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  1. department of bad ideas
    Gun-Rights Groups Staging Fake Mass ShootingThey are also going to march around with loaded guns. 
  2. hmm
    Reporters and Random People Wander Around Shooting Suspects’ HouseMedia outlets rushed to show viewers … the inside of closets. 
  3. oh albany!
    Sheldon Silver Filed for His Pension a Day After Getting Convicted of CorruptionHe could make more than $85,000 a year.
  4. bad ideas
    Canadian Man Faces Jail Time for Smuggling Turtles in His PantsHe strapped 41 turtles around his legs and hid 10 in between.
  5. hmm
    Why Is This Subway Car Covered in Nazi Symbols?The MTA says that the ad is fine, according to its internal standards. 
  6. important news
    College Newspaper Scores Poop Scoop of the CenturyCollege students demand that their school give them a better pee or give them death.
  7. hmm
    Sovereign Nation in Utah Now Has PassportsNote: Zaqistan is not a real country. 
  8. hmm
    Man Drops Off Ebola ‘Cure’ at Random BuildingThe town of Danbury called every authority they could think of to investigate the strange vial.