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  1. horrible things
    MAGA Hat-Wearing Teen Says He Was Trying to Defuse ‘the Situation’“I said a silent prayer that the situation would not get out of hand,” he said in a statement.
  2. horrible things
    Times Square Driver Charged, May Have Been Attempting ‘Suicide by Cop’The driver, 26-year-old Richard Rojas, was likely on drugs and may have also been hallucinating when he rammed his car through Times Square.
  3. horrible things
    EMT Killed in the Bronx After Man Steals Her Ambulance, Runs Her OverYadira Arroyo, a 14-year FDNY veteran, was responding to a call in the Bronx.
  4. 4 People Arrested in Torture of Disabled Teen on ‘Sickening’ Facebook Live VideoThe attackers recorded themselves saying “F**k white people.”
  5. horrible things
    6-Year-Old Dies After Finding a Loaded Gun Stuck in a CouchAnother gun accident involving a child — the fourth in the last six weeks, in Georgia alone.
  6. horrible things
    70-Year-Old Woman Killed in Brooklyn Hit-and-RunWitnesses report she was “cut in half.”
  7. horrible things
    6 People Shot After Funeral at Brooklyn ChurchTwo of the victims died.
  8. horrible things
    Buildings Collapse in Flames After Blast Rocks East VillageNineteen people are injured and at least one is missing following an apparent gas explosion on Second Avenue.
  9. horrible things
    Another One of Your Worst New York Fears ConfirmedThe 54-year-old woman was on the 1 train.
  10. horrible things
    Man Attacks Pregnant Woman Because She Didn’t Thank Him for Holding the DoorThe suspect is still at large.
  11. horrible things
    State Rep Gave Away ‘Possessed’ DaughtersHow did a state rep’s adopted daughter end up in the care of a child molester? 
  12. Man Fatally Shoots 3 Muslims Near University of North CarolinaSo far, no motive has been reported.
  13. horrible things
    Man Used Fake Sleep Study to Rape 100 Women and Sell the Videos to Porn SitesHideyuki Noguchi made about $100,000 selling the videos to porn sites.
  14. horrible things
    The Sickening Rape Allegations Against a Silicon Valley Mogul“In addition to shaking her violently during sexual assaults, he also began strangling her, slapping her, scratching her, yanking her by the hair so hard that he would lift her torso off the bed, and slamming her body against the walls and bedboards.”
  15. horrible things
    At Least 4 Die in Children’s Hospital ExplosionDozens more were injured.
  16. horrible things
    Stanford Swimmer to Face Charges for Publicly Raping Unconscious WomanHe was caught in the act by two other students.
  17. horrible things
    10 Dead After Bus Carrying Prisoners Hits TrainThe incident occurred in Penwell, Texas.
  18. horrible things
    Horrifying Details Emerge in Vanderbilt Rape CaseOpening statements for the trial of two ex-Vanderbilt football players were given on Tuesday.
  19. horrible things
    Man’s Body Found Two Days After He Jumped From a Times Square BalconyHis body was obscured by the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! sign.
  20. horrible things
    Pennsylvania Shooting Suspect May Not Have Killed HimselfAccording to the coroner.
  21. horrible things
    Body of Man Suspected of Killing Family Found in Pennsylvania WoodsHis ex-wife and five of her family members were fatally shot.
  22. horrible things
    Taliban Kills Over 100 Children in Pakistan School MassacreThe tragedy occurred at an army-run school in Peshawar, Pakistan.
  23. horrible things
    ISIS Wants $1 Million for Journalist James Foley’s BodyThey beheaded him in August after failing to secure a ransom.
  24. horrible things
    Girl Dead, Pregnant Mother Injured in Car CrashThe incident occurred Tuesday night in Borough Park.
  25. horrible things
    Suicide Bombing at Nigerian School Kills 47Boko Haram is suspected to be responsible for the attack.
  26. horrible things
    4Chan User Posts Photos of Woman He MurderedPolice are investigating.
  27. horrible things
    Mommy Blogger Arrested for Allegedly Throwing Her Autistic Son Off a BridgeThe 6-year-old died after being thrown off of the Yaquina Bay Bridge in Oregon.
  28. horrible things
    Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic SpaceShipTwo Crashes During Test FlightAt least one pilot is dead.
  29. Long Island Man Who Beheaded His Mother Was Off His MedicationAccording to his uncle.
  30. horrible things
    Local Professor Identified as Victim of Long Island BeheadingA horrifying murder-suicide.
  31. horrible things
    Kids From Africa Beaten and Called ‘Ebola’ in the BronxToday in “teens are the worst.”
  32. rikers island
    Rikers Island Didn’t Bother Telling Families It Let Inmates DieA deeply depressing new report.
  33. horrible things
    Instead of Returning Missing Nigerian Girls, Boko Haram Kidnapped 25 MoreTalk of a cease-fire seems to be crumbling.
  34. horrible things
    The Tweets of Sayreville: Students React to the Football Hazing ScandalWhat students are saying about the football hazing scandal that rocked their New Jersey high school.
  35. horrible things
    U.S. Marine Charged in Murder of Transgender WomanHe allegedly strangled and drowned her in the Philippines.
  36. hate crimes
    Transgender Woman Attacked in Brooklyn Hate Crime“Transgender people are still not safe in what is supposed to be the safest LGBT city in the world.”
  37. horrible things
    Hawaii Man Allegedly Assaults Woman in Plane BathroomHe was arrested when the flight returned to Honolulu. 
  38. horrible things
    U.S. Troops Were Injured by Old WMDs in Iraq, Which Doesn’t Mean Bush Was RightConservatives missed the point of the New York Times bombshell.
  39. horrible things
    7 Students Charged in High-School Hazing ScandalThe scandal canceled Sayreville High School’s football season.
  40. new york’s finest
    NYPD Steals Cash, Pepper-Sprays Victims: VideoWith no regard for consequences.
  41. horrible things
    N.J. High School Cancels Football Over HazingA parent comes forward with the details.
  42. ferguson
    Cardinals Fans Turn Racist on Mike Brown ProtestCardinals fans.
  43. horrible things
    Boko Haram Leader Back From the Dead Again With Beheading VideoA page from the brutal ISIS playbook?
  44. horrible things
    Some Monster Called in a Bomb Threat at Sandy Hook Elementary SchoolPeople are the worst.
  45. crimes and misdemeanors
    Snapchat Teacher Accused of Abusing 6 GirlsFrom a dick pic to kidnapping at Brooklyn Tech.
  46. horrible things
    The Latest NFL Domestic-Violence Allegations Are Predictably HorrifyingThe Arizona Cardinals running back allegedly head-butted his wife when she refused sex.
  47. horrible things
    Ohio School Shooter T.J. Lane Recaptured After Prison Escape [Updated]Another inmate is still at large.
  48. horrible things
    Bronx Day-Care Worker Was ‘Wrestling’ With Toddler Before He DiedShe’s been charged with manslaughter and reckless endangerment.
  49. ferguson
    Darren Wilson Charity Page: A Racist CesspoolGoFundMe has shut down the comments, but the $228,000 remain.
  50. horrible things
    Abused Queens Girl, 12, Found Weighing 58 PoundsHer father and stepmother are finally in jail after nearly two years of beatings.
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