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Hitler Comparisons

  1. bold comparisons
    N.C. Lawmaker: Obamacare Like Nazis, SovietsNeeds more offensive imagery.
  2. Who Is Liz Cheney Comparing to Hitler? Here are our best guesses. 
  3. godwin’s law
    Smoking Laws = Holocaust, Says Senate CandidateNazi analogies are never, ever good.
  4. jesus christie
    Dumb Hitler Comparison of the DayChris Christie = Adolf Christie.
  5. what’s the matter with wisconsin?
    Liberals Also Perfectly Capable of Making Awful Protest SignsWisconsin’s governor was compared to Hitler and Mubarak, and displayed with crosshairs over his face.
  6. people who are doing their part to disempower the name hitler
    Hedge-Fund Manager Compares Ben Bernanke to Hitler“To me, the parallels are ominous.”
  7. bons mots
    Hitler Comparisons That, Even Compared to Other Ridiculous Hitler Comparisons, Are Over-the-TopSteve Schwarzman goes for hyperbole gold.
  8. tea time
    Tea Party Decides Its Hitler-Obama-Lenin Billboard Was a Little Over the Top After AllThe group’s founder had the billboard papered over today.
  9. early and awkward
    Prospective Governor Compares Sheldon Silver to HitlerAnd called him the Antichrist. It was a really good joke.