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Horrible Racists

  1. horrible racists
    CSPAN Caller Lets It Slip That Republicans ‘Hate That N*gger Obama’The problem with live political television.
  2. missouri’s finest
    Two St. Louis–Area Cops Suspended After Racist Rants One of them pushed Don Lemon, too. 
  3. the sports section
    Donald Sterling Calls Wife a ‘Pig’ in Court, Vows to Sue NBA ‘Until I Die’Charming as ever.
  4. horrible racists
    Donald Sterling Hires Private Investigators This classy project has a six-figure budget. 
  5. horrible racists
    Racist Woman Screams N-Word in Front of Her KidsIn case anyone really thought racism was over …
  6. horrible racists
    Donald Sterling Sued by Another Former Mistress Shocker: for racial discrimination.
  7. horrible racists
    Donald Sterling Showed Up to a Black Church Service: The Awkward PhotosWhy, Donald Sterling? Just … why?
  8. horrible racists
    Donald Sterling Suing NBA for $1 Billion Because He Really Is the WorstThe Clippers owner won’t just take the $2 billion and shut up.
  9. horrible racists
    Donald Sterling Doesn’t Care About $2 BillionAs his power fades, more assholery from the Clippers owner.
  10. horrible racists
    Donald Sterling to Go Away Relatively Quietly (for Donald Sterling)The Clippers owner will reportedly let his wife sell the team without a lawsuit.
  11. horrible racists
    Donald Sterling Was Sad After He Insulted Magic Johnson to Anderson CooperTime to stop talking.
  12. horrible racists
    N.H. Man Who Proudly Called Obama N-Word ResignsThe New Hampshire man finally resigned after no less than Mitt Romney chimed in to say he should.
  13. horrible racists
    NH Racist Not Sorry for Calling Obama N Word“For this I do not apologize — he meets and exceeds my criteria for such.”
  14. the sports section
    New Recording Suggests That Donald Sterling Isn’t Going Away Anytime SoonThe 82-year-old says he’ll somehow take his fight for the Clippers to the Supreme Court.
  15. the sports section
    Sterling: Magic Johnson ‘Should Be Ashamed’ And shares his thoughts on blacks versus Jews.
  16. horrible racists
    Shelly Sterling Says She’ll Part With Donald, But Not the Clippers [UPDATED]She says she plans to divorce “eventually.”
  17. other countries’ embarrassments
    Reports Confirm That Rob Ford Is in Rehab, Racist Yet another recording emerges.
  18. horrible racists
    Now Donald Sterling Says He Was Only Being Racist to Get Laid“I’m trying to have sex with her,” he says. “I was jealous.”
  19. horrible racists
    Donald Sterling Does a Poor Job of Defending Himself in New Recording“Do you think I tell the coach to get white players?”
  20. horrible racists
    V. Stiviano Claims That Sterling Isn’t a RacistThe alleged girlfriend did an interview with Barbara Walters.
  21. horrible racists
    Donald Sterling: ‘I Wish I Had Just Paid Her Off’The L.A. Clippers owner, in a new interview, says more out-of-touch things.
  22. horrible racists
    V. Stiviano ‘Very Saddened,’ ‘Devastated’ About Donald Sterling’s Bad WeekShe “never wanted any harm to Donald,” her lawyer said with a straight face.
  23. the sports section
    Everything You Need to Know About Sterling’s Ban From the NBAFrom the legality of the decision to who stands to profit.
  24. horrible racists
    Donald Sterling Banned From NBA for LifeHe was also fined $2.5 million, the maximum amount allowed under the league’s rules.
  25. happy endings
    Magic Johnson Would Buy Clippers From SterlingThe storybook ending is possible.
  26. crimes and misdemeanors
    KKK Leader Caught With a Black Male ProstituteThe alleged Kansas shooter has an excuse, just in case you thought he couldn’t get any worse!