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  1. the tweet beat
    PSA: Twitter Isn’t Notifying People If You DM Their TweetsNothing to be worried about.
  2. kids these days
    How Are Kids Supposed to Learn to Be Smart Online If Adults Are Such Dummies?The Momo challenge spread not because of children online, but because their parents didn’t bother to do their homework on whether the threat was real.
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    Parents of Sandy Hook Victim Pen Open Letter to FacebookLeonard Pozner and Veronique De La Rosa’s son Noah was the youngest victim of the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012.
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    That Trump ‘Dow Joans’ Tweet Is FakeApparently there isn’t always a tweet.
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    No, Snapchat Is Not Shutting Down Next WeekThis week in viral internet hoaxes.
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    The Sad Truth Behind the Viral Internet Story of Sanjay and DurgeshLast week, the Meme Ballad of Sanjay and Durgesh went viral, but the real story is much, much darker.
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    The Windows XP Wallpaper Hill Didn’t Catch FireBliss Hill, the landscape featured in the iconic wallpaper, is totally fine.
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    A Bizarre Facebook Hoax Has Turned These People Into Minor CelebritiesThe latest hoax to go viral on Facebook has led to the harassment of some real users.
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    Trolls Stole Photos of YouTubers to Create Manchester-Victims HoaxFake news spread rapidly in the wake of an explosion at a concert in England, which killed over 20 people.
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    The ‘Lesbian Chinese Billionaires’ Everyone Is Sharing Is Actually K-pop FanficLesbians! K-pop! Buckets of money! This viral hoax has everything.
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    The Best, Most Bogus Viral Facebook HoaxesDon’t share these.
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    Here Are the People Behind That Mysterious Drake and Rihanna Countdown HoaxA Select All investigation.
  13. Why USA Today Wrongly Tweeted That Cormac McCarthy Had DiedSpoiler: Cormac McCarthy is not dead.
  14. Viral ‘Fake Blind Man’ Prank Revealed As a FraudOh, wow, something viral was a hoax.
  15. Spike Lee Links Travyon Killing to Random Elderly CoupleTweets out the wrong address for George Zimmerman.
  16. business
    BBC’s ‘Goldman Sachs Rules the World’ Trader: Hoax or Our Worst Nightmare? [Updated]Could this Alessio Rastani guy possibly be for real?