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    Tech Companies Want to Get in on the Ground Floor of Smart-Home ConstructionWhy sell someone a smart speaker when you can get them to buy a house with your smart speakers embedded in the walls?
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    Apple’s HomePod Struggles to Find a HomeUsers just aren’t drawn to the premium device.
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    Two Select All Editors Try to Decide: Is the HomePod Worth $350?Two Select All editors try to decide.
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    How to Use Spotify on a HomePodIf you’ve got a particular playlist in Spotify you want to play on your HomePod, here’s how.
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    Should You Get an Apple HomePod?The questions to ask yourself before getting Apple’s new smart speaker.
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    What Reviewers Are Saying About the Apple HomePodGreat sound, but Siri falls short — and it’s for dedicated Apple fans only.
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    This Is What Apple’s HomePod Sounds LikeAn evening listening to Apple’s upcoming smart speaker.
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    Apple’s Long-Delayed HomePod Will Likely Hit Shelves Before SpringBut is the world still listening?
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    Apple’s HomePod Delayed Until 2018Oh my pod.
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    The Smart-Speaker Wars Are About to BeginThe world’s four most valuable companies all want to get a smart speaker in your home.