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  1. early and often
    Conservative Christian Affection for Fascists Predates TrumpAnyone shocked by Christian Trump voters’ tolerance for his increasingly authoritarian rhetoric and policies should look to European history.
  2. monuments
    Georgia Politician Argues for Keeping All Statues — Even of Hitler or SatanGOP congressional candidate Marjorie Greene shows that floodgates arguments over removing monuments cut both ways.
  3. select all
    Proof That Car Hitler Definitely Existed in Pixar’s Cars UniverseThe math checks out.
  4. Spicer Explains That Even Hitler Didn’t Use ‘Gas on His Own People’He apologized after arguing that even Adolf Hitler deployed weaponized gas more ethically than Bashar al-Assad.
  5. Netanyahu Claims a Palestinian Leader Convinced Hitler to Exterminate the JewsThe Israeli prime minister declares that Hitler had only intended to “expel” the Jews. Then he met with the mufti of Jerusalem.
  6. international affairs
    German Leader’s Hitler Photo Didn’t End WellLutz Bachmann has stepped down from his role at the anti-immigrant group Pegida.
  7. oh congress!
    GOP Congressman Wishes Obama Were More Like HitlerThe president just can’t win.
  8. Hillary Clinton Compares Putin to Hitler Again“I’m not making a comparison, certainly,” but …
  9. hillary watch
    Hillary Clinton Compares Russia’s Moves in Ukraine to Nazi Germany [Updated]After Republicans criticized her for being soft on Russia.
  10. Banksy’s Nazi-Adorned Thrift Store Painting Bagged $615,000 for Housing WorksThe windfall of The Banality of the Banality of Evil.
  11. art
    Banksy Put a Nazi Painting in a Thrift Shop for CharityIt will be auctioned starting at $76,000.
  12. questionable spokespersons
    Turkish Shampoo-Maker Under Fire for Using Hitler As SpokespersonThis is not an Onion article.
  13. revolt like an egyptian
    There’s a Rumor Going Around That Qaddafi Is DeadJust a rumor — for now.
  14. early and awkward
    Charlie Crist Compares Himself to HitlerThis was not the right metaphor.
  15. health carnage
    Hitler, Predictably, Isn’t Happy About Scott Brown’s VictoryYou knew this was going to happen.
  16. in other news
    How to Succeed in the Offensive-T-shirt Business by Really, Really TryingThe T-shirt designer who brought us ‘Jews Against Obama”s five-step plan for achieving microfame.