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  1. life after roe
    ‘They Really Wanted to See My Baby Get Taken Away’A woman is suing a Brooklyn hospital for secretly testing her for drugs during labor and calling child-protective services.
  2. covid-19
    Will the Omicron Wave Break Nursing?The profession lured people with secure, high-paying jobs. After two years of COVID, many nurses are reconsidering.
  3. covid-19
    New York’s Hospitals Are WaitingWhat they think about the arrival of Omicron.
  4. the group portrait
    Working Wave After Wave at Elmhurst HospitalApproaching 365 days in the early epicenter of the pandemic.
  5. first person
    ‘We Have No Superpowers’: A New Doctor’s Lessons From the PandemicGraduating early to join the front lines of New York’s battle against the coronavirus offers a crash course in medicine’s limitations.
  6. diary of a hospital
    Diary of a Hospital: ‘It Felt Like a Calling’A Chicago anesthesiologist finds horror and hope in New York.
  7. diary of a hospital
    Diary of a Hospital: A Nurse’s Worst DayAmid back-to-back codes, a patient’s family watches him die over FaceTime.
  8. diary of a hospital
    Diary of a Hospital: The Last Face They See Before They Die“I found myself asking God to forgive me.”
  9. diary of a hospital
    Diary of a Hospital: The Surgical Chief Changing Soiled Bedsheets“Everybody just did what needed to be done.”
  10. coronavirus stimulus
    Congress Passes Interim Coronavirus Stimulus Bill for Trump’s SignatureThe measure, which focuses on renewed funds for the small-business Paycheck Protection Program, may be the last bipartisan relief measure for a while.
  11. diary of a hospital
    Diary of a Hospital: ‘Now I Know the Horror That They’re Living’As head nurse, Claudia thought she knew the isolation her patients felt as they died alone. Then she got sick.
  12. covid diary
    The Nurse Who Came by SeaMedical recruiters have been rounding up reinforcements for New York hospitals.
  13. coronavirus
    Medical Workers’ Looming Mental-Health CrisisBeing on the pandemic’s front lines can exact a steep psychic toll.
  14. coronavirus
    What Can Pregnant Women Tell Us About ‘Silent Spreaders’?A letter from The New England Journal of Medicine provided clues about asymptomatic coronavirus cases — but the information is far from conclusive.
  15. coronavirus stimulus
    Tense Negotiations Continue Over Next Round of StimulusDemocrats are hoping that Republicans budge on more money for state and local governments.
  16. feature
    Two Hours Daily to Sanitize, Two Hours to CryAn emergency-room doctor struggles to keep it together — and find supplies.
  17. California Considers Medical Price ControlsIn an alternative to single payer, a California proposal aims at holding down health care costs.
  18. City Council: Keep Reality TV Out of NYC HospitalsApparently that’s a problem.
  19. diplomacy
    John Kerry Just Wants You to Know He Is Still Working, Despite His Broken Leg“The work continues!”
  20. Players Maneuver Before Ranking of Long Island College Hospital Proposals“If there’s any monkey business concerning the criteria, we’re going to be back in court in a minute.” 
  21. hospitals
    Long Island Hospital Films Workers’ Hand-WashingAnd it works.
  22. hurricane sandy
    Bellevue Hospital Has Completed Its Sandy RecoverySick hospital all better.
  23. get well soon
    Ed Koch Moved to Intensive Care, But He’s Still AliveIt’s too early to start writing obituaries, CNN.
  24. get well soon
    Ed Koch Is Also in the HospitalIn New York though.
  25. get well soon
    George H.W. Bush Bantering With Nurses, Missing Dim Sum in Intensive CareThe former president spent a frustrating Christmas in the hospital.
  26. get well soon
    Ed Koch Is Back in the HospitalThis time with a respiratory infection.
  27. hurricane sandy
    Sandy Was Great for Business at Hospitals That Stayed OpenOverflow has been a boon for struggling centers.
  28. hurricane sandy
    Bellevue Hospital Can Operate Via Bucket Brigade No LongerThe national guard has been hauling fuel up 14 floors.
  29. frankenstorm
    After the Storm: Surveying Sandy’s Damage, and Looking AheadWhat’s next for New York, now that the worst of Sandy has subsided.
  30. aurora shooting
    Colorado Hospitals to Pick Up Some Medical Bills for Aurora Shooting VictimsStill, some will require prolonged treatment.
  31. imaginary ceiling
    Obama’s Proposed Deficit-Reduction Plan Could Take More Than $1 Billion a Year From New York’s Teaching HospitalsAnd some of our biggest ones are already operating on the edge.
  32. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia Reportedly Considering Buying St. Vincent’s HospitalAnd allegedly moving the Park 51 Islamic Center over there.
  33. royal pains
    When Saudi King Abdullah Sits Around the Hospital, He Sits AROUND the HospitalDon’t try to go to New York Presbyterian this week, you fancy Upper East Siders.
  34. no horsing around
    Georgia Bloomberg Fell From a Horse, Suffered a Concussion, and Cracked Her SpineThe mayor’s daughter is now “resting comfortably” in the hospital.
  35. neighborhood news
    North Shore–Long Island Hospital Will Not Be Rescuing St. Vincent’sThe deal is DOA.
  36. neighborhood news
    St. Vincent’s Board Votes to Shut Down HospitalAfter prolonged battle with debt, hospital to close after 160 years.
  37. neighborhood news
    Mt. Sinai Passes on Partnership With St. Vincent’sIt looks like bankruptcy or bust for the historic West Village hospital. Or both.
  38. neighborhood news
    Continuum in Bid to Shut Down St. Vincent’sUnder a new proposal, the hospital might rid itself of all emergency-care facilities.
  39. tiger catches tail
    Woman Rushed to Hospital from Tiger Woods’s Home, Elin Nordegren May be Moving to Sweden [Updated]And that’s not all in today’s roundup of news about the beleaguered golfer.
  40. gross things
    Greenwich OB/GYN Got Tired of Job Being So SterileSo he started having sex at work.
  41. early and often
    The Governor Has a HeadacheDavid Paterson was rushed to the hospital this morning with a severe migraine.
  42. party lines
    Amy Sacco Comes to the Rescue of Sean Avery’s Lacerated SpleenThe club queen rushed to Avery’s side last night when she heard about his injury. He’s okay, she says, and wants to get back on the ice.
  43. the morning line
    Joe Bruno, Eliot Spitzer Ruin It for Everybody • One actual result of Troopergate (Brunogate? Spitzergate?): The State Ethics Commission passed a new rule preventing officials from using state aircraft unless the primary purpose of their trip is state business and requiring reimbursement for those parts that are not. [NYT]
  44. intel
    Abortion Ruling Causes Worries, Confusion for Angry City DocsThe Supreme Court decision last week banning so-called partial-birth abortions is causing confusion and apprehension in the city’s hospitals. At Bellevue’s Reproductive Choice Unit, for example, unnerved residents circulated stories about the hospital’s sordid past, when floors were once full of women who attempted termination on their own. “I don’t think many of us know what partial birth is — it’s not a medical term at all,” said Kiran Chawal, a third-year resident there. “We’ve all looked it up to figure out what they’re talking about. It’s difficult to understand or interpret.”
  45. the morning line
    Cha-Ching • Where did that come from? The city now projects a $1.9 billion surplus — its largest ever — for the fiscal year that began in July, citing an awesome real-estate market and “sound management decisions” by the mayor. A City Council member even uttered the words “tax cuts.” Keep talking. [amNY] • The police have identified the fourth man who was in the car on the receiving end of NYPD’s 50-bullet hailstorm. There’s a chance, they say, that the witness may have run off with a gun; he thus appears to be the cops’ last hope to somehow justify the shooting. Meanwhile, survivor Joseph Guzman, shot eleven times, denies from the hospital bed having any weapons (according, it must be said, to Al Sharpton). [NYDN] • Say hi to the much-discussed taxi-fare hike: “Wait time” is now 40 cents a minute, not 20. Count on a temporary cab shortage, as most cars spend the day in line to get their meters adjusted (earning nothing in the meantime). [Newsday] • Governor Pataki and Governor-elect Spitzer both came out in favor of downsizing New York’s hospitals (we’re about to lose five in the city, nine statewide). The only real news in that sentence is Spitzer’s pronouncement, as Pataki was behind the whole initiative to begin with. “The commissioners did an outstanding job,” the Times quotes Pataki saying — via satellite from, of all places, Kuwait. We didn’t know they had an early primary. [NYT] • And this, from the Department of Unenforceable Ordinances: Starting tomorrow, the City Council will make it illegal to toss rechargeable batteries in the trash. The toxic, cadmium-filled things must go back to the manufacturer for recycling. For the remedy — a $50 fine — to kick in, the violator has to be literally caught in the act, the likelihood of which strikes us as extremely slight. [NYP]
  46. in other news
    The ‘New York’ Guide to Where Not to Get Sick So the big Pataki-pushed plan to overhaul the New York State health-care system is out, and the first order of business is to close nine hospitals statewide — five of them in the city. The doomed hospitals are St. Vincent’s Midtown and Cabrini Medical Center in Manhattan, Victory Memorial in Brooklyn, Parkway Hospital in Queens, and Westchester Square Medical Center in the Bronx. They’re all plotted on the (somewhat squished) subway map above, so if you live near any of those red Xs, you might want to start taking your vitamins. (Those two Xs in midtown, we must say, make us pleased the company provided flu shots. Thanks, Bruce!) Code Blue for Hosps [NYDN] Best Hospitals 2006 [NYM]
  47. the morning line
    Caiman Island • The 2008 battle lines are just being drawn, and already they look ugly. Richard Collins, a principal donor to Rudy Giuliani’s political action committee, also turns out to be the main man behind Stop Her Now: a PAC devoted to tainting the presidential prospects of Guess Who. While not illegal, the situation is ever-so-slightly uncouth, especially as Collins has taken to describing himself as Stop Her Now’s “chairman.” [NYT] • Seems Mike Bloomberg may actually be overdoing the anti-cop stance after the Queens 50-bullet shooting. The mayor said that the cops should face a Queens jury — a reference to the Albany trial in the Diallo case; the statement didn’t sit too well with the officers’ families, since there aren’t even any indictments yet. Everyone else kinda loves the Angry Populist Mike, though. [NYP] • The belt-tightening program for the New York State health industry, created by a Pataki-led panel, has finally released its report, and the plan would shut down five hospitals in NYC, eliminating 7,000 jobs. City Hall calls the proposal “reasonable,” and Spitzer isn’t commenting. The rest of us will try extra hard to stay healthy. [NYDN] • Not that anyone expected otherwise, but Coney Island’s Astroland Amusement Park has been sold to a huge developer, Thor Equities. The original owners, the Albert family, will keep the octogenarian Cyclone. The rest of the park will close after the 2007 season for “renovations,” which we somehow doubt include an expanded Shoot the Freak pavilion. [NYDN, amNY] • And, it wasn’t exactly a crocodile in a sewer, but a two-foot caiman in a cardboard box is close enough. The cops found the “feisty,” in their words, reptile abandoned on a Brooklyn street. In a lovely touch of local color, its jaws were kept shut via a double-knotted sneaker shoelace. [AP via IHT]
  48. intel
    300 Millionth American Born in New York! (Except Not Necessarily)The Census Bureau, as you no doubt read, announced that the nation’s population would officially hit 300 million at 7:46 this morning. It’s an exciting milestone for the country, no doubt, but it became ever more exciting for us as New Yorkers when a press release arrived with word the magic 300 millionth had been born right here in New York. NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center — and, boy, wasn’t life easier back when it was just Columbia Presbyterian? — scheduled a news conference this afternoon to introduce this 300 millionth baby, Zoë Emille Hudson, delivered on the Upper East Side. We wondered how Presbyterian got so lucky to get this milestone baby, so we called up the PR contact listed on the press release to ask. A few hours later, someone called back. Daily Intel: So how do you know you have the 300 millionth? Hospital flack: Of course we don’t know. We just know we had a baby born at 7:46, and that was the time the census had set for the 300 millionth American. Daily Intel: So was it all a PR event? Hospital flack: I know that Elmhurst Hospital did something today. I heard Maimonides did something. So that’s three in the New York area that all had babies at 7:46. We got some national coverage. CNN was here, ABC evening news was here. I know Good Morning America was going to go down and do something in Atlanta. So there’s got to be places all over that had their babies and did stories locally. Daily Intel: You know, the the Times article today said demographers think the 300 millionth probably happened months ago. Do you have a rival candidate? Hospital flack: No clue.