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Hillary 2016?

  1. hillary 2016?
    Hillary Clinton Finally Says She Isn’t Down With Torture Finally.
  2. Why Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Really Have a Mitt Romney ProblemHillary Clinton: heartless, out-of-touch, Gulfstream-demanding one percenter?
  3. the clintons
    Kimmel Asks Clinton About 2016, Gets SelfieIt’s better than nothing, sort of.
  4. hillary 2016?
    Rand Paul: Forget the ‘War on Women,’ Let’s Talk About Monica LewinskyAnd how Bill Clinton treated her.
  5. the national circus
    Frank Rich on the National Circus: Good Riddance to Liz Cheney, Our Tracy FlickHer doomed Senate bid was on the wrong side of history — and the GOP.
  6. private citizens just trying to enjoy private life
    The GOP Wants to Make Sure Voters Know That Hillary Clinton Is an Older WomanUnlike young guns like Chris Christie and Rand Paul.
  7. hillary 2016?
    Gingrich to Republicans: Leave Hillary Alone!Advice on winning 2016.
  8. hillary 2016?
    Hillary Clinton’s Life Might Look a Little Boring for a While She needs to keep things uncontroversial while she decides whether or not to run in 2016. 
  9. hillary 2016?
    Hillary Clinton Is Really Looking Forward to a BreakBut how long will it last? 
  10. politics
    People Into Hillary for President in 2016Today, we have Nancy Pelosi and Ed Rendell.