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  1. Steven Slater Admits to Being ‘Alcoholically Involved’ on FlightJetBlue attendant tells Larry King he might have had a “sip or two” before his freakout.
  2. heroes
    Even Criminal’s Own Mom Is a Fan of Salon-Defending Folk-Hero CopThe making of a folk hero.
  3. miracle on the tracks
    Heroic Subway Conductor Saves Woman From Terrifying Death on the TracksFrancis Lusk: awesome.
  4. geroni ‘mo
    Steven Slater’s Story Is More Nuanced Than We Originally Heard(A) Duh. (B) We don’t care.
  5. mediocre hoaxes
    Actressy-Looking Dry-Erase Girl Turns Out To Be An Actress“Jenny” turns out to be a hoax.
  6. folk heroes
    Steven Slater Released From Jail, Posts $2,500 BailFolk hero says he “appreciates the support.”
  7. office outbursts
    Another Excellent Way to Say ‘I Quit’A girl quits her job via dry-erase board. (Supposedly.)
  8. geroni ‘mo
    So Is Berserk Jetblue Flight Attendant Steven Slater a Folk Hero Yet?Kinda, but it won’t last.
  9. heroes
    Gary Brooks Faulkner Is Not Done With You, Osama Bin LadenFaulkner vows to return to Pakistan to finish the job.
  10. heroes
    Bin Laden Hunter Released by Pakistani AuthoritiesColorado construction worker on his way back to U.S.
  11. heroes
    Scott Faulkner Thought Brother Had a ‘Good Chance’ of Killing Bin LadenBin Laden hunter Gary Brooks Faulkner had the support of his family.
  12. heroes
    Totally Insane Three-Namer Tried to Kill Bin Laden HimselfHe had a sword and a pistol, and he’s the man.
  13. heroes
    There’s a New Subway Hero!This is a great day for “unidentified black men” everywhere.
  14. heroes
    New Subway Hero Proves Your Neighbors Really Are Looking Out for YouSunset Park strangers endured a harrowing situation on the tracks last week.
  15. puppies!!!!!!
    Firefighter Saves Tiny TerrierA rare, happy fire story!
  16. heroes
    Comedy Blogger Saves Man Who Fell on Subway TracksIf you see something, say something.
  17. sassy old broads
    Centenarian Granny Sees Justice DoneThe victim of a mugging, now 103, sees her attacker sent to prison.
  18. heroes
    Slideshow: What Happens When Michael Phelps LosesYesterday, the unthinkable happened. Naturally, we documented it in all its shirtless glory.
  19. heroes
    Clearly We Have Found a Niche for OurselvesThe minute some Olympic swimmer has a wardrobe malfunction, we get dozens of e-mails.
  20. heroes
    Skimpy Speedos to Return to International Swimming Competitions?This could be the best news since the return of Hypercolor t-shirts.
  21. heroes
    Michael Phelps Learning Golf As Tool to Interact With Real WorldApparently, you can’t have ol’ Mikey trying to have a real life without sports.
  22. heroes
    Michael Phelps in Alleged Stripper Orgy!Also, he cries a lot.
  23. photo op
    Michael Phelps Gets Back in the PoolFile this under the Department of Thank God.
  24. swine floozies
    Swine Flu No Match for Obama’s Immune SystemThe disease’s sneak attack on our president fails miserably.
  25. party lines
    We Spot the Hot Subway Hero in the Wild!You can hide behind the buffet, Chad Lindsey, but we’d recognize that gorgeous mug anywhere, even in a cater-waiter’s uniform.
  26. stupid crimes and hero grannies!
    Why Can’t These People Live in New York?Apparently, other cities are trying to claim they have their own hero grannies.
  27. heroes
    Wealthy New Yorkers Beg to Be Taxed MoreUmm … we’re not sure how to react to this.
  28. heroes
    Thank God, the New Subway Hero’s Fame Continues to Day ThreeSo we totally have a good excuse to post his headshot again.
  29. heroes
    New York Is a City of Tough-Ass GranniesHere are our favorites.
  30. heroes
    Subway Hero Exhibits Further Adorableness on Rachel Maddow ShowWatch your back, Sullenberger.
  31. heroes
    Mayor Bloomberg Rescues Fainting StudentGod, EVERYBODY wants to be a hero now.
  32. heroes
    The Mystery Subway Hero: Revealed! And HOTWhy don’t we ever get rescued after near-death accidents? It’s not FAIR.
  33. heroes
    Mystery Man Makes Wesley Autrey Look BadWe have a new subway hero. And we don’t even know his name!
  34. inaugur-nation!
    Who Is Trying to Steal Obama’s Thunder?Jeremiah Wright, obviously. But there are a couple of other stealth spotlight-stealers…
  35. cultural capital
    Our Heroes Are Dumb But Addictive NBC’s Heroes is one of the few breakout hits of the new TV season, and last night was its so-called fall finale. We know people are watching — some 14 million a week — but the question remains: Is it actually any good? New York pop-culture experts Adam Sternbergh and Emily Nussbaum tuned in last night to consider the question. Can two TV critics — one’s a Heroes vet; one’s a Heroes newbie — share an IM window without driving each other crazy? Sternbergh: So? Sternbergh: As the official Heroes newbie, what did you think? Nussbaum: So. Turns out it’s a little bizarre for me to watch the quasi-finale of a plot-arc show I’d never seen before. Nussbaum: Which is not to say it was hard to follow, since it seemed to be made up of the scavenged body parts of shows I’ve already seen. Nussbaum: What did you think? Sternbergh: I kept wondering what it was like for someone watching it the first time. Sternbergh: And hearing them deliver lines like “He’s believes that if he saves the cheerleader, he’ll save the world” Sternbergh: without laughing