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  1. conservatism
    The Big Tech Hearing Showed That Anti-Monopoly Is a Partisan IssueWith token exceptions, Republicans don’t want Silicon Valley’s giants to be less powerful, only more conservative.
  2. FBI Agent Peter Strzok Scorches GOP in Testimony Fit for Aaron Sorkin ScriptThe FBI agent explained that when he texted “we’ll stop” Trump in 2016, he was referring to American voters, not federal investigators.
  3. Senate to Hold Phony Graham-Cassidy Hearings So They Can Pretend to DeliberateJohn McCain is troubled by the Senate’s rushed consideration of health-care legislation. So the GOP is cooking up some bogus hearings for him.
  4. Attorney General Jeff Sessions Will Testify Before the Senate in an Open HearingThe public can tune in at 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday.
  5. Senate Intel Committee Will Grill Jared Kushner on Russia MeetingsAs part of a broader investigation into the Kremlin’s 2016 election meddling.
  6. Trump’s Labor Secretary Nominee Says He Hired Undocumented HousekeeperAndy Puzder’s confirmation hearings have been postponed indefinitely.
  7. Bailout Not So Popular on the HillSenators from both parties responded with a range of emotions at the hearing today, from grudgingly cooperative to Paul Revere–style riding-and-yelling levels of alarm.