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  1. Don’t Count on Taking the L Train for the Next 3 or 4 YearsGet used to the G, folks.
  2. Ebola Doctor Hates the Media and Politics; Is Neither Hipster Nor HeroDr. Craig Spencer is not impressed with how politicians and media outlets treated him and other Ebola patients in the U.S. 
  3. hipsters
    New Luxury Condo Building Is Steampunk ThemedThe Hudson Square building is slated to be finished at the end of 2015.
  4. Beirut Cops Can’t Tell Hipsters From JihadisIt’s the beards.
  5. oh brooklyn
    A Night at the Urban Cowboy: Williamsburg’s B&BA taste of the Brooklyn-branded “Cowboy Life.”
  6. the internet
    Conservatives Really Hate the Obamacare Flannel-Pajamas HipsterIt’s the War on Manhood!
  7. neighborhood news
    Bushwick Hipsters Resent Slightly Wealthier Bushwick Hipsters Hipsters. 
  8. crimes and misdemeanors
    World’s Most Hipstery Crime CommittedPortland man’s Google Glass stolen in Brooklyn.  
  9. the internet
    Quiz: Real Vice Headline or @Vice_Is_Hip Parody?A new Twitter account is so realistic it’s funny.
  10. politics
    Weiner Alienates Hipster Demographic TooHe’s not into the new Rockaways.
  11. stand clear of the closing doors
    Hipster Subway Stop Now Features Hipster NewsstandYou buy zines and vinyl there.
  12. Blood, Tear Gas, and Twitter: On the Front Lines With Turkey’s ‘Occupy’ KidsThey are young and stylish and loathe their country’s conservative leader. Zuccotti Park is their model. But the riot police are having none of it.
  13. hipsters
    Hipster Breakup Dude Is Already Moving In With His New GirlfriendIt’s only been six months!
  14. the sports section
    ‘Real’ Yankees Fans Are From Wall Street or WilliamsburgOr anywhere, really …
  15. hipsters
    Pennsylvania Ad Agency Looking to Hire a Hipster for … Something [Updated]Here’s their ad. 
  16. hurricane sandy
    Williamsburg’s Post-Sandy Rockaway Commute Won’t SufferThe Rockabus returns.
  17. ink-stained wretches
    New York Times Still Making the Same Old Williamsburg Hipster JokesBeards, ha-ha.
  18. ink-stained wretches
    Hipster Eustace Tilley Artist: I’m Not a Hipster“I ride a bike, but that doesn’t make me a hipster.”
  19. crimes and misdemeanors
    Wayward Brooklynite Escapes ‘Hipster Lifestyle,’ Takes Refuge in ConnecticutHide the Pabst and skinny jeans!
  20. navel-gazing
    Hipster Breakup Dude Wrote a Song About MeA writer turns over a new leaf.
  21. hipsters
    Hipster Couple Breaks Up in the Most Hipster-y Way EverThey made a song together.
  22. kids today
    New York Times Takes on Hipster Irony (Again)The hipster-baiting author answers our questions.
  23. it’s science
    Hipsters Are Really Excited About the Higgs BosonJust kidding, they’ve never heard of it.
  24. the h-word
    New York Post Doubles Down on Hipster-BashingDrunk driver once again gets the H-word.
  25. the h-word
    A Recent History of Hipsters, According to the New York PostThey like fighting, trendy clubs, and Mercedes Benzes, apparently.
  26. ze french
    French Woman Claims Not to Understand New York HipstersSo she investigates.
  27. hipsters
    New York Fails to Rank Among ‘America’s Best Cities for Hipsters’Seattle wins.
  28. enemies of the state
    Bad News for Smoking HipstersSmoking is now banned in six state parks located within the city, including East River State Park in Williamsburg.
  29. neighborhood news
    Some White People Are Getting Stopped and Frisked in WilliamsburgAre interesting haircuts to blame?
  30. parenthood
    Moms and Tots Rock Out in WilliamsburgDo those skinny jeans come in a onesie?
  31. non-ironic news
    NYC Colleges Dominate ‘Most Hipster’ Campus ListNo. 1: NYU.
  32. hipsters
    Observer: Obama Has Lost the Hipster Vote!Hipsters are — you won’t believe this — kind of over it.
  33. neighborhood news
    Catholic Church Extinguishes Arts Community at St. Cecilia’s in GreenpointFather Jim is being shipped off to Afghanistan.
  34. neighborhood news
    Queens Hipster Hangout Robbed and Trashed“We’re still reeling.”
  35. hipsters
    Making Fun of Hipsters Never Gets OldOr does it?
  36. hipsters
    Acrobats Made Williamsburg Bridge Particularly Hipster-y Last NightWatch the video.
  37. incredible rescues
    25-Year-Old Lower East Side Woman Saved From SuicideShe immediately asked for a cigarette after.
  38. hipsters
    Do You Ever Wish Williamsburg Was Farther Away, Dirtier, and More Bathing-Suit Friendly?Try the Rockaways!
  39. hipsters
    Somebody’s Been Documenting All of Williamsburg’s Underground PartiesSo you don’t have to.
  40. the party does stop
    McKibbin Artist Lofts in East Williamsburg Burgled by Armed Robbers at Least Three Times Last WeekThey hadn’t been locking their doors.
  41. neighborhood news
    The Hipster Houseboats of the Gowanus Canal [Updated]A Gowanus houseboat is the new Williamsburg loft.
  42. hipsters
    Vashtie Kola Totally Made Chambray HappenFor brown girls, that is.
  43. hipsters
    Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood Is Not Sure What a Hipster IsIs anyone?
  44. photo op
    Williamsburg Pizzeria’s Hiring Policy Excludes Basically Everyone in WilliamsburgHipster joke!
  45. cultural anthropology
    Brian Williams Mocks Brooklyn Hipsters in New Taxi VideoBut is he really mocking himself?
  46. neighborhood news
    Someone Is Laying Traps for Bridge and Tunnel TypesAnd not just by building megaclubs in West Chelsea.
  47. williamsburg
    The Aliens Want the Hipsters of WilliamsburgWait, I thought you said they were “intelligent forms of life?” Zing!
  48. art in america
    Slideshow: The Opening of ‘A Sequence of Waves’ in Former Greenpoint ConventWe attended an art opening. See?
  49. hipsters
    Are Hipsters Crazy for Williamsburg Camel Cigarettes?Apparently, they’re flying off the shelves.
  50. freelancers they’re just like us
    New York Times Uncovers the Truth About FreelancersCat’s out of the bag.
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