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Herd Immunity

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    Why More Vaccine Holdouts Are Getting ShotsA new survey found that 21 percent of adults who got the vaccine were initially on the fence.
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    Lotteries, Doughnuts, Joints: The Weird Incentives to Get People VaccinatedThe nation’s drive toward herd immunity gets creative.
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    Ron Johnson Makes Dangerously Ignorant Comments on VaccinesThe Wisconsin senator’s yahooism now includes waving off the community benefits of COVID vaccination.
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    9 Reasons to Believe the Worst of the Pandemic Is OverThe good news is really starting to roll in. (Though there are also a few reasons for caution.)
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    Trump Appointee Reportedly Pushed for Herd Immunity: ‘We Want Them Infected’While the HHS secretary has said “herd immunity is not” U.S. COVID strategy,” two influential advisers reportedly recommended the disastrous policy.
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    The Third Wave of the Pandemic Is HereThe coronavirus is once again gaining ground, with no end — or plan — in sight.
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    Trump Says COVID-19 Will ‘Go Away’ Thanks to a ‘Herd Mentality’“You’ll develop like a herd mentality,” he said, describing one way out of the pandemic. “It’s going to be herd-developed and that’s going to happen.”
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    The Good (But Not Great) News About T-Cells and Herd ImmunityTwo areas of research offer tentative hope that meaningful natural protection from COVID-19 may come sooner than expected.