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  1. white men with money
    New Barclays CEO Bob Diamond Is a Leader for Our TimeUnlike some people, he’s no bleeding heart.
  2. tell us about your hernia
    Hank Paulson Is Talking About His Stomach Problems AgainApparently, he has a chronic condition.
  3. early and often
    Into the Woods With Hank PaulsonThe former Treasury secretary talked the financial crisis and forest fires at the 92nd Street Y tonight.
  4. early and awesome
    Hank Paulson: George W. Bush Was ‘Like a Mother’ to MeThe president not only opened up the national pocketbook to Paulson, he opened his heart.
  5. these are the people who are in charge of things
    Collapse of Bear Stearns Ruined Date Night For Hank And Wendy PaulsonThe former Treasury Secretary and his wife might otherwise have “immensely enjoyed” a scintillating bird documentary.
  6. scenes from a meltdown
    Hank Paulson’s Valley of the Dolls MomentAt one point during the early bailout negotiations, the former Treasury secretary nearly turned to drugs.
  7. nature enthusiasts
    Hank Paulson Knows What It Sounds Like When Doves CryBut he has never shed a tear himself.
  8. the greatest depression
    The Financial-Crisis Lit Cheat SheetThe best bits from the flood of books recapping last year’s Wall Street meltdown.
  9. goldmanfellas
    Financial Crisis Hands Corzine Rival Goldman OpportunityA rival to the New Jersey governor is using his Goldman Sachs past against him.
  10. the greatest depression
    Hey, Congress, Hank Paulson Thinks You’re Idiots“I amuse myself a lot by thinking what would happen if I said, ‘Do you realize what an idiotic question that is?’”
  11. white men with money
    Hank Paulson Is Not Actually Writing the Memoirs He’s Busy Writing (UPDATED)But we know who is!
  12. Hank Paulson Is Too Busy to Address Rumors That Threaten His Reputation and the Reputation of His Former CompanyThe former Treasury secretary’s got a book to write, okay?
  13. goldmanfellas
    Things Hank Paulson and Lloyd Blankfein Talked About on the Phone Last September(Other than colluding to save Goldman Sachs.)
  14. the greatest depression
    ‘Was This a Good Old-fashioned Brooklyn Shakedown?’Congress had fun with former Treasury secretary Hank Paulson today.
  15. the greatest depression
    Know Your Tall, Bald Bailout OfficialsFormer Treasury secretary Hank Paulson packed the department with clones of himself. Here’s our guide to who’s who.
  16. the greatest depression
    Hank Paulson Sacrificed Himself for UsThe former assistant Treasury secretary for Economic Policy defends his boss’s actions.
  17. rants
    Five Things Moe Tkacik Is Sick of Hearing on CNBCSince being laid off, writer Moe Tkacik has had all the time in the world to wallow in coverage of the economic crisis. And there are a few things that are pissing her off.
  18. the greatest depression
    U.S. Decides ‘Sticking Capital in Banks’ Not Such a Bad Idea After AllThe U.S. has reconsidered the idea of injecting capital into banks, and the irony is lost on no one.
  19. the greatest depression
    Economy Rhetoric Gets Increasingly WarlikeThe administration’s use of phrases like ‘regime change’ is freaking us out a little.
  20. the greatest depression
    FYI We Are So Going to Be Obsessed With Neel KashkariIn two days, we’ve gone from knowing nothing about the man who will save us all to knowing too much.
  21. the greatest depression
    BailoutmaniaSo. The Big Bailout. The Rescue. The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. (That’s what we are calling it now you know). It’s been not even three weeks since we first heard of this thing, and we have all aged years. So much has happened!
  22. instant politics
    John Heilemann and Robert Reich on Who’s Winning the High-Stakes Game of Bailout ChickenGuess what? It’s not the Democrats.
  23. the greatest depression
    Hank Paulson, Master of the UniverseLiterally!
  24. instant politics
    Robert Reich and Ben Smith on McCain ‘Suspending’ the Campaign and the Exact Chances of Worldwide Financial MeltdownPolitico’s Ben Smith and Robert Reich, former United States secretary of Labor and University of California, Berkley professor, also discuss whether Obama has distinguished himself in dealing with the economy.
  25. Bailout Not So Popular on the HillSenators from both parties responded with a range of emotions at the hearing today, from grudgingly cooperative to Paul Revere–style riding-and-yelling levels of alarm.
  26. the greatest depression
    Wait, What Exactly Is the Problem Here?The sticking points on the bailout plan do not seem all that complicated.
  27. the greatest depression
    Henry Paulson and Ben Bernanke Star in National Treasure 3: The Great BailoutThe secretary of the Treasury and the head of the Federal Reserve are starring in a movie inside their own minds.
  28. white men with money
    Buffett Wants Bloomberg for National Economy Czar, ‘News’ Wants Him for Mayor, AgainIt seems like everybody wants to give Hizzoner more power these days.
  29. scenes from a meltdown
    Bush Addresses the Financial Crisis, AgainSays Bush: ‘Government intervention is not only warranted, it is essential.’
  30. scenes from a meltdown
    New Plan! Government to Save Us by Buying Up Bad Debt With Our MoneyOh, not all bad debt. Just financial institutions’ bad debts. You still get to keep yours.
  31. man candy
    Breaking: Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson Looks Hot in Shirtless PhotoThe secretary of the treasury once had washboard abs.
  32. important news
    The For-Idiots, By-Idiots Guide to the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac BailoutAn important thing happened this weekend while you were brunching.
  33. company town
    Katie Couric: ‘America Is Giving Me the Hillary Clinton Treatment’The CBS anchor identifies with the former presidential candidate. Plus, why it’s not looking good for Wall Street bonuses, or the doorman who won $5 million on a scratch ticket a couple of months ago, and more, in our daily rundown of New York media, finance, real-estate, and law news.
  34. in other news
    The Two Faces of Henry PaulsonIt’s not just the Dow that’s low!
  35. company town
    It’s Official: Rush Limbaugh Will Never Shut UpPlus, job cuts at the Los Angeles ‘Times,’ Jill Zarin’s favorite things, and Carl Icahn’s bad news, in today’s industry roundup.
  36. in other news
    Bear Stearns, R.I.P.Viva the Bear alumni network!
  37. company town
    Bankers to Paulson: You’re Kidding, Right? (Updated)Wall Streeters hope that Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson’s plan for overhauling the U.S. financial system is an April Fools’ joke, Goldman head Lloyd Blankfein buys his maid a nice apartment, and someone has a birthday in our roundup of finance, law, media, and real-estate news.
  38. company town
    About.com Chief Steps Down As New ‘Times’ Investors Eye Internet AssetsFINANCE • Scott B. Meyer, the chief of About.com, said yesterday that he would step down next week, on the heels of news that Scott Galloway and his merry band of vagilantes were going to try to pressure its parent company, the New York Times, to change the way they handle internet operations. [NYT] • Two former Wall Streeters take responsibility for insider trading. [WSJ]
  39. company town
    Karl Rove to Finally Profit From Professional Secret-KeepingMEDIA • Here come the NBC News pay cuts: Jeff Zucker plans to slash anywhere between $20 and $40 million, including an entire level of MSNBC management. And thanks to the writers’ strike and fears of recession, future cuts may only get worse. [NYP] • Karl Rove may be offered $3 million for a memoir, in which we may find out how much he got in exchange for his soul. [NYP] • At least one person thinks the press did a heckuva job in reporting the lead-up to the Iraq war — former top White House communications adviser Dan Bartlett. [NYO]
  40. company town
    Who’s the Real Heir to Sandy Weill?FINANCE • Citigroup’s Chuck Prince and Chase’s Jamie Dimon are battling it out to see who’s the real heir to Sandy Weill. With Citi crashing and Chase eking out a gain despite the credit crunch, it looks like Dimon, long prodigal, may be the true son. [Deal Journal/WSJ] • Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson warned that we may see as many as one million home foreclosures before the end of the year. [NYT] • Want to be a hedger and a do-gooder, work a trading floor and enjoy the peace of mind of a nonprofit? Join the World Bank like former Goldman exec Robert Zoellick, and you can manage $55 billion in assets. [NYT]
  41. company town
    Air America Host Randi Rhodes Mugged?MEDIA • Air America talk-show host Randi Rhodes was assaulted on Park Avenue last night while walking her dog? [Gawker] • Jack Shafer investigates the billionaires behind ProPublica, the newly established New York–based investigative-journalism nonprofit led by former Journal managing editor Paul Steiger. Surprise, they’re big Democratic donors. [Slate] • Howard Kurtz took the nonstop promotion of his gossipy new book to its logical conclusion, interviewing himself on his own CNN show. [HuffPo]