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  1. california
    The EPA Joins Trump’s War on CaliforniaHomelessness has become another front in the full-on war between the administration and the nation’s largest state.
  2. After Backlash, VA Won’t Scrap Program to House Homeless VeteransThe Trump administration’s attempt to realign the program was not well received.
  3. This Man Transformed a $5,000 Truck Into Mobile Showers for the HomelessIt serves 60 people every day.
  4. Bratton: Stop Giving Money to HomelessBratton goes off script.
  5. San Francisco Church Dumps Water on Homeless While They SleepSaint Mary’s Cathedral, the main church of the Archdiocese of San Francisco, has a new watering system designed to keep the homeless off its steps. 
  6. very bad laws
    Florida City Has to Stop Arresting 90-Year-Old for Feeding the HomelessOfficials must instead attend mediation. 
  7. good people
    90-Year-Old Florida Man Charged for Feeding the Homeless Again, Still Won’t StopTwo times in one week, under an absurd new law.
  8. very bad laws
    90-Year-Old Man Charged With Feeding the Homeless in FloridaAlongside two pastors.
  9. tsnownami weather force
    It’s All Canada’s Fault You Can’t Feel Your FaceOr toes.
  10. homelessness
    NYC to Begin Collecting Rent From Homeless With JobsShelter residents would owe up to 44 percent of their income in first year of program.
  11. neighborhood news
    There Is Now Only One Homeless Person Living in Times SquareIn 2005, there were 55. Now there is only Heavy.
  12. sad things
    Homelessness Numbers Soar in Past YearThe number of people living on the streets is up 34 percent.
  13. neighborhood news
    In Brooklyn, College Kids Are the New HomelessIf it’s not one kind of vagrant it’s another.
  14. UHO Tables Ordered Off the StreetWhat are they going to do with all of those jugs?
  15. Now You Have a Better Excuse to Not Give to the HomelessThat organization with the folding tables and big empty jugs is a scam.
  16. Charitable Homeless Lady Less Homeless Than Previously BelievedAs in, not homeless at all.
  17. Some Homeless People Are Secretly WealthyA short, beautiful story.
  18. neighborhood watch
    City Will Give You a One-way Ticket to a Better LifeLook out, Paris!
  19. the greatest depression
    Luxury Condos Converted Into Homeless ShelterIt’s a win-win situation! If only the neighbors could see it that way.
  20. spare a dime?
    Creative Panhandler Signs Appreciated, Still IneffectiveAt least they put a smile on your face. Isn’t that what it’s all about?
  21. story time
    Under the City, There Lives a Man Named John TravoltaHe lived under the subway for twenty years.
  22. the greatest depression
    Gay Talese Handing Signs Out to Homeless People NowFinally, SOMEBODY is doing something about this economic problem.
  23. photo op
    Becoming a Minority Has Not Made Lesbo-han More TolerantLindsay and Sam encounter a homeless person on their romantic date in New York.
  24. intel
    NYC Homeless Youth: Networking for Showbiz CareersWe interview some LGBT youth about getting off the streets and into arts careers.
  25. in other news
    Macy’s Hosts Your Holiday After-partyMacy’s announced this week that they are going to keep eight of their locations, including the Herald Square flagship store, open at all hours of the day and night from December 21 to Christmas Eve. From the Staten Island Advance: Shoppers will be greeted with the ongoing sales Macy’s has been holding since Black Friday, said spokeswoman Elina Kazan. “The most important thing about being open 24 hours is that it makes shopping convenient to people with different schedules,” she said. “This gives everyone a little extra time.” Company officials have been planning the shopping marathon for months to ensure there is enough manpower and merchandise. Everyone is saying this is so nice of Macy’s to open the store so everyone, no matter what their time constraints, has a chance to shop. Now, once all the crowds have gone for the day, customers will be able to wade through the dunes of scattered merchandise in peace. What a great Christmas present. And just think of all the homeless people who will have a nice bed of jumbled merino V-neck sweaters! At Macy’s, A Shopping Marathon [SI Advance]
  26. in other news
    Ever-Richer New York Has More Homeless Than Ever New York’s financial data is all sunshine and rainbows these days. A $3.9 billion surplus has the City Council talking tax cuts, job growth is chugging along (62,300 new ones added in 2006), unemployment is at a slim 4.9 percent. No need to tell you where the housing market is. Great news for everyone! Except for one little thing: According the Coalition for the Homeless’s annual report, released yesterday, the number of homeless New Yorkers increased by 11 percent in 2006, to 35,113. That means, the Coalition says, more New York families are homeless than at any point since the city started keeping records.
  27. the morning line
    George and Hillary Want 9/11 Health Care • The health of 9/11 first responders finally becomes a major political issue; President Bush will address it in tonight’s State of the Union address, and now-official White House contender Hillary Clinton used ground zero to announce her $1.9 billion long-term treatment initiative. [amNY] • The Sean Bell case began in earnest yesterday, with the 23-member grand jury beginning to parse the evidence in the infamous 50-shot police slaying of an unarmed man. The presentation will take close to a month; detractors say the D.A. is using the occasion for a “minitrial.” [NYP] • A side effect of being rich and famous is that people think they don’t need to make good on their debts to you. For instance, New Delhi owes New York City $16.4 million (in real-estate taxes for the properties India owns here). Our courts are tempted to tweak the laws so the city can sue. [DNA World] • “Come on, guys, we can get more mileage out of this antique-dealer-suing-bum story. Angles, think angles.” “How about the bum’s son comes to town to reconcile with him?” “Perfect.” [NYDN] • And a mass evacuation of New York City will commence today via the Brooklyn Bridge, under the cover of Coast Guard cutters and military helicopters. Luckily, it’s all so that Will Smith can save the earth or become a stockbroker or something. [7Online]