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Hillary Clinton 2016

  1. campaigns
    Michelle Kwan Is Working for Hillary ClintonYes, that Michelle Kwan.
  2. We Asked Bernie or Bust Supporters Why They’re BustingSpoiler alert: They had a lot to say.
  3. 2016 dnc
    Left Is Borrowing Hillary Hate From the RNC“Lock her up” chants at the not-so-unified Democratic National Convention.
  4. trail mix
    Hillary Clinton Versus Her SurrogatesShe’s been needlessly thrown into a thicket of generational and gender politics.
  5. evolving on the issue
    Hillary Clinton Promises to Stop Saying ‘Illegal Immigrant’“That was a poor choice of words.”
  6. hillary clinton 2016
    Michelle Kwan Triple-Lutzes Out of Your Childhood to Help HillaryThe Olympic medal winner will work on outreach efforts from Brooklyn.
  7. hillary clinton 2016
    Hillary Runs for No Man’s Third Term“I’m running to make history on my own.”
  8. city politic
    What Brings Bill de Blasio to Iowa? [Updated]The mayor will be promoting his progressive agenda and quietly boosting his national profile.
  9. hillary clinton 2016
    Hillary Clinton Reportedly Signs Lease for ‘Brooklyn Cool’ Campaign HeadquartersClinton has reportedly signed the lease for a campaign headquarters in Brooklyn Heights.
  10. left behind
    America Is Once Again Becoming the World’s Liberal BeaconEurope and Israel are headed in a different direction.
  11. city politic
    De Blasio Has Been Lucky — and Good — in His Handling of the Garner AftermathWait, was that him on This Week offering a 2016 agenda? 
  12. the national circus
    Frank Rich on the National Circus: Why Eric Cantor’s Defeat Wasn’t So ShockingOf course he lost! It’s not his party anymore.
  13. the clintons
    Clinton Says Family Was ‘Dead Broke’ in 2000She and Bill were “dead broke” when they left the White House.
  14. cpac 2014
    Michele Bachmann Will Know the ‘Right’ Female President When She Sees HerIt’s International Women’s Day at CPAC.
  15. hillary watch
    Hillary Clinton Is Already Dealing With Unofficial 2016 Campaign DramaDueling super-PACs: Not the worst problem in the world.
  16. it’s never too early to talk about 2016
    Chuck Schumer Endorses Hillary Clinton’s Nonexistent Campaign Here we go.
  17. the racie for gracie
    Clinton Staffer Can’t Hide Disdain for Weiner After 2016 ‘Joke’“We have absolutely no clue what he was talking about.”
  18. scoops
    Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Run Confirmed by Greek-American News Agency [Updated]“I talked to her husband, and he confirmed it,” says a donor.