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  1. mtg
    Marjorie Taylor Greene Wonders What New York Has to Do With Homeland SecurityMarjorie Taylor Greene asked why a New York rep. leads the House Homeland Security Committee, apparently unaware of the state’s history or geography.
  2. the national interest
    Trump’s War on Democracy: An UpdateDemocracy is still standing, but Trump is working harder than ever to change that.
  3. government shutdown
    Yet Again, Trump Threatens Government Shutdown Over His Precious WallDemocrats aren’t in the mood to give Trump his border wall money, and are demanding concessions on Mueller and the 2020 Census.
  4. Don’t Look Now, But Another Government Shutdown Threat Looms This FallTrump’s demand for border wall funding he can’t get may combine with the desire to pump up the GOP base and produce a shutdown.
  5. the national interest
    The Genesis of Trump’s Family-Separation PolicyFor a would-be strongman, cruelty is the ultimate deterrent.
  6. john bolton
    John Bolton Forces Homeland Security Adviser to ResignTom Bossert was seen as a bastion of competence in the West Wing. John Bolton (reportedly) got him fired.
  7. Democrats Don’t Want Lieberman in Position to Surrender to Another GOP PresidentHis deferential behavior toward George W. Bush is not a good precedent for tangling with Donald Trump in an unfamiliar job.
  8. NYPD Commissioner Says Trump’s Budget Would ‘Hobble’ Counterterrorism EffortsAmong plenty of other devastating cuts to New York programs.
  9. Trump’s Homeland Security Head Takes Blame for Travel Ban RolloutEven though multiple reports say he was barely consulted on the executive order.
  10. Trump Picks Former Bush Aide for Homeland Security AdviserThomas Bossert will serve in the role focusing on homeland security, counterterrorism, and cybersecurity.
  11. Is Trump’s Pick for Homeland Security a Trojan Horse?A lot of fearful people were happy when John Kelly was asked to become DHS secretary rather than the sinister Kansan Kris Kobach. But not so fast …
  12. Trump’s Unsettling Proposal for Gay People and WomenTrade your freedoms for protection from Muslims.
  13. Obama Tells Americans to Chill Out and Enjoy Thanksgiving Intelligence suggests that the only specific and credible threat facing the homeland is overeating.
  14. oh congress!
    Boehner Says He’ll ‘Certainly’ Allow a Homeland Security ShutdownCongress only has four days to reach a compromise.
  15. On Second Thought, Homeland Security Doesn’t Want to Track Our Every MoveSo please don’t drag them into the NSA scandal.
  16. big brother
    Homeland Security Wants to Scoop Up Data From License-Plate ReadersThey promise they’ll only use the massive database to catch criminals.
  17. Obama Needs to Decide If He’s Ready to Endorse Stop-and-Frisk Ray Kelly has a great record of protecting New York. He also has lots of baggage.
  18. new york’s finest
    Obama: Ray Kelly Is ‘Very Well Qualified’ for Homeland Security JobHe’s “obviously done an extraordinary job in New York.”
  19. comings and goings
    Janet Napolitano Ditching Homeland Security for University of CaliforniaShe’ll likely get a raise to lead the schools.
  20. blog-stained wretches
    Homeland Security Still Checking MySpace, Drudge ReportThe U.S. government’s Internet habits are fairly predictable.
  21. air travel
    Janet Napolitano: Pretty Soon You Should Be Able to Leave Your Shoes on Through Airport SecurityRemember dignity?
  22. osama bin killed
    Obama’s National-Security Adviser: Woman Being Used As a Shield Presumed to Be Bin Laden’s WifeIt’s “inconceivable” that bin Laden didn’t have help from within Pakistan.
  23. cable news
    Talk Box: Ann Coulter Outmaneuvered by Fox Legal Analyst in TSA DebateThe pundit gets so frustrated, she has to ask Hannity to cut her foe’s mike.
  24. terrorble
    Homeland Security Funding for New York City Actually Going UpThe White House tries to get New York pols to calm down.
  25. homeland security
    Obama Approves Revamp of Security Checks on Flights to U.S.New system involves checking passenger information against “intelligence reports.”
  26. militias
    Are the Members of the Michigan Militia Terrorists?Why aren’t we calling them what they seem so obviously to be?
  27. terror plots
    Do Not Let This Child Get on Your PlaneHe’s on a list!
  28. early and often
    Obama on Recent Terror Plots: ‘We Are at War’Hear that, Dick Cheney?
  29. terror scares
    Cameras Weren’t Saving Footage in Newark Airport BreachThat’s why thousands of people had to evacuate for hours.
  30. Here Are Some Reasons to Maybe Not Go to Times Square Tonight“Hundreds of city police officers will have devices affixed to their belts that can detect radiation or the crude makings of a dirty bomb.”
  31. terror plots
    Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab: The Blame Game BeginsWho was responsible for allowing a man on our terror watch list to board a plane with a bomb on Christmas Day? Washington is closing in on some scapegoats.
  32. fort hood
    FBI Had E-mails From Fort Hood Shooter to Radical Islamic ClericThis displeases many in Congress.
  33. terror plots
    Stadiums, Hotels, and Entertainment Centers Latest Facilities to Receive Federal WarningThe fax machines at the Department of Homeland Security are just abuzz today.
  34. terror plots
    Mass-Transit Systems Put on Alert NationwideSo far, they’re just “precautionary.”
  35. homeland security
    New Evidence Shows Terror Suspect Might Have Targeted Fashion WeekSearch of suspects computer shows stadiums and fashion sites.
  36. homeland security
    Report: Zazi Admitted Al Qaeda TiesThe man who led to the raid of several homes in Queens earlier this week may be negotiating a plea.
  37. homeland security
    Report: Bomb-Making Guide Found on Colorado Terror Suspect’s ComputerNajibullah Zazi is acting strangely calm about all this.
  38. scary things
    More Terror Raids in Queens Expected to Avert ‘Madrid-Style’ BombingsOur subway system is being eyed as a possible target for a suspected bomb plot.
  39. scary things
    Terror in Queens!A joint terrorism task force just raided several private residences after it turned up a “very real” plot.
  40. scare tactics
    Bush Pressured Homeland Security Chief Tom Ridge to Up Terror-Alert LevelThis may be why he didn’t run for Senate.
  41. the bush years
    That Color-Coded Terrorism Warning Thing Apparently Still ExistsBecause a panel is going to look into maybe making it useful.
  42. what other people think
    Holocaust Museum Shooting Rekindles Old DebateShould conservatives apologize to Homeland Security? Or are liberals exploiting a tragedy for political purposes?
  43. symbolic gestures
    Obama Asks Cabinet to Trim $100 Million, a.k.a. NothingStill, we guess $100 million is better than nothing.
  44. it just happened
    Small Explosion Hits Military Recruiting Center in Times SquareLet’s begin this post by saying there’s no reason to worry, everybody is fine. (We’ve always wanted to write that — because let’s be honest, when we start conversations with our mom that way she goes bananas.) See, there was a small explosion in Times Square early this morning, but nobody was hurt. Apparently somebody tossed an explosive device at a U.S. military recruiting center just before 4 a.m. today. The office’s window was smashed, and a door was damaged. Traffic was interrupted for a while, but now it appears to be back to normal. The Department of Homeland Security says it’s investigating whether it was terrorism-related, but according to NY1, there wasn’t a sense of panic in the area this morning. Explained droll host Pat Kiernan: “It seemed people were annoyed by the nuisance as much as anything.” Small explosion hits New York’s Times Square [Reuters] Update: Mayor Bloomberg just held a press conference about this. It turns out that it was a bomb in an ammunition box. Bloomberg called the attack on the recruitment office an insult to our troops and added that “New York City is back and open for business.” NYPD chief Ray Kelly said the device was not “particularly sophisticated” and explained that there is one witness who saw a suspicious hooded man on a bicycle passing the recruiting station just before the explosion.
  45. the morning line
    Thrice-Married Catholic Not Considered So Religious • Only 13 percent of responders think Rudy Giuliani is “of strong religious faith,” according to a Time poll — and that’s lower than Hillary’s number (15 percent). But he once wanted to close down an art exhibit for blasphemy! [NYP] • “The very character of the Northeast is at stake” if greenhouse gases aren’t reduced, a new study warns. Poised to vanish: Long Island lobsters and New York apples. What will thrive: smog, pollen, and floods. And, clearly, Claritin sales. [NYT] • An L.A.-to-London flight was diverted to JFK this morning because of a “suspicious passenger.” Michael Chertoff’s gut told him it was a harmless misunderstanding. [WNBC] • Shelly Silver still won’t agree to bring the Assembly to the table for congestion-pricing talks — even as the desperate Mayor Bloomberg says he’ll fly to Albany tomorrow. By now, we’re just looking forward to Monday, when this mess will be over. [NYDN] • And, starting today, the MTA adds a “Mets express” to its 7 line: a one-stop service from midtown to Shea. It’s just for an hour on game days, but funny thing: If they did it year-round, Willets Point might actually be habitable. [amNY]
  46. the morning line
    DHS Now Officially Full of Shit• The federal formula used to allot New York its pitiful share of anti-terrorism funds has been officially discredited. A new GAO report says — in as many words — that Homeland Security officials lack methods to assess risk. Actuarial math aside, failure to classify the Empire State Building as a landmark was a bit of a giveaway. [NYDN] • In related news, the Empire State Building is America’s favorite piece of architecture, according to the American Institute of Architects poll. The White House is number two. [WNBC] • Meet Tom DiNapoli. As New York’s Chris Smith reported yesterday, state legislators reneged on a deal with Governor Spitzer and installed the assemblyman as the new state comptroller. On the upside, according to the Times, DiNapoli is apparently the nicest guy in Albany. [NYT] • The plot thickens in the Long Island fake-cop case. The con man in question not only wore fake uniform and a prop badge; he owned a car complete with a siren, maintained the cop identity 24/7, and shook down criminals for a living. [NYP] • And it’s official: The bankrupt Air America now belongs to real-estate mogul Stephen Green, brother of Mark. The price tag on the voice of the American Left? $4.25 million. We assume they threw in The Nation. [amNY]