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  1. foreign interests
    The Dismantling of Hong KongSince 2019, my hometown has slowly transformed into a brutal, unrecognizable place. Then came Omicron.
  2. obits
    Conservative Megadonor Sheldon Adelson May Be the Last of His KindThe casino mogul, who has died at 87, typified the kingmaking role made possible by Citizens United.
  3. hong kong
    Hong Kong’s Pro-Democracy Lawmakers Resign En Masse Over Chinese TakeoverThe resignation of an entire pro-democracy bloc occurred hours after Beijing passed a law allowing the ouster of any legislator who expressed dissent.
  4. coronavirus
    Hong Kong’s Key to Keeping COVID Out Is in Its AirportWill the rapid, intensive screening at the Hong Kong airport continue to protect the densely populated city once traffic increases again?
  5. hong kong
    Hong Kong’s Media Crackdown Has Begun in EarnestA pro-democracy newspaper owner was arrested for colluding with a foreign power, a charge that could mean life in prison.
  6. international affairs
    Trump Has Already Put Himself in No Position to Help Hong KongEven if he wants to, the president has neither the leverage, the diplomatic skill, nor the credibility to stand up to China over its new power grab.
  7. international affairs
    Hong Kong’s Independence May Not Survive the PandemicA new law would give China unprecedented power to crack down on the city’s democratic movement, and there’s not much the U.S. can do to stop it.
  8. coronavirus
    Asian Areas Lauded for Coronavirus Response See a New Wave of CasesHong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan have a new lesson for the U.S. — don’t let up too soon.
  9. gallery
    14 Photos of What Public Life Looks Like During a Coronavirus OutbreakThe emptiness is eerie.
  10. president trump
    Trump: Xi Jinping Is a Bloodthirsty Tyrant – and an ‘Incredible’ FriendTrump said Friday that China would have killed “thousands” in Hong Kong if it wasn’t for him, then praised Xi as a “friend” and an “incredible guy.”
  11. foreign interests
    Hopes Dim for a Peaceful End to Hong Kong ProtestsIf foreign governments and businesses won’t go to bat for protesters, it may only be a matter of time before Beijing turns to deadly force.
  12. international affairs
    Everything You Need to Know About the Global Protest WaveFrom Lebanon to Chile, demonstrators are taking to the streets to demand changes from their governments.
  13. foreign interests
    Trump’s Empty Threats to China Won’t Help Hong KongThe Trump administration’s tough talk on holding up already-stalled trade talks won’t keep Beijing from cracking down on protesters in Hong Kong.
  14. hong kong protests
    Massive Airport Protests Cause Cancellation of All Flights Leaving Hong KongAnger at the police has become a central theme of the city’s long-running demonstrations.
  15. foreign interests
    If China Cracks Down on Hong Kong, There’s Little Anyone Can Do to Stop ItBeijing has reason to tread carefully. But if it doesn’t, there’s not much the international community can do — especially with Trump standing aside.
  16. hong kong
    Hong Kong Protests: Photos and Videos of Massive Crowds and Police ClashesDemonstrations over an extradition bill turned violent in Hong Kong Wednesday.
  17. Hong Kong Is Taking Micro Apartments to Another LevelLooks like “Transformer”-style furniture is the way of the future. 
  18. There’s a New Least Affordable City EverHint: It is not Buffalo.
  19. The Hong Kong Dollar Is CrashingThe biggest two-day drop since 1992.
  20. international intrigue
    10 Images From the End of Hong Kong’s Protest MovementAfter 75 days.
  21. international intrigue
    Hong Kong’s 18-Year-Old Protest Leader Is Sticking to His Hunger StrikeJoshua Wong keeps going even as others bow out.
  22. occupy central
    Some Hong Kong Protesters Leave the Streets The government has demanded that the demonstrations be scaled back by Monday morning.
  23. international intrigue
    The Latest From Hong Kong: More Intense Images From the Occupy ProtestsThat’s one way to start the weekend.
  24. international intrigue
    Hong Kong Protests Are a U.S. Conspiracy Plot, Says RussiaJust like the ones in Kiev.
  25. Edward Snowden Lands in Moscow, Requests Asylum in Ecuador [Updated]He’s landed in Russia, apparently en route to Ecuador.
  26. international affairs
    Edward Snowden Is Still in Hong Kong [Updated]In a “safe place.”
  27. spy games
    Dick Cheney Says Maybe Edward Snowden Is a Chinese SpyThe Snowden saga continues.
  28. state secrets
    Edward Snowden’s Hong Kong ProblemWhere can the leaker hide?
  29. The (Office) Rent in Hong Kong Is Too Damn HighBut commercial real estate in New York is pretty pricey, too.
  30. international intrigue
    Young Asian Man Gets Past Airport Security in Old-White-Man MaskA bad day for border security.
  31. international intrigue
    Hong Kong’s Banking Industry Is ‘Buried in White Powder,’ But Only on the Weekend“First they get the cocaine, then the girls, then the jeroboams of champagne.”
  32. america’s sweetheart
    Sarah Palin As Polarizing in Hong Kong As She Is Everywhere ElseWas it brilliant or boring? We may never know.