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  1. early and often
    Trump Leads GOP Field In His Personal Hell, GeorgiaThe first major poll from Georgia shows the former president with a big lead in a state that has handed him multiple defeats since 2020.
  2. early and often
    Raphael Warnock Is the Exception in Georgia, Not the RuleThe pastor turned politician defied the odds again, but Georgia is still barely a purple state.
  3. the system
    Herschel Walker Is the Last Republican StandingHis runoff campaign goes all in on Trumpism.
  4. early and often
    Herschel Walker Can’t Shake His Texas Residency ProblemThe GOP Senate candidate is being hit with renewed questions about his residency, which underscore claims that his heroic image in Georgia is hollow.
  5. early and often
    The GOP Won’t Moderate. Just Look at Georgia.Raphael Warnock may pull off a victory, but Republicans are doubling down on extremism.
  6. just asking questions
    Did Stacey Abrams Pick the Wrong Year?The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Greg Bluestein on what’s happening in Georgia a week before the midterms.
  7. early and often
    ‘Herschel Took Advantage of Me,’ Says Second Abortion AccuserA new woman represented by Gloria Allred says he paid for the procedure and drove her to the clinic.
  8. the system
    The Future of Black Politics Is at Stake in GeorgiaThe legacy of the civil-rights movement may hinge on Raphael Warnock’s reelection campaign.
  9. early and often
    Herschel Walker Admits He Paid Ex-Girlfriend Who Had an AbortionThe Republican Senate candidate denies the $700 check was intended for an abortion.
  10. 2022 midterms
    Woman Alleges Herschel Walker Wanted Her to Have a Second AbortionA troubled candidacy is now clouded not just by allegations of past misconduct and hypocrisy but by the appearance of serial lying.
  11. early and often
    Herschel Walker’s Abortion Story Has Become IncoherentFirst it was a “flat-out lie,” now it’s just an indiscretion.
  12. politics
    Herschel Walker’s Son Goes Nuclear on His ‘Lying’ FatherAfter a story about the candidate’s alleged payment for an abortion, Christian Walker went off in a series of tweets.
  13. early and often
    GOP Strategy to Save Herschel Walker: Ignore His Son, Attack the Abortion StoryRepublicans train their fire on the Daily Beast’s claim he paid for an abortion, not his son Christian’s more damaging allegations of domestic abuse.
  14. early and often
    Can Herschel Walker Survive the Implosion of His Heroic Image?After a steady drip of negative stories, Walker has now been hit with dual bombshells: abortion allegations and attacks from his own son Christian.
  15. 2022 midterms
    Steady Drip of Allegations Could Sink Herschel WalkerIt looks like the Trump-backed former football great won’t be able to glide into the U.S. Senate on the strength of his celebrity in Georgia.
  16. early and often
    The Devil Went Down to Georgia and LostTrump spent the past two years working to exile Brian Kemp and Brad Raffensperger from the GOP, but he couldn’t do it.
  17. 2022 midterms
    Thanks to Trump, Republican Candidates Can Now Dodge DebatesNow that Trump has made it respectable to attack media debate sponsors, GOP candidates who don’t need debates aren’t bothering with them.
  18. politics
    Herschel Walker’s Stumper on Evolution: ‘Why Are There Still Apes?’The Trump-backed football legend, who is challenging Senator Raphael Warnock, shared some not-so-deep thoughts.
  19. 2022 midterms
    Democrats Need Republican Mistakes to Hang On to the SenateA normal midterm swing could help Republicans sweep close Senate races. But Trump and intraparty problems could help Democrats keep control.
  20. college football
    41 Years of Frustration Could End TonightIn a winner-take-all league, the Georgia Bulldogs need a championship to get the 1980 monkey off their backs.
  21. 2022 midterms
    Trump Ignites Republican Civil War in GeorgiaThe unprecedented primary challenge of Brian Kemp is going to get exceptionally ugly.
  22. 2022 midterms
    Trump Frets About Ads Attacking J.D. Vance for Attacking HimThe former president’s involvement in 2022 midterm campaigns isn’t about his party — it’s strictly about him.
  23. 2022 midterms
    Stacey Abrams Announces 2022 Run for Governor of GeorgiaAbrams will have a united Democratic Party facing Trump-divided Republicans, and perhaps a grudge rematch with voter suppressor Brian Kemp.
  24. politics
    Trump’s 2024 Veepstakes Is Already Under WayThe former president will probably choose someone unlikely to burnish his own self-image of indispensability as his next running mate.
  25. racism
    Why White Racists Vote for Black RepublicansBlack Republicans who share strongly conservative views can paradoxically appeal to white racists as exceptions that prove their so-called rules.
  26. politics
    Sununu Passes on Senate Race, Giving Democrats a BreakThe popular New Hampshire governor was a key part of the formula for a Republican takeover of the Senate in 2022. Now it gets tougher for the GOP.
  27. 2022 midterms
    National Republicans Are All In on Herschel WalkerDespite some early misgivings, the GOP’s national might is lining up to support Trump’s candidate in the crucial 2022 Senate race in Georgia.
  28. 2022 midterms
    Trump Favorite Herschel Walker Officially Running for U.S. Senate in GeorgiaWalker is arguably a carpetbagger with some extra personal baggage, but he may be better known in Georgia than incumbent Democrat Raphael Warnock.
  29. 2022 midterms
    Will Herschel Walker’s Troubled Past Keep Him Out of Georgia’s Senate Race?A report suggests the problems associated with the football legend’s history of mental illness may not be safely in the past.
  30. 2022 midterms
    Trump Says Herschel Walker Is Running for SenateIf Trump isn’t just making this up, his coalition for the 2022 midterms will gain some star power, if not an assured victory.
  31. 2022 midterms
    Brian Kemp May Be Outfoxing Donald TrumpDespite Trump’s vows of vengeance against the Georgia governor, he cannot find a top-tier candidate to run against him.
  32. 2022 midterms
    Georgia Republicans Forgo 2022 Prep to Bicker Over PastThe GOP State Convention was a chance to pull together before a pivotal midterm election, but Georgia Republicans are still divided over Trump’s lies.
  33. 2022 midterms
    Georgia Republicans Wonder What to Do About Herschel WalkerHis indecision about a 2022 Senate race after Trump urged him to run is complicating life for other would-be senators.
  34. republican party
    Agonized Georgia Republicans Long for Herschel Walker to Run for SenateA battered and deeply divided state party bent on suppressing Black votes could use a Trump-friendly Black sports legend.