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  1. misinformation
    The Only Reason to Fact-Check Anything Is on Behalf of the AliensNobody is going to win the day, but someone has to win the historical record.
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    The Vicious Circle of 4chan’s Mass-Shooting HoaxesWhen identifying hoaxes also amplifies them.
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    No, Mike Pence’s Website Wasn’t HackedIt’s an April Fools’ Day prank.
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    The Fake Donald Trump Quote That Just Won’t DieThe ongoing hunt for mysterious, nonexistent footage suppressed by the media.
  5. It’s Important You Understand Just How Phony This Bieber Basketball Clip IsBieber is not good at basketball and it is important you recognize that.
  6. important questions
    Was the Pizza Rat Video Staged?What is real?
  7. Mark Zuckerberg Is Our New Billionaire HoaxMark is giving away $4.5 million to regular people like you and me!
  8. It Is Incredibly Easy to Fake a Screenshot. Here’s HowTrust no one.
  9. hoaxes
    That ‘Drunk Girl’ Viral Video Was a HoaxSurprise, surprise.
  10. hoaxes
    Rantic Marketing: 4Chan Emma Watson Leak HoaxThe fatal flaw in the internet outrage economy.
  11. hoaxes
    The Story of the 3-Boobed Lady Is As Fake As Her Third BoobSo disappointing.
  12. hoaxes
    Brooklyn’s Escaped Pregnant Tarantula Was a Big LieSorry! 
  13. hoaxes
    Johnny Manziel Not Being Sued for Dick PicsThe lawsuit from HLN contributor Samantha Schacher is fake.
  14. scheduled fun is the worst
    The Worst, Least Funny April Fools’ Day ‘Jokes’ on the InternetStop it. All of you. You’re not fooling anyone.
  15. hoaxes
    Not-So-Stiffed Waitress Returning Donations [Updated]But that didn’t keep her from getting fired.
  16. lying liars
    New Jersey Waitress Also Didn’t Donate the Money She RaisedDayna Morales strikes again!
  17. hoaxes
    Nasty Thanksgiving Note War Turns Out to Be a HoaxOf course, Internet.
  18. the internet
    ‘Most Beautiful Missed Connection Ever’ or Not?Another emotional Craigslist post wins the Internet and is probably fake.
  19. the internet
    New York Post Falls for Super-Old Internet HoaxA Chinese man probably did not sue his wife over an ugly kid.
  20. the internet
    Golden Eagle Kid-Snatching Hoax Video Will Send Someone to CollegeIt generated enough AdSense revenue for a scholarship.
  21. fake girlfriends
    Manti Te’o Admits He Lied About Meeting His Fake Dead GirlfriendSays he “tailored” his stories, but is otherwise totally innocent.
  22. the internet
    Catfish Star Nev Schulman Knows What Manti Te’o Is Going ThroughHe’s also defending his own fame.
  23. hoaxes
    Notre Dame: Te’o Didn’t Lie About GirlfriendHorrified athletic director explains “Catfishing” is all the rage.
  24. the internet
    Runaway Teen Twitter Celeb Probably in NYCThe missing 16-year-old from New Jersey took the train toward Penn Station.
  25. hoaxes
    ‘Missing’ New Jersey Teen Goes Viral With Fake Home Intruder TweetShe appears to have just run away.
  26. hoaxes
    Someone Created a Pretty Convincing Fake NYT Op-Ed Defending WikiLeaksBy “Bill Keller.” 
  27. oh new jersey
    Coast Guard Suspends Search Off New Jersey Coast After Another Apparent HoaxAgain, not cool.
  28. business
    BBC’s ‘Goldman Sachs Rules the World’ Trader: Hoax or Our Worst Nightmare? [Updated]Could this Alessio Rastani guy possibly be for real?
  29. hoaxes
    Why We Were So Ready to Believe the ‘Gay Girl in Damascus’ HoaxAnd what it says about coverage of the Arab Spring.
  30. hoaxes
    Gay Girl in Damascus Blogger May Actually Be in ScotlandAnd not abducted by the Syrian government.
  31. business ethics
    GE Still Not Going to Pay Taxes, AP Correction ClarifiesThey’ve been hoaxed!
  32. hoaxes
    NBC Los Angeles Should Have Maybe Known Christians Don’t Think Bill Murray Is Actually a ‘Murderer of Lambs’The popular TV station fell victim to a hoax.
  33. for sale
    Tombstone for SaleWould this work as a quirky household item for your apartment?
  34. scary things that turn into funny things
    Balloon Boy Lets the Cat Out of the Balloon, Admits Hoax“You guys said that we did this for the show.”
  35. election hangover
    Hoaxer Claims Credit for Palin Africa-Continent Story, MSNBC FooledThis is kind of confusing. Bear with us.
  36. gossipmonger
    Miss Anna Likes Cat People!Anna Wintour was in on that Romanian “Cat People” Fashion Week stunt from the get-go. Heidi Fleiss is set to sell a tape that supposedly features former client Charlie Sheen gallivanting with a transsexual named Kayla Coxx. Anderson Cooper wants kids. Georgina Chapman would like you to know she was in twelve movies before she landed roles in the Weinstein-produced Factory Girl and Nanny Diaries, thank you very much. Bungalow 8 owner Amy Sacco is a proud size 12.
  37. intel
    JT LeRoy, Fashion Designer Savannah Knoop used to dress up as JT LeRoy. Now, nearly a year after removing her hoaxy disguise, she’s trying on another title: fashion designer. Yes, it seems the woman who used to pose as a transgendered prostitute now creates androgynous outfits. When Stephen Beachy began unmasking the JT myth in a October 2005 New York profile, he called the faux-memoirist “a wig and sunglasses floating around a dizzying production of narrative.” A lengthy article in Sunday’s San Francisco Chronicle documented Knoop’s fashion line TINC, as well as her other gig as a waitress in Oakland. From someone who used to masquerade as someone who didn’t exist, expect frumpy fabulous. Who Is the Real JT LeRoy? [NYM] Back in Fashion [San Francisco Chronicle]