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    What Does an SAT Score Mean Anymore?The pandemic — and the mass pivot to a test-optional approach — radically reshuffled college admissions. MIT decided it was done.
  2. social studies
    Inventing the Perfect College ApplicantFor $120,000 a year, Christopher Rim promises to turn any student into Ivy bait.
  3. scandals
    Neri Oxman and Claudine Gay Cases Show We Need New Rules on PlagiarismBill Ackman helped bring down Gay. Oxman, his wife, is now under attack. This system isn’t working.
  4. plagiarism
    Claudine Gay Resigns From Harvard Amid New Plagiarism AllegationsAs controversy continued to swirl around her, Gay announced plans to step down after only six months.
  5. what we know
    Will Harvard’s Claudine Gay Be Ousted Over Plagiarism Allegations?The university’s board has expressed its unanimous support for the embattled president, but the scandal has only grown.
  6. liveblog
    Harvard’s President to Stay On in Role: Live UpdatesJust days after Penn’s president announced her resignation, Harvard’s governing board said Claudine Gay will stay on as president.
  7. just asking questions
    What a Fraternity Drug-Dealing Ring Reveals About College Life NowThe multimillion-dollar frat-based crime syndicate speaks to an anxiety-ridden, drug-fueled Greek culture.
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    What Is a University Without Liberal Arts?Proposed cuts at West Virginia University may portend a dark future for higher education everywhere.
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    Why Elite Colleges Do Affirmative Action For the RichRich alumni are worth more.
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    Pick a Practical Major, Like FrenchWhy everything we assume about a degree in humanities might be wrong.
  11. just asking questions
    Why the College Rankings Are Getting Less and Less RelevantFormer college president and longtime rankings critic Colin Diver on U.S. News & World Report’s moment of reckoning.
  12. the big picture
    How the Diploma Divide Is Remaking American PoliticsCollege graduates and blue-collar workers have distinct cultural values. Myriad changes in American society are increasing the importance of that gap.
  13. free speech
    Who’s Afraid of Higher Education?Bari Weiss’s unaccredited university is just Bible college for libertarians.
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    The Second-Largest Strike in the U.S. Is Happening in New York CityThere’s a picket line at Columbia.
  15. just asking questions
    Harvard Has Too Much Money to Have So Few StudentsScott Galloway on gargantuan endowments and why elite universities’ obsession with exclusivity and prestige is unethical.
  16. higher education
    What’s a Master’s Degree Really Worth?The desperate economics behind the pursuit of an even higher education.
  17. politics
    ‘I Will Be 55 Before I Am Fully Free’Five people on the high cost of not forgiving student-loan debt.
  18. higher education
    Student-Loan Debt Is ImmoralIf you’re angry at the idea of relief, you should be furious at the system.
  19. coronavirus
    ICE Makes International Students Choose Between Coronavirus Risk and DeportationICE’s new ruling requires that college students with visas take in-person courses, transfer to a campus with physical classes, or exit the U.S.
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    What Is College Without the Campus?This crisis will reshape higher education — and not just this fall.
  21. higher education
    The Coming Disruption to CollegeNYU Stern School of Business professor Scott Galloway predicts a handful of elite cyborg universities will soon monopolize higher education.
  22. coronavirus
    The Coming COVID-19 Higher-Ed DisasterPublic colleges and universities became a lot less “public” after the Great Recession. The coronavirus crisis could make it all a lot worse.
  23. higher education
    If Not Snapchat, What? A Guide to Stanford’s Non-Tech FiefdomsStanford is known for producing the tech industry’s elite class. But it’s also a good place for becoming a Master of the Universe in other arenas.
  24. higher education
    A New Study Illustrates One Easy Way to Increase Diversity on College CampusesNew research reinforces the systemic nature of the barriers low-income students encounter when they consider higher education.
  25. State Support for Colleges Declines As Student Diversity GrowsPublic higher education was hit hard by the Great Recession and a GOP wave in the states. Now, a more diverse student population may leave pols cold.
  26. legal challenges
    How Jeff Sessions Might Channel the Far-Right Crusade Against Affirmative ActionThe DOJ inserting itself into this debate would represent a dramatic break with history and prior practices.
  27. A Yale Dean Was Put on Leave for Writing Mean Yelp ReviewsThe residential-college dean referred to “white trash” and “low class folks” in the reviews.
  28. Iowa Legislator Proposes Hiring Quotas for Republican College FacultyAfter decades of conservative whining about liberal domination of college faculties, a legislator has finally come up with a solution.
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    ‘Homosexual Acts’ Now Okay at Baylor UniversityThey’re no longer a “misuse of God’s gift.”
  30. Columbia Student Art Project Protests Her RapistEmma Sulkowicz staged the piece of performance art as a protest against Columbia’s handling of her sexual-assault case.
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    NYU Really Sorry Its Abu Dhabi Campus Was Built by Abused WorkersThe school says it was misled about the conditions.
  32. sad things
    Frat Sued Over Harvard-Yale Tailgating DeathEighty-six members of Yale’s Sigma Phi Epsilon have been served with the suit.
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    Fordham to 2,500 Applicants: Congratulations! (Just Kidding)Screwing with applicants en masse.
  34. unfortunate quotes
    Fat-Shaming Professor Censured for Being a Jerk, Lying About itHe said he was doing “research.”
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    Chen Guangcheng-NYU Dispute Gets Chinese Spy Twist“Like a 007 thing.”
  36. higher education
    Are Anti-Abortion Groups Behind the Chen Guangcheng vs. NYU Beef?The Chinese dissident is working with conservative activists.
  37. higher education
    NYU Offers Top Talent a Path to Beachfront PropertyLoans for vacation homes then get forgiven.
  38. higher education
    Chen Guangcheng Says NYU Wants Him Gone Because of ChinaSays the university tried to stage-manage him.
  39. higher education
    NYU Says It Treated Chinese Activist Chen Guangcheng Like Albert EinsteinBut he’s leaving after a year.
  40. unfortunate quotes
    Professor Claims Fat-Shaming Tweet Was ‘Research’So he told his boss back in New Mexico.
  41. unfortunate quotes
    NYU Professor Immediately Regrets Fat-Shaming Potential StudentsOver willpower, no less.
  42. this is ivy league
    Harvard Team That Was Actually Supposed to Win CheatedThe university has been stripped of four quiz bowl championships.
  43. higher education
    Smart White Girls Had a Rough Time Gaining Admission to Top Schools This YearSuperstars wanted.
  44. the national interest
    Tuition Reform, Obama’s Best New IdeaGet ready for a new crusade against a different bloated industry: higher ed.
  45. the future is coming
    Facebook Investor Peter Thiel Thinks the Real Bubble Is Around Getting a College EducationGetting a college education isn’t cool.