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    Hillary Clinton Successfully Ducks ShoeSomeone threw one at her in Las Vegas. 
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    Another $1.7 Million Raised for Hillary Clinton’s Nonexistent CampaignFor a total of $5.75 since last winter.
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    This Summer’s Top Beach Read: Hillary Clinton’s MemoirIt comes out June 10.
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    Hillary Clinton Says Putin Will Decide If There’s ‘Another Cold War’But avoids Hitler references.
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    Hillary Clinton Compares Russia’s Moves in Ukraine to Nazi Germany [Updated]After Republicans criticized her for being soft on Russia.
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    Clinton Spokesman Goes Off on BuzzFeed for Asking ‘Inane Questions’They just wanted to know if she’s used a MetroCard.
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    Hillary Is Having a Hard Time Finishing Her Memoir“She is not necessarily a natural writer,” says a supposed friend.
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    Ready for Hillary Raised $4 Million in 2013, Just Needs a CandidateEven Reince Priebus wants Clinton to run.
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    Hillary Clinton Is Already Dealing With Unofficial 2016 Campaign DramaDueling super-PACs: Not the worst problem in the world.