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Heat Wave

  1. life after warming
    How to Live in a Climate ‘Permanent Emergency’Death Valley temperatures in the Pacific Northwest and Canada show we’ve entered the era of climate adaption.
  2. as told to
    ‘It’s Just Devastating to See These Conditions’As a deadly heat wave grips the Pacific Northwest, a former farmworker speaks out about the danger to people laboring in the fields.
  3. extreme heat
    It Is Mind-Bogglingly Hot in the Pacific Northwest Right NowSo hot that Olympic track-and-field trials had to be postponed.
  4. talking about the weather
    Extreme Heat Wave Is Cooking the Pacific NorthwestCanadian wildfires are also causing extreme haze in the region.
  5. talking about the weather
    New York May See Record-High Temperature Today — Take Off Your Jacket AlreadyA historically sweaty November continues.
  6. it’s getting hot in here
    The Subway Platform in One Manhattan Station Was 107 Degrees YesterdayWoe to commuters waiting for the 6 train at Brooklyn Bridge–City Hall.
  7. talking about the weather
    Q&A: A Meteorologist on Why It’s So Hot OutHot, humid, and generally unpleasant, as temperatures soar into the 90s this week.
  8. talking about the weather
    It’s Record-Breakingly Warm in New York Right NowIt should cool down in time for Christmas.
  9. talking about the weather
    Workers Walk Out of Manhattan McDonald’s Over Lack of Air-Conditioning One employee apparently fainted. 
  10. How Hot Is It in New York Right Now? This Hot.Around the city, strange things are happening. 
  11. the great heat wave of 2012
    The Great Heat Wave of 2012: The AftermathIt’s been a gross week. 
  12. talking about the weather
    The Heat Wave Will End, But First It Will Probably Top 100 DegreesIt has to get worse before it can get better.
  13. stand clear of the closing doors
    Report: MTA Depriving Riders of Fans in Subway StationsHow much sweat must riders produce?!
  14. con ed
    Con Ed Workers Are Threatening to Strike Just what you want to hear during a heat wave.
  15. talking about the weather
    Hey, Heat Wave, Good to See YouThere’s going to be another heat wave for the next five days.
  16. weather report
    This Heat Makes NYC Smell Like Teen Spirit, Patrick Ewing’s SockAccording to some sweaty New Yorkers.
  17. talking about the weather
    Today Is February 1We’re fairly confident. 
  18. heat wave
    The Times Has Collected Photos to Prove That, Yes, It Is In Fact Very Hot OutsideA baby being cooled in front of an open fridge. We’ll just leave it at that.
  19. heat wave
    There Has Never Been a July 22 As Hot As This July 22In New York City.
  20. heat wave
    Whenever NYC Feels Unbearable Today, Just Remember at Least You’re Not in NewarkApologies and deepest sympathy to our Newark readers.
  21. sewage on the water
    It’s a Beautiful Weekend for Kayaking Through Human FecesA fire at a sewage treatment plant in Harlem has made the city’s rivers toxic just in time for the weekend.
  22. heat
    First-Graders Learn Important Life LessonsKvetching, class envy!
  23. intel
    It’s 96 Degrees. Is Your Air Conditioner Up to the Task?Do you even have an air conditioner?
  24. weather
    New York Is in for Record-Breaking Temperatures TomorrowGreat.
  25. almost doesn’t count
    Let’s All Shake Our Fists at July of 1999In the end, July of 2010 just wasn’t as hot.
  26. important questions
    Deep Thoughts on Extreme TemperaturesIs sweltering heat better than blistering cold?
  27. intel
    Where Do You Go to Stay Cool When It Is 102°?Here are some of our secret air-conditioned oases. What are yours?