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  1. maternal mortality
    There’s a Problem With Elizabeth Warren’s Maternal Mortality PlanTaking money away from low-performing hospitals could harm the patients she wants to help.
  2. political science
    Trump’s EPA Is Risking the Health of a Generation of American ChildrenThere’s a debate on kids’ health happening at the agency — without the scientists.
  3. abortion rights
    Maybe the Only Way to Know What’s Wrong With Abortion in America Is to Have OneExperience showed me how much I didn’t know.
  4. politics
    Congress Is Giving the Coal Industry a Break, and Sick Miners May Pay the PriceIf Congress doesn’t act by the end of the month, the coal industry will get a tax reduction, slashing funding for miners suffering from black lung.
  5. global tech
    Solar-Powered Fridges Can Help Stop EpidemicsMuch of the world doesn’t have access to vaccines for one solvable reason: transportation logistics.
  6. social media
    The Thing I Most Crave on Social Media Is an EndingOnline, these days, the feeling of coming to the end of a feed is so rare, so elusive, that encountering it anywhere is immensely satisfying.
  7. global tech
    Fake Pills, Long Waits: Start-ups Trying to Improve Health Care Around the WorldRural communities around the world face problems getting access to treatment. These companies think they can close the gaps.
  8. keep it like a fatsecret
    This Is Hands Down the Best Calorie Counter App, Except for Its NameWhat’s in a name? Quite a bit, it turns out.
  9. global tech
    Pregnant Women Can’t Easily Get Checkups in Rural India. This App Helps.SaveMom is a new wearable app that helps expectant mothers in rural areas keep track of their and their baby’s health when doctors are far away.
  10. President’s Medical Report Was Actually Written by Dr. Donald TrumpDr. Harold Bornstein reveals that the then-candidate dictated the infamous letter claiming he would be the “healthiest individual” ever elected.
  11. 16 Babies Have Been Born With Zika-Related Birth Defects in New York CityIt represents about a quarter of all babies with birth defects related to Zika in the entire United States.
  12. Sleep Pods Are Making Their Way to the U.S.VIDEO: For those who apparently can’t wait until they get home to take a nap.
  13. A Competitor to the EpiPen Will Go Back on the Market in 2017Will it affect the price of the anti-allergy drug?
  14. Clinton’s Health Is Not a ‘Real Issue’ Because No Sane Person Would Vote on ItLet’s say Clinton is secretly gravely ill. Who, exactly, would change their vote based on that information?
  15. This High-Tech Water Bed Makes You Feel Like You’re Floating’70s bachelor pad decor makes a souped-up comeback.
  16. ewww
    Tapeworms Can Give Us Cancer, CDC SaysThe agency just confirmed its first case of worm-caused tumors.
  17. 2016 gop primary debate
    Ben Carson’s ‘Total Propaganda’Carson denied he had a “relationship” with Mannatech. But he’s on record saying their vitamins helped cure his prostate cancer.
  18. very good things
    Ebola Survivor Dr. Craig Spencer Returns to Visit the Hospital That Saved HimHe even went back to Guinea earlier this year.
  19. American Cancer Society Overhauls Its Breast-Cancer-Screening AdviceThe organization says most women can wait until 45 to start getting annual mammograms.
  20. 3 Terminally Ill New Yorkers Lose Right-to-Die Court CaseThree patients seek to end their lives on their terms.
  21. Odom Reportedly Suffered Brain Damage, StrokeHe remains on life support.
  22. the sports section
    Did a Controversial Stem-Cell Treatment Save Gordie Howe?His family believes so. But they can’t agree on how much of their father belongs to a public who still wants a piece of him.
  23. bad medicine
    Dr. Oz Stands Up for First Amendment Right to Promote False Health Claims“We will not be silenced, we will not give in,” he declares.
  24. Number of Known Cases of Ebola in Liberia Drops to ZeroBeatrice Yardolo leaves the treatment center. 
  25. health
    U.S. Troops Deployed to Fight Ebola in West Africa Are Coming HomeNow that the outbreak has mostly tapered off.
  26. health
    What Anti-Vaccinators Are Saying Online About the Disneyland Measles Outbreak From blaming the media and the medical industry to expressing frustration and concern.
  27. health
    Ebola Outbreak Slows in West Africa, Leaving U.S.-Built Treatment Centers EmptyBut the disease could still make a comeback.
  28. health
    FDA to Let Gay Men Donate Blood, If They Aren’t Sexually ActiveGay men will only be allowed to donate if they’ve been abstinent for a year.
  29. health
    Federal Panel Recommends FDA Lift All-out Ban on Gay Men Donating BloodIt’s the first time a federal advisory panel has made this recommendation.
  30. health
    Some NYC Schools Show Dismal Vaccination RatesMore than 200 fall below the rate experts consider safe.
  31. neighborhood news
    Staten Island Is the Unhealthiest BoroughHold the jokes, maybe.
  32. Ask a Best Doctor: Why Would You Ever Take Out Tonsils?Aren’t they part of your immune system?
  33. Ask a Best Doc: How Safe Is NYC’s Drinking Water With All the Talk of Fracking?It’s been called some of the best in the country.
  34. health
    Inevitable Citi Bike Hack: Free Stationary Exercise “I never have to pay for a spin class again.”
  35. Ask a Best Doc: Is It Okay to Lose Sleep to Work Out?The trade-off.
  36. Ask a Best Doc: Can You Train Your Brain With Games?Remember how many times you’ve heard “the brain is like a muscle.”
  37. Ask a Best Doc: Is It Dangerous to Run With Headphones?Not hearing the sounds of the urban jungle.
  38. ask a best doctor
    Ask a Best Doctor: Is Music in the Womb Good?The truth about this popular advice.
  39. food fights
    Minority Groups’ Soda Industry Ties QuestionedSoda companies say their reasons for giving away millions are pure.
  40. ask a best doctor
    Ask a Best Doctor: Does My Air Conditioner or Radiator Make Me Sick?“So much of that is folklore.”
  41. september 11
    9/11 Victim Compensation Fund Finally Pays OutAwards ranged from $10,000 to $1.5 million.
  42. Ask a Best Doctor: Why Do I Wake Up Gasping?A frightening interlude on the way to dreamland.
  43. nanny bloomberg
    Fight Over Bloomberg’s Soda Ban Gets a Little Bit Racial [Updated]The NAACP and the Hispanic federation claim the rules unfairly affect minorities.
  44. sick days
    New York’s Supply of Flu Shots Is Dwindling Don’t freak out.
  45. sick days
    Awful Flu Season Also Features Gross Norovirus, Whooping CoughWash your hands.
  46. health
    9/11 Cancer Study Gives No Definitive Answer on Role of DebrisNo direct link to cancer, but some increased risk.
  47. health
    Hip Manhattan Neighborhoods Have a Lot of SyphilisThe Department of Health has the terrifying data.
  48. scary things
    Meningitis Outbreak Now a Criminal MatterFederal investigators carried out a raid.
  49. religion
    Jewish Groups Sue City Over Circumcision RuleThey say there’s “no proof” that mohalim gave babies herpes.
  50. scary things
    Meningitis Outbreak May Have Reached 23 StatesThe five deaths have occurred in Tennessee, Virginia, and Maryland.
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