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  1. oh long island
    The Hot-Dog Hooker Is Up to Her Old TricksCatherine Scalia was arrested Friday on Long Island.
  2. pretty women
    High-End Brooklyn Prostitution Ring Busted“Men come to New York, and they need some companionship.”
  3. kaaaahhhnnn!
    New York Post Claims Sofitel Maid Expected Payment for Sex [Updated]Oh my.
  4. 42
    Bill Clinton Remembers That Hooker Like It Was YesterdayThe former president recalls Times Square as it was nearly 50 years ago.
  5. when what happens in vegas doesn’t stay there
    College Student Sues Hooker in What Could Be Landmark CaseHubert Blackman stands up for blue balls.
  6. the help
    Nude Housekeeper Thomas Cordero AcquittedCordero claimed self-defense.
  7. the help
    Nude Housekeeper Claims He Killed Customer in Self-DefenseHomicidal hookers by another name.
  8. whore presents!
    For Prostitutes, Nothing Is Quite the Same As Craigslist WasWhere to advertise now?
  9. it’s complicated
    Charlie Sheen Calls Reports of Coked-Out Hooker Rampage ‘Overblown’It’s complicated.
  10. america’s prostie
    Ashley Dupré, Unwrapped“No one says, ‘Hey, when I grow up, I want to be an escort.’ It’s definitely not like something in the movies.”
  11. in other news
    Major Garrett Accidentally Tweets Link to Vegas Call-Girl Website to His 13,059 FollowersNow that’s news you can use.
  12. tiger catches tail
    Mistress: Tiger Paid for SexNow that’s better.
  13. america’s prostie
    Ashley Dupré Is Ready to Be ObjectifiedAs long as it’s on her terms.
  14. the love gov
    Eliot Spitzer Talks About the Economy, His ‘Gremlins’ on Today ShowGremlins is another word for hookers, apparently.
  15. Last Hooker in New York Pleads GuiltyRemember when Eliot Spitzer boned a hooker, and for a while in the news it was all, hookers, hookers, hookers? Yeah, those were the days.
  16. crazytown
    Possible Dinosaur Hooker Ring Busted in TribecaA den of dominatrices with potentially funny habits was just raided by vice cops downtown.
  17. in other news
    Ashley Alexandra Dupré’s Mom a Total MILFThe woman who mothered Eliot Spitzer hooker Ashley Dupré blows our minds.
  18. in other news
    Ashley Dupré Comes Back SwingingThe hooker who felled Eliot Spitzer is suing ‘Girls Gone Wild’ founder Joe Francis for $10 million.
  19. early and often
    Welcome Hooker No. 2 to the Spitzer ScandalAs if one wasn’t enough, today we get another one — and a mysterious appearance of socks!
  20. early and often
    Because He Got HighLast night, David Paterson told NY1 that he has used marijuana and cocaine “a couple of times.” Not that he’s hitting the chronic before looking over the budget, mind you — this was a while ago. “I don’t think I’ve touched marijuana since the late seventies,” he said. He doesn’t think! But who can be sure? Can we? Do we care?
  21. company town
    Eliot Spitzer Hires Guides to Keep Him From Washing Down River of DespairLAW • Eliot Spitzer has been careful about the lawyers he’s selected to protect him against potential charges related to his activities with random twentysomething hookers, hiring a set of heavy hitters from white-collar crime specialists Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison. He’s right to be choosy: “Hiring a lawyer is not unlike selecting a river guide,” the Times says today. “One wants a professional who not only steers clear of the rapids but does so in a reassuring manner. It also helps if he knows what to do should the boat hit the rocks.” Yeah. That’s just how we would have put it. [NYT] • A New York court rules that the daughter of a Jell-O heiress is not entitled to a taste of the multi-million-dollar fortune. [New York Law Journal] • Is Hillary Clinton’s legal background hindering her campaign? [Law.com]
  22. white men with money
    Among Other Things, Eliot Spitzer Has Contributed to Hooker Inflation When we were little, our grandpa used to tell us stories about the olden days. “Used to be, you could get a hooker for a dollar!” he’d say. “Those were the days.” Sigh. If Grandpa had seen the complaint filed in the bust of Emperor’s Club — well, he’d have about keeled over. The preferred escort service of former governor Eliot Spitzer, according to the complaint, charged between $1,000 and $5,000 an hour. And, as one potential prostie was heard to complain, that didn’t even include dinner. Inflation affects even the oldest profession, and according The Wall Street Journal, the “wealth boom — and the explosion in the number of multi-millionaires — has created entirely new pricing levels for escorts.” Of 661 people who own private jets, a survey from Prince & Associates, a Connecticut-based wealth-research firm, found, 34 percent of males and 20 percent of the females had paid for sex. And that’s just of people who owned private jets. If you apply those percentages to, say, people who own BMWs, that’s enough to skew the numbers for everyone. But at least one thing remains the same since Grandpa’s* day: The most popular reason the people surveyed gave for using escorts was “unique experiences.” How the New Rich Are Changing the Oldest Profession [WSJ] Earlier: You Can Say This About the Girls of the Emperor’s Club: They’re No Morons *We made this bit up. Our real Grampy, God rest his soul, was a wonderful man and a devout Catholic who never ran with loose women. With the exception of his second wife. But they were married.
  23. in other news
    You Can Say This About the Girls of the Emperor’s Club: They’re No MoronsYesterday the Feds busted the Emperor’s Club, a New York–based escort service that provided, according to their Website, “refined and successful international clients” looking for “risk-free dating … without long-term-commitment intricacies” with “exclusive, beautiful, educated companions of fine family and career backgrounds.” You know, hookers. Of the four people charged with running the service, three of them were women. Still, from the phone records in the FBI affidavit, parts of which are up on the Smoking Gun, it didn’t seem like it was a woman-friendly workplace, from the male founder who said that a would-be call girl “looks like a butcher in my opinion” to the conversation about the “baggage” a worker with kids has to the outraged indignation of an applicant who was “shock and confuse” that the company expected its employees to have sex with men who don’t even take them out to dinner. But then comes a tender moment between one self-aware prostie and her pimpette.