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  1. Confronting a Horace Mann Teacher Who Abused His StudentsAnd how the school haggled with one of his victims when she and other survivors sued.
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    Horace Mann Tiger Woods, Canh Oxelson, ArrestedLots going on here, and it’s all wild.
  3. misguided good samaritans
    Horace Mann Student Holds Most Horace Mann–y Charity Event EverA designer clothes drive for abuse victims.
  4. higher learning
    Horace Mann Investigating ‘Hypercompetitive’ College-Admissions SabotageSomeone sent a letter to schools hoping to screw up a senior’s chances.
  5. lawsuits
    Horace Mann Would Like Some of Its ‘Hush Money’ BackIt payed at least $1 million in settlements to abuse victims.
  6. scandals
    Horace Mann Finally Apologizes for Sexual AbuseBut the school will not meet the victims’ request for an independent investigation.
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    Alleged Horace Mann Abuser Lives in a House His Victims Paid For The New Yorker investigates a former teacher who “stood out for his extraordinary control over boys’ lives.”
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    Retired Horace Mann Teacher’s Sex Confession“It was all so warm and casual.”
  9. It’s Too Late for Abuse Victims at Horace MannNew York’s sex abuse statute of limitations strikes again.
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    Bronx D.A. Wants to Know More About Abuse at Horace MannStudents encouraged to report past sexual abuse.
  11. prep schools
    Horace Mann Distancing Itself From Unearthed Allegations of Sexual AbuseDecades-old tales of faculty molesting students are now coming to light.
  12. politics
    How New Yorker Ilario Pantano Reinvented Himself as a Conservative Candidate in North CarolinaFrom Horace Mann to Iraq to the tea party.
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    Hey, Everybody! It’s Time to Argue About Which New York City Prep School Is Best!Because they’re pretty much all on the ‘Forbes’ list of America’s Best Prep Schools.
  14. the children of new york will rule us all
    Carter Glatt Would Already Be a Mogul If It Weren’t for the ‘Kid Factor’The 16-year-old who created a Star Map to the Hamptons has been stymied by local business owners.
  15. panic-demics
    Some Students Are Psyched About Swine FluHint: It’s not the ones who have to wait nine hours in the emergency room.
  16. in other news
    Private High Schools’ Secret ShameKids at Dalton and other prep schools have been settling for second-choice schools. Has the system screwed the rich?
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    Luca’s Mommy, Dearest? If Madonna is adopting a baby from Malawi, his name is Luca. Joan Crawford had crabs. Dustin Hoffman bought vegetables at Fairway. Steve Wynn put his elbow through a Picasso. Screech’s sex tape is “quite humorous and, at times, arousing.” James Baker ate at ‘21.’ Horace Mann students made fun of their teachers. Penelope Cruz and Pedro Almodóvar partied with drag queens for their movie, Volver. Jimmy Fallon went to the Empire State Pride Agenda dinner last week; Anderson Cooper did not. City comptroller Bill Thompson is learning to speak Spanish. Harvey Weinstein hosted a Bobby screening; famous people attended. Keith Olbermann may have had a one-night stand with a woman who now blogs about it. Liz Smith thinks Garvey’s, in the theater district, has good nachos.