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  1. biker gangs
    East Village Hells Angels Turf War Goes to CourtThe club wants to own its building outright.
  2. Rob Ford Had No Idea These Were Hells Angels, Okay?Jeez, can we get over this Bills game?
  3. crimes and misdemeanors
    Gambinos, Hell’s Angels, and Westies Indicted for Loan Shark SupergroupFeaturing brass knuckles, a baseball bat, etc.
  4. germany and the things that go on there
    Germany Out-Weirds Everyone Once AgainHells Angels, a puppy, and a stolen bulldozer are involved.
  5. intel
    But It Was Easy Being a Photog Shooting the Hell’s Angels Yesterday’s NYPD siege of the Hell’s Angels club on East 3rd Street couldn’t have been much fun for the Angels. (Well, we’ve seen Gimme Shelter: Maybe this is how they have fun.) But it did manage to bring together a happy little balcony party just down the block. Shawn Anderson is a gregarious 37-year-old painter and set designer who lives on the fifth floor of a tenement at First Avenue and 3rd Street. On the street, it was a crush of cops, TV news trucks, and neighborhood onlookers. But up on Anderson’s scruffy terrace, it was a cozy (well, frigid) klatch of news photographers training their cameras on the action below.
  6. the morning line
    It’s Not Easy Being a Hell’s Angel • Anyone who’s ever walked by the Hell’s Angels’ redoubt at 77 East 3rd Street knows the place is a bit creepy. But holy crap: After an injured woman was found outside, the police had to cordon off the block and use rooftop snipers, machine guns, helicopters, and a Bearcat vehicle to storm the mini-fortress. [amNY] • The Post whips out the trusty “Un-Fare” pun for an unpleasant little scoop: The much-covered Fulton Street Transit Center will force riders switching from, say, J to R trains to swipe their MetroCard twice. And suddenly, we couldn’t care less about the shape of its dome. [NYP] • If you’re at all hip, you know that the absolute trendiest thing to do is to beat the living shit out of someone and post the footage on YouTube. All the cool kids are doing it, including four aspiring documentarians on Long Island. One thing about video, however: It makes it awfully easy to identify the perps. [WNBC] • A Manhattan professor expresses parents’ overarching sentiment on the new school-bus routes, as quoted by the Times: “It looked as if a monkey had done it.” [NYT] • And if you like self-piloting trains and automated dry cleaning, you’ll love robotic parking. The first such garage opens this February in Chinatown; your car will be lowered through the floor on a moving platform and assigned a free space by a computer. One hopes without you still in it. [FoxNews]