempts to avoid some of the pain associated with a switch to single payer, but much of it won’t add up.
  4. politics
    Another Person Has Died From Rationing InsulinRising insulin prices are stoking a public health crisis. In June, Jesimya Scherer-Radcliff died rationing insulin after losing his health insurance.
  5. the top line
    Democrats Should Fight Doctors and Hospitals, Not InsurersThey’re ignoring the key element in our health care system that’s making it unaffordable: providers and the payments they require.
  6. Why Democrats Could See a Polling Boost Right Before the MidtermsIn 2016, a late October spike in Obamacare premiums helped the GOP win the presidency; this year, it might just cost them the House.
  7. Idaho Tries Bold Gambit: Ignoring Obamacare RulesIt’s unclear whether the Trump administration and insurers will go along with this blatant effort to sabotage Obamacare by state executive order.
  8. 3.2 Million Americans Gave Up Health Insurance Last Year, Study FindsTrump didn’t repeal Obamacare — but he did help engineer the first increase in America’s uninsured rate since that law took effect.
  9. Trump Continues Quest to Sabotage Obamacare, This Time by Cutting Ad MoneyThe administration will drastically reduce funding to encourage enrollment, which will help make their false claims of ACA collapse reality.
  10. LePage Insists Medicaid Is ‘Welfare’With Maine voters having a chance to expand Medicaid over Paul LePage’s objections, he wants the ballot to call the venerable program “welfare.”
  11. Some Republicans Dislike Health Insurance So Much They Don’t Mind If You Lose ItA dirty little secret of GOP health policy is conservatives’ desire for a 1950s-style system with high out-of-pocket costs and limited insurance.
  12. Aetna to Scale Back Its Participation in Obamacare (Again)The insurer is still losing millions on the ACA’s health exchanges, and will pull out of Iowa’s individual marketplace in 2018.
  13. health insurance
    A New Yorker’s Guide to Enrolling in Obamacare for 2015You can start signing up for coverage on Saturday.
  14. do no harm
    Obamacare Penalty Delayed Just a Little BitAn aftermarket tweak.
  15. do no harm
    White House Is Tweaking Obamacare, Not Delaying ItBut “aligning” deadlines doesn’t sound as dramatic.
  16. small miracles
    New York Actually Managed to Insure Some People Under ObamacareNot as many as hoped, but better than Healthcare.gov.
  17. aurora shooting
    Colorado Hospitals to Pick Up Some Medical Bills for Aurora Shooting VictimsStill, some will require prolonged treatment.
  18. health insurance
    Health Insurers Hope to Fix Image With Sappy Ads, Rewards PointsLess of a priority: Approving more claims.
  19. cuomolot
    Governor Cuomo Issues Executive Order to Establish Health Insurance ExchangeMaking New York the twelfth state to do so.