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Health Scares

  1. Brain-Shrinking Zika Virus Bound for U.S., WHO PredictsThe World Health Organization expects the mosquito-borne illness to spread throughout the Americas.
  2. Study Warns of Toxic Air From Fourth of July FireworksMore proof that everything fun is bad for you.
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    Hide Your Kids: Enterovirus D68 Is in NYCThis season’s hot respiratory illness.
  4. health scares
    What to Know About Enterovirus D68New York now has more than a dozen confirmed cases.
  5. health scares
    Consumption Comes to GreenpointYep, the ol’ TB.
  6. health scares
    Dick Cheney Admitted to Hospital With Chest PainsFormer V.P. is now “resting comfortably,” according to staff.
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    Most Cocaine Now Laced With Poisonous Livestock-Deworming Drug90 percent of cocaine users in San Francisco found to have Levamisole in their system.